Katsuki was in a jewelry store. Did he want to be? No. Did he have to be? No. But was he doing something very very important? Yes.  

“Hey bro try this one.” The shark-toothed, self-proclaimed best friend said. “I think it’s cool.” 

Katuski came over and looked to see a gold ring with a diamond in the middle. It was pretty, but…

“This is a fucking girl’s ring!!” 

“But I think I’d look nice…”

“You think his thick crooked fingers would look good with this dainty thing?!”

“I do, he has cute hands.” 

“Oi, careful there.” 

“Oooh so possessive, poor Midoriya.” 

Katsuki blasted him in the face, but Kirishima hardened in time. 

“No quirks in my shop!” The owner shouted. 

“Sorry!” Kirishima shouted before whispering, “he’s getting angry, can you choose something?”

“This is a once in a lifetime situation. Deku won’t tell me if he doesn’t like it so that means I have to choose the perfect one now.”

“Ok take a step back, what does he like, summer, winter, spring, or fall.” 

“He has a more spring personality but he likes wearing sweaters and all of the colors in fall.” 

“So then choose something more copper.” 

“What about the stone?”

“Does there have to be a stone?”

Katsuki opened his mouth to argue but then closed it and tapped his knuckle on his chin. “Not a bad idea shittyhair.” 

They looked through the metal rings trying to find the perfect one. The silver ring with the leaf pattern was cool but it didn’t feel right, the copper ring with no pattern was the right color but not interesting enough. That’s when he saw the perfect ring. 

A copper ring with an imprint of lightning. He looked over at Kirishima and they both nodded. After buying it and securing it in his pocket, he made his way home, ready to surprise his lover. He figured a public proposal was a bad idea for several reasons, so he was making him an exquisite dinner from home. 

Katsudon was his favorite so that was the first thing he decided to make. Then he would make his favorite rice pudding and some bean buns. The nerd was going to get blown away. 

He began cooking around the time he was going to get home. Deku loved coming in and smelling the katsudon when he walked in the door. He set the table while the katsudon was cooking and put the ring on the spoon. This is going to be perfect. He heard the door open and sweat beaded on his forehead. Fucking Deku, making him so nervous. 

“Mmm Kacchan, that smells so good!” 

Katuski grinned and turned around. “Of course it smells good!” Izuku walked over and rested his chin on his shoulder. 

“Mmmm, I can’t wait to eat Kacchan!” 

“Good, then sit down. Everything is done cooking.”

Izuku sat down and clapped his hands. “Thanks for the food!” 

He sat down and cheered, “rice pudding!” Without hesitation, he plopped some rice pudding on his bowl and used to spoon to shovel it in his mouth. 

“Deku no!” 

Izuku swallowed making an odd face, “That was a big clump of rice.” 

“You idiot there was a ring on your spoon.”

“Why would there be… Kacchan? Were you proposing?”

“I was until you fucking swallowed the ring!!” 

“OHMYGOSH, what do you do?”

“Lemme call the doctor.” 

Katuski called the doctor with Izuku pacing the floor holding his stomach. He can’t believe he ruined Kacchan’s proposal! He probably spent a long time planning that… Tears beaded in his eyes and Katuski clicked his tongue. “No crying.” 


“Hush, it’ll come out of you eventually.” 

“Hello? Mr Bakugou?”


“You can just wait until it comes out naturally. It won’t hurt his stomach.” 

“Alright, thank you.” 

He hung up the phone and looked at Izuku who had a wobbly frown. Katsuki bonked their foreheads together and sighed. “Deku quit crying.”

“But I ruined your proposal!”

Katsuki ruffled his hair and chuckled, “You’re the one that’s going to wear the poop ring not me.” Izuku chuckled and gave a wet laugh. 

“So what’s your answer?”


“To my proposal.” 

“Yes,” Izuku said, pecking his lips. 

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