The day starts like this.

4:00 am
First, unlock the door, hear the jingle, the day begins.

Wipe the counters, sweep the floor, turn on all of the machines.

Check the milk, syrups, chocolate, cups, coffee sticks, etc. to see if anything needs to be restocked even though Izuku knows that he stocked everything from the napkins to the sample cups.

The shop opens in 15 minutes. Time to check the steamer and the french press.

Everything looks good… like it has every day for the last 5 years.

Same routine, every day, 365.

Izuku straightened the sign reading, “no magic usage in the store,” and mentally prepared for the day.

His first customer, Aoyama, came at 5 am on the dot. He was a wizard of fae descent and a vibrant but kind guy.

“Me chere!” He cooed. “You know what I want.” He leaned against the counter. His robes were bright silver, as usual, and he had on silver eyeliner and he actually looked quite stylish. He had the same drink every day.

Izuku grabbed a cup and wrote on the side, mocha with almond milk, vanilla, caramel, and two shots of espresso. He began frothing and warming up the almond milk, he added the chocolate powder and frothed it some more. He added two pumps vanilla, one pump caramel, and two shots of espresso. He hummed as he finished the cup and drew a flower on the side, a special treat just for Aoyama.

“Perfect as always,” he cooed taking his cup and leaving.

Izuku wiped down the frother and looked at the clock. 3 – 2 – 1

“Hey! Midoriya!” His favorite ginger dragon hybrid cheered. “I’d like-”

“Iced coffee with whole milk and hazelnut?”


“Right away!”

Izuku grabbed the coffee from the refrigerator and added ice, whole milk, and hazelnut. He drew a dragon on the side, a tradition for him and Kirishima. It was perfectly realistic.

“Here you are,” Izuku handed him his drink.

“Perfect as always! Thanks, Midoriya!”

Izuku cleaned the counter and two people walked in. Without looking he called out, “Hi Sero, hi Shinso!”

The two Fae came in with relaxed shoulders. Izuku was a soothing presence. “Ready for your drinks?”

“Yes please,” Sero cheered.

“Yup.” Shinso agreed.

“I’ve got your frappuccino with dark chocolate and hazelnut and black coffee. I can make you an actual drink Shinso.”

“Black coffee is fine.”

He poured the refrigerated coffee with some ice, two pumps dark chocolate, and one pump hazelnut. Meanwhile, he poured the one black coffee in the ceramic mug. These two like to sit down with their drinks. He drew a cat on Shinso’s napkin and he drew a waterfall for Sero, he was a water-based Fae.

He handed them their drinks and they both sat down at the table. Now he had a break to brew more coffee and clean up before Kacchan got here. Suddenly he heard the door jingle. Kacchan is early?

He turned around and saw the most gorgeous dragon hybrid he’s ever seen. He was tall with red horns and blonde hair, most of it pulled back in a ponytail. He was muscular and very tall. Izuku couldn’t help but stare. He looked amazing.

“Um hello! W-welcome!”

Shinso and Sero looked over at Izuku, Sero with a confused look, Shinzo a knowing gaze.

“Hi, I’d like a green tea please.”

“R-r-right up!” Izuku mentally cursed himself for embarrassing himself in front of this beautiful man.

“I’ve never been here before.”

“Ah, yes! I thought you seemed new.”

“I love your store. Who drew these?”

“Ah, I did.” Izuku tapped his fingers together.

“These are amazing!!!”

Izuku felt himself blush and he hid his face in his hands. “Thank you. So what can I get you?”

“I’d like a latte please.”

“Will you be dining here?”

The hybrid looked deep into his eyes and smiled. “I think I will.”

Shinso and Sero gasped.

“Oh, ok that sounds good,” Izuku squeaked. He made him his latte very aware he was staring in his direction. Wow why was this so embarrassing. His heart was beating a mile a minute. “Here you are!”

The hybrid grabbed the cup and took a sip. “Wow so good! My name is Mirio by the way.”

“Oh and your given name?”

“Mirio is my given name.”

“Oh! Then I’m Izuku.”

The two of them stood bashfully and Mirio pulled up a chair so he could sit next to his counter. He sort of just put his knee on the chair and sipped the latte before putting it on the counter. “You seem like someone I’d like to know.”

Izuku squeaked again, covering his face, making Mirio chuckle.

Shinso and Sero slowly left, Shinso winking.

Izuku blushed again, cleaning the counter and tucking a curl behind his ear. “You um… seem the same way.”

Mirio hummed and sipped his coffee. “So Izuku, how long have you owned this store?”

