Midoriya hummed as he cleaned off the whiteboard. Uraraka noticed from a distance and stared. Iida began to walk past and she snagged his arm and pointed. “Is it me or does Deku look like he’s in a better mood than usual?”

Iida adjusted his glasses and stared intensely at Midoriya. 

Midoriya was a twunk, for sure. His butt was bigger and rounder than any of the girls in the class, but he wore it well. Most of the class found themselves staring often. But this time everyone was staring for a different reason. His steps seemed to have more pep than usual, his eyes were bright, his face had a constant smile. It was like they could see little flowers all around his face. It was mesmerizing. Why was he so happy? 

Uraraka was going to find out. This was her best friend after all. She had every right to dig until she found out why he was just so damn happy!

Midoriya put down the cleaning supplies and walked to the edge of the room like he was waiting for someone. Who was he waiting for? The whole class had stopped talking and was staring at the grenette curious as to why in the world he looked exactly like an angel.

Suddenly the reason they were all wondering for came up to the doorway. 

Todoroki and Bakugou walked up to Midoriya, all of them talking so low no one could hear them. Then the three of them all walked away together. Midoriya smiling up a storm. 

“Since when do they get along?” Sero asked with a chuckle. 

Four weeks earlier

Izuku looked out the window of his dorm wistfully. How was it possible to have a crush on two people that will never love him back? The first person was Kacchan. The whole class could have probably guessed that Izuku was at least enamored by him. He sat behind him in class which made it super easy to stare at him all class. Why did he have to fall for him? He was a bit of a bully and their friendship had just begun to grow. He didn’t want to risk all of their growth for a silly crush. 

Todoroki… The two of them had grown closer after the sports festival. They really connected throughout all this time, with Stain and Iida, and he even brought him to meet his mom! He couldn’t risk this friendship with a relationship either. But it doesn’t matter because neither of them will ever like him back! 

This is Japan. The chances that either especially both of them are gay is very slim, and if they are, the chances of them being polyamorous are even slimmer. Izuku found out slowly that he isn’t interested in girls at all. He was embarrassed being around them because he had never been around any girls as a kid and when that wore off he found nothing but a desire for friendship. It was awkward explaining that to Uraraka but she smiled and shook it off. They stayed friends which is honestly the best outcome that he could have possibly thought of. 

So that is what he would have to remain with Todoroki and Kacchan. Just friends. He could shake off this crush, he wouldn’t have to be stuck with feelings for the rest of his life… right?

Oh god, what if he’s stuck with these feelings for the rest of his life! 

Knock knock 

Midoriya looked over at the door holding his hand to his chest in alarm. “H-hello?”

“It’s me Deku.” 


Izuku climbed off his All Might themed bed and opened the door. Kacchan had a massive frown on his face and his arms were crossed. He was in his typical black on black clothes. 

“You didn’t come to training today…” 

Oh no! Izuku totally forgot! “Kacchan I’m-”

Kacchan threw him against the wall and growled, “you think it’s funny eh? Leaving me waiting? I waited for you for 20 minutes. “You too good for me, is that it?”

“Woah Kacchan I just forgot I promise!” 

Kacchan narrowed his eyes. “You’ve never missed practice before, the fuck is wrong?”

Too busy thinking about you and Todoroki to focus…

“Um… finals?”

“Are you a dumbass?! No, let me answer that for you, you are a dumbass if you think I’ll fall for that.” 

“Wha- Kacchan I’m not.”

“You can’t hide shit from me Deku! I’ll find out whatever the fuck has you missing practice.” 

“Kacchan it’s not-” 

“I’ll find out Deku so you better just tell me now.” 

“No Kacchan I don’t want to tell you.” Izuku gasped and covered his mouth. “Um!” 

“Ohohoho fucking Deku, you think you’re better than me? You think I can’t get it out of you??”

“I’m in love with Kacchan and Todoroki-kun!” Izuku shouted. He covered his mouth again as tears welled in his eyes. Oh no, now he’s done it. Say goodbye to Kacchan, you will never see him again.

“You what?” His voice was level, calm even. It was scary.

“I um, love Kacchan… and Todoroki-kun.” 



He pulled himself off of Izuku and walked away, without another word. 

Izuku didn’t sleep that night, to say the least. He couldn’t have a nice friendship with Kacchan, noooo he had to ruin it! What if he tells Todoroki! Then he’s not going to be friends with either! He buried his face in his pillow and groaned. 

As he left his room the next day Katuski was standing there, waiting for him. Who knows how long he was standing there. He looked at him with tired eyes and said,” come here after class.” He then walked away. 

