Katsuki Bakugou was a straight A student. He studied for 4 hours a day after school and was diligent during school as well. He didn’t have time for relationships with friends, he needed to focus if he was going to succeed in his medical school. 

One day he walked outside to get a breath of fresh air and was disgusted to see it was tainted with smoke. Cigarette smoke. He looked around to see what delinquent was ruining his air when he was struck with a sight of beauty. 

A young man with bright green hair, shaved on one side, was smoking a cigarette with a dull expression. He obviously had a lot on his mind. He looked out at the cityscape and took another long drag. 

“That shit will kill you.” 

The grenette jumped and he looked over to see Katsuki glaring at him. “S-sorry I’ll put it out.” Izuku put out the cigarette off on his boot heel like a fucking romance movie protagonist. Katuski expected him to leave but he leaned up against the wall looking wistfully at the cars rushing by. 


“Hm?” The bad boy fucker asked. 

“Why are you here?”

The loser in leather looked at the building and sighed. “My previous life died here, I like to visit sometimes.” 

Katsuki’s brows furrowed. “The fuck does that mean?”

“It’s a long story, and you seem the busy type” 

“And if I am?”

“I wouldn’t want to bother someone so beautiful with a story like mine.”

Katuski blushed and looked over with wide eyes. “Bea-”

“Very,” he cooed. 

Katsuki’s whole face was bright red. He growled and ran over saying “listen here fucker!” He didn’t realize until he had gotten on the same level that this man was significantly taller than him, at least half a foot. Punk loser flipped him against the wall and fucking dared to do a kabedon. He blew air in his ear making him shiver . 

“What, what did you want to tell me?” 

Katsuki looked him dead in the eyes with a shaky frown. “You think you’re too cool to tell me your tragic anime backstory?” 

Punk broccoli opened his eyes wide. He obviously didn’t expect that answer. “So what are you proposing?”

“Gimme your number you freak, I’ll listen to your sob story just to prove you don’t know shit about me!” 

“My name’s Izuku, and sounds like a date.” 


So here Katsuki was sitting in a college bar with a man in his 20s who had an actual sad anime backstory. He was going to be a doctor, was doing great even, but his mother got very ill. He knew what was wrong but he couldn’t get any doctors to agree with him and she passed away. He was only 21. It’s been a few years and he gave up on being a doctor, got a motorcycle, shaved half his head, and became a tattoo artist. 

Katsuki took a sip of tea, what was he supposed to say about this? Suddenly his chin tipped up in the grasp of two calloused fingers. 

“Don’t frown sunflower.” 

Katsuki blushed and smacked his hand away. “Sunflower?!”

“I think it’s appropriate,” he said with a warm smile. 

“Then I’m calling you Deku.” 

“Then we have nicknames for each other, sounds perfect, Sunflower.” 

Katsuki growled but didn’t correct him. 


“Hey Bakubro, your not-so-secret admirer is waiting for you.”

“Whatever Kirishima,” Katsuki growled. 

“Oh you said my name! You must be in a good mood!” 

Katsuki coughed to cover a smile. “I don’t know what you’re talking about.” 

He walked a hair faster as he made his way to the entry gate. There waiting for him was Deku, holding his hands in the pockets of his distressed jeans. He smiled and waved as he walked over. “Good afternoon Sunflower,” he cooed. 

“Shut up with the Sunflower, this is my fucking school!” 

“Alright,” Deku blew into his ear, “then let’s go Katsuki.” 

Katsuki shivered under his gaze. “What-fucking-ever, we can’t stay late, I have to study.” 

“Ok, Sunflower.” 

The two of them walked, gently bumping into each other, knuckles brushing against the others, and making light banter until they stopped in front of a parking lot. 

“This is our date Deku? A parking lot?”

“Of course not, we have to drive there, or rather, ride there.” Deku hands him a helmet and Katsuki immediately makes the connection. “Um, excuse me?” 

He straddled the motorcycle and pat the spot behind him. “Coming?” 


“Oh not up to the challenge?”

“Fuck you Deku, I can ride this shit.” 

“Hold on tight,” He cooed. 

He immediately popped onto one wheel blasting through the street while Katsuki held on for dear life. He shouted a million expletives but couldn’t deny this was the most alive he’s felt in years. 

He had a crush. A crushing feeling of desire and fear of rejection. 

What was he doing? Feeling romantic feelings for a bad boy who dropped out of college? He always pictured himself with someone in the same field, definitely someone of education. Not this anime backstory, edge lord, punk loser… who’s he fooling. He’s in love. 

He wrapped his arms around his waist a little tighter, feeling more than seeing the little smirk he makes when he’s confident. When he’s actually confident his frow isn’t furrowed when he says something dreamy. 

He’s not as confident as he seems. Once he has spent time with him he realized it was a front. That he was trying so hard to seem like this man that didn’t think twice before making any decisions. But did he really care about him? Or was fucking the educated nerd just a check box for his bad boy check list. They zoomed up a hill to the park and he parked under a tree. Deku knocked out the kickstand and offered his hand. Off goes the helmets and they sit on a bench watching the sunset. 

They sat in silence the breeze blowing their hair about as they watched the sunset hues color the sky. 


Ugh that name is so embarrassing, but he can’t say he hates it. 

“I love you.” 

Tears immediately blossomed from Katuski’s eyes. It’s not a lie? He’s not a check box? He looked him in the eyes and saw Deku was crying too. They grabbed each other and held tight as they both cried into the crook of the other’s neck. 

“Why are you crying you big oaf?” Katuski teased. 

“Why are you crying?”

“I didn’t think anyone would ever love me.” 

“I’m sorry the world made you think you didn’t deserve love but you do.” Deku tipped his chin up and pressed a short kiss on his mouth. “And I do.” 

Katuski chuckled, “are you always this amazing?”

“M-m-me?” Deku said aghast. “I-I’m not I’-m not” 

“Oh are you embarrassed? I need to compliment you more often.” 

“No um no that’s not necessary,” Deku stuttered. 

“Oh are you sure, handsome?” 

Deku squeaked and hid his face. “That’s enough thank you!” Katuski laughed and pressed a kiss again. 

He’s all his.

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