“Five years.”

“Wow, just you?”

“Yes,” Izuku tucked another curl behind his ear. “Just me.”

“So you are here all day?”

Izuku nodded, putting the rag back in the cleaning fluid. “I don’t mind, it gives me a reason to wake up in the morning.”

Mirio nodded sipping his latte.

“What do you do?”

“Oh I’m a hero, I’m pretty new which is why you haven’t heard of me.”

Izuku’s eyes lit up, all his previous shyness gone. “Wow! That’s so cool! I love heroes!! Do you know Kac- um Bakugou?”

“Ah yes I do.”

“He’s my childhood friend, he’s new too! What’s your quirk? Where do you work? Are you on the field yet?”

Mirio’s eyes widened but his smile only grew. “My quirk is permeation, I work under Sir Nighteye, and yes I’m on the field.”

Izuku giggled in excitement. “Wow! That’s amazing!”

Mirio’s heart warmed at the bright smile of this stranger that he wanted to know everything about. Suddenly his phone vibrated. He took a peek and saw Sir was messaging him to come back to the agency. He frowned.

“What’s wrong?”

“Oh duty calls,” he grabbed a napkin and a pen and wrote down his number with a smile. “Give me a call when you have some free time.”

Mirio finished his coffee and walked out the door and Izuku whimpered. He never has free time.

Chapter 2

“So you only hang out at work?”

Katuski sipped his black coffee and leaned on the counter while Izuku turned off the machines and wiped the counter.

“I mean yeah, I’m too tired to go on a date after waking up at 3 to get to work on time.”

Katsuki flicked him on the forehead. “You fucking nerd. You need to live a little.”

“How, I can’t close more than one day.”

“Hire someone dumbass.”

Izuku opened his mouth to protest and then shut it. That was a good idea actually. But who?

Mirio looked in the mirror. He smiled and checked his teeth and then looked at his outfit.

“You look fine Mirio,” his roommate said, hands stuffed in his pockets.

“I don’t want to look fine, I want to look fine.”

“Ha-ha,” Tamaki said sarcastically before chuckling. “You look fine.”

He pocketed the present he had for Izuku and left for the coffee shop. They had been dating for a few months now. If you can call hanging out in the coffee shop dating. No, they had intense feelings, whether or not they went to the movies on Friday didn’t matter.

He arrived at the coffee shop and saw his boyfriend with a bright smile on his face. He looked happier than usual. He smiled and decided to just look at him for a moment. Admire his cute boyfriend. His freckled cheeks were so cute and his thin build just made him want to crush him in his arms, lovingly.

Izuku saw him standing by the glass door and waved him in. Mirio stepped in and Izuku leaned over the counter and pressed a kiss on his surprised mouth. “Guess what?”

“What?” Mirio asked, quirking his head to the side.

“I got an employee!”

He looked over and saw a teenage dragon hybrid with a single horn and grey hair. She smiled softly and continued to clean the counter.

“Oh, that’s nice.”

“So I can come with you!”



“Where do you want to go?”

“Where do you want to take me?” Izuku cooed. Mirio held out his arm and Izuku walked around the counter and took it.

They strolled through the city with smiles on their faces. Izuku was jittering with excitement, wondering where he was going to go. Mirio was a conversationalist like usual. They played a game where they chose a stranger and made up their backstory. The elf was a secret agent that worked in a bookstore. The wizard Fae had just finished their apprenticeship. It was fun.

Finally, they got to the park and a little blanket and lunch were lying on the ground.

“Mirio! How did you do this?”

“I had some help,” he said giving Tamaki a thumbs up from where he was hiding behind a tree. They sat down and ate some sandwiches and chips and sipped on lemonade. Mirio rested his hand on his lover’s and kissed his forehead.

“Guess what?”


“I love you,” he whispered in his ear.

Izuku blushed up a storm hiding behind his hands. Mirio pulled them back and kissed him. “Don’t hide baby.”

Izuku pulled back his hand still pink as a baby.

“I got you something.”

“More?” Izuku was aghast at how much his boyfriend likes to spoil him.

He pulled out of his jacket pocket a long thin box wrapped in paper. Izuku unwrapped it and opened the box just to gasp. It was grey shades markers. He’s been wanting these for years but they were too expensive. Tears dripped down his cheeks. Mirio gasped.

“Oh no! What’s wrong?”

“These are happy tears.”

Mirio kissed the tears off his face. He pecked his forehead, both cheeks and then his lips. Izuku smiled and giggled. The two of them kissed again and nuzzled foreheads.

“I love you too.”

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