He was scared. 

He didn’t seem angry, more like… blank? Like he wasn’t sure what he was supposed to be feeling? Maybe that was a good sign? Maybe this meant he had a chance?!

He jittered in his seat the whole class until Katsuki kicked him underneath the desk. Izuku couldn’t help it! Maybe he had a chance!!

At the end of class, he rushed to his room to see both Katuski and Todoroki waiting for him. Oh no. He told him! 

Izuku turned around and was about to walk the other way when Katsuki gripped his shoulder and tugged him into his room and pushed him onto the bed. 

“I’m sorry I’m sorry!” Izuku said bowing to both of the boys.

“Why are you apologizing Midoriya?” Todoroki said, quirking his head to the side. 

“Because um…” why was he apologizing? After a long friendship with Katsuki, he kind of apologized by default. 

“Tell him what you told me.” 

“I um… do I have to?”

“Yes,” they both said in unison. 

“I um.. Love both of you.” 

The room was only silent for about 30 seconds but it felt like 10 years to Izuku.

“I see.” 

I see!!! 

“So um… please say something…” 

Katuski looked at Todoroki who looked back and nodded. 



“You can date us.”

“B-both of you?”

“We’ll take turns.” 

“My turn fucking first Icy-hot.” 

“Very well.” Todoroki got up and kissed Izuku’s forehead. “I get Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays.” 

“Fuck you I want Fridays!” 

“I believe having Saturdays and Sundays are more than fair.” 

Izuku felt like he was transported into another dimension. They wanted to date him, both of them? And they were fighting over him! What the hell was going on?!

“Yeah but Fridays are good date nights!” 

“Well if you get Fridays I want all the other weekdays.” 

“No fuck you! I want him for at least one weekday!” 

“Then I get Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday.”


What was going on? Did they decide they were going to share him before this day? And what was he?! A child of a divorce?

“Don’t I get a say in this?”

“Yes of course Midoriya, who do you want to see on which day?”

Izuku buried his face in his hands. “I want to be with both of you!”

They both raised a brow. 

“At the same time.” 

“Well, that ain’t happening. So we will stick with the schedule we set up.” 

“Ok then get out of here Halfy it’s Wednesday.”

“Very well, I will take you out on a date tomorrow Midoriya.” 

That night Katsuki pulled Izuku into his firm chest but he couldn’t shake the feeling of what the hell just happened? Did they both like him back? He was very uncertain. But the feeling of a broad chest under his cheek was beyond soothing. 

What the hell, he was going to enjoy whatever this was. 

Chapter 2 

“Deku wake up, I’m walking you to class.” Katsuki stood outside his door impatiently. He looked at his watch and growled. The nerd was not one who spent a lot of time trying to look good. Whatever he was doing in there was going to make them late to class. 

Unless something happened to him.

He kicked the door right at the side of the doorknob. Inside Deku was in bed with a pale sickly face. “Deku shit, are you sick?”


“I’m going to go get the nurse hag.” 

“I’m fine Kaccchan,” he muttered. “I already took medicine, just let me get some sleep.” 

Katsuki frowned and walked to his side of the bed. He placed his hand on his forehead. Seemed warmer than usual but not too bad. Guess he did just need rest. Fuck this ruins his plans for this evening. He was going to make him some food and they were going to make out in his room! I mean, just because they haven’t kissed yet didn’t mean it wasn’t going to happen tonight. “Fine but I’ll be back after class.” 

“No Kacchan I don’t want you to get sick.” 

“Hah? You think some puny germs can make me sick. As if! I haven’t been sick more than once my whole life!”

Izuku chuckled weakly. “Ok, Kacchan I’ll see you soon.” 

The whole class Katuski was antsy. He just wanted to go make sure his boyfriend was ok is that too much to ask for? No, it fucking wasn’t. Dammit, this class was taking too long. Just as he was about to leave fucking Half’n’half was in the way. 


“Where is Midoriya?”


“Then I am coming to check on him.”

“WRONG!! It’s Wednesday, my day, you can see him tomorrow.” 

“Surely you can make an exception.”

“No. Now move.” He pushed Todoroki out of the way feeling the smallest twinge of guilt at the soft noise of distress he released. He thought for a second if Deku was sick and this bastard was keeping him from him, what he would do. He cursed under his breath and turned around, “let’s go.” 

The class started as the two of them made their way out of the classroom together murmuring curiously. 

“Deku, Todoroki is here.” 

