A group of people all played Mario Cart. One man had horrible burn scars all over his body, one was wearing a full suit, one looked like a magician, one was a lizard, and one was a teenage girl with blonde hair a wicked smile. 

Oh yeah, and sitting on the floor with all the villains was Izuku Midoriya, the future hero. 

“Move it Toga,” Dabi said cooly. 

“No way! I’m in to win!” 

“No way are you winning! ~You can do it!”

Izuku had a bruised jaw, a black eye, a bloody lip, but was otherwise completely fine… except for the fact he was dead last. 

“Haha suck it losers!” Spinner cheered as he blew past the skeleton Koopa and princess peach. 

“Hey!” Toga pouted. 

“I could literally kill you right now, it wouldn’t be hard,” Dabi said teasingly. 

“Yeah yeah, you could kill anyone.” 

“As it loser! ~But we’re friends!”

“Careful now, or you’ll lose the game!” Mr.Compress said as he leader shelled the Koopa off the edge. The skeleton Koopa and princess peach shot forward. 

“Hey!” Spinner cried out. 

Luigi zoomed past him but Mario was still far behind. 

Izuku frowned. He sucked at this game. 

Suddenly Luigi got a star and blew past everyone winning the game. 

“Woohoo! Suck it! ~Better luck next time!”

“Hey guys I’m home, Toga I got your favorite macaroons so-” Shigaraki stared at the group of people holding a bag of groceries. “You’re supposed to be torturing him!! Not playing Mario Cart!”

Dabi shrugged. “Pain doesn’t really do shit. He’s pretty tough. He’s getting more upset about losing Mario Cart than torture.” 

“No, I’m not!” Izuku said with tears beading in his eyes. “This game isn’t a real representation of driving!” 

“So you know how to drive?” Spinner asked. 

“… No.” 

They all burst into laughter. Twice grabbed him and ruffled his hair. “He’s not too bad once you get to know him! ~I hate him!!” 

Izuku chuckled awkwardly. 

“I can’t let you guys do anything alone.” 

Suddenly the wall exploded into tiny pieces. “DEKU!” 

“We just fixed that wall,” Shigaraki growled. 

“If you hurt Deku I’m gonna-”

“Kacchan!” Izuku cried out. 

“Deku!” He looked over with a smile but then he saw the switch out. “Dekuuuuuu.” 

Izuku let out an ‘eep.’

“I was worried about you, you fucker!! And here you are!! Playing fucking… is that fucking Mario cart??”


“Don’t fucking answer that, he’s coming with me.”

“Good riddance,” Shigaraki sighed. 

As Izuku was dragged out of the building the league all waved. He tried to wave back and Katsuki bopped him on the head. 

“We JUST fixed this wall,” Shigaraki groaned. 

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