Todoroki’s eyes widened as he heard not a mean nickname but his family name. He looked into the darkened room and saw the tiniest bit of green peeking out of the blanket. 


Two pale arms peeked out of the blanket as well as he stretched. He looked over at the two teens and smiled. “You’re both here?”

“Yeah yeah, everything you’ve ever wanted right?”

Izuku smiled so brightly it temporarily blinded both of them. “I’m so happy.” His eyes got droopy again and he leaned against his pillow. 

“Is he ok?” Todoroki whispered. 

“Yeah, the medicine makes him sleepy.”

“Put on masks,” he said softly with a scratchy throat. “I don’t want to get you two sick.”

They both put on masks and sat down next to his bed. “Wanna watch TV Deku?” 


They flipped on the TV and the two leaned against the bed while an All Might special played on TV. Not a lot of things bound all these boys together but All Might was one of them. They all gasped when it was exciting and frowned when the villain looked like they were going to win. Somehow it became nighttime and curfew was almost upon them. 

Izuku looked at the clock and sighed. “You guys have to go now…” he sighed.

“I ain’t going unless you want me to Deku.” 

“I don’t want you to leave.” 

“Then I won’t, you either right Todoroki?”

Todoroki smiled behind his mask. He used his name twice today. “Hai.” 

Izuku looked at them both and was filled with so much warmth. He kissed his masked mouth on both of their masked mouths and retreated to the bed. “You can come in here if you want.” 

Todoroki and Katsuki looked at each other with wide eyes before nodding and crawling into bed with them. They all fit together like a puzzle, like they were made to lie next to each other for the rest of their lives. 

That was a scary thought. 

Izuku cuddled onto Todoroki’s chest and Katuski held him from behind. They fell asleep easily and slept deeply all night. 

Chapter 3 

Shoto looked into the mirror in the bathroom. “I want you to call me Shoto.” He shook his head and said it again. “I want you to call me Shoto.” 

He frowned and left the bathroom heading straight for class. How is he supposed to ask that? Both of his boyfriends have nicknames for each other but he is Todoroki. Damn this was frustrating. 

How are you supposed to ask for that? 

“Todoroki-kun!” A bright happy familiar voice cheered. He turned around to see his boyfriends waiting for him. 

“Wanna go somewhere after class?” 

“Go where?”

“It’s a surprise, Deku insisted.” 

A surprise? For him?

“Yeah ok, that is fine.” 

“Awesome!” Izuku cheered. 

“Let’s get to class before Aizawa saddles us with extra homework.” 

Surprise, surprise, surprise… what could it be?

He could hardly wait until the end of class and when it was time Izuku grabbed his hand and tugged him away from the school, out of the building, and to the park where a band was set up, food stands were alluring him with the scents of food cooking, and dozens of people mingling and playing and having fun. 

“A festival?”

“Yes! Fuyumi said that you had never been to a fair before, sooooo.”

“So you brought me to one.” 

“Sorry Deku I don’t think he likes it.”


“No, I love it.”

Izuku smiled brightly and looked over at Katsuki with an ‘I told you so’ face. 

“Come on Shoto let’s go have some fun.”


“I am so sorry, it just slipped out! I am so-”

Shoto grabbed his hand to stop him from babbling. “It’s ok, I’m happy.” Happy. When was the last time he was happy?

They started with the takoyaki stands. Shoto got one squid takoyaki and Izuku got chicken. Katuski got two squids and two chicken takoyaki and finished them before either of the other two did. They all laughed and got to hear the wonderful melody that is Shoto’s laughter. 

They tried and failed, to get goldfish, played games, and ate yummy desserts. It was more than Shoto could ever ask for. To say he had a good time was the biggest understatement in the world. 

He smiled more than he had ever smiled his whole life. He felt amazing. 

The sun began to set and Izuku pouted. “Aw… it’s over.”

“Let’s go back to the dorms, katuski said, gesturing and beginning to walk. 


Izuku and Katsuki turned around with a curious expression. 

“I… I’ve never once been as happy as I am with you two.” 

Izuku’s eyes watered and Katsuki’s opened wide. 

“I never thought I would get to be happy again once mom left… I’m so happy I have you, both of you.” 

Izuku got on his tiptoes and pressed a kiss on Shoto’s mouth. “Let’s go home, Shoto.” 

Katuski kissed him as well and then tugged on his wrist towards the school. “Let’s go Sho, maybe I can give you a surprise too when we get home.”


As exciting as this ‘surprise’ was, he was really just happy to be going home. 


Yeah, home. 

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