It was a cold day the day the three of them met. They had never been to this coffee shop before and he wasn’t working his regular shift. Really the chances they were going to meet were slim to none. 

But they did and if they had to repeat that day a thousand times they would do every second the same way.

The snow was just beginning to fall when they met him. Izuku and his boyfriend Eijirou were interlacing their fingers as they made their way into a coffee shop they had never tried before. The second they opened the door the aroma of the coffee struck them in their heart. But not as much as the barista.

There was only one person working. He had a soft frown on his face as he cleaned the machines. His hair was like an explosion, each piece of hair going in a different direction. His skin was surprisingly tan for the middle of the winter. He had an intense focus and something about him was so alluring. 

Eijirou and Izuku are polyamourous. They’ve had a few three ways but they want an actual relationship. Was this the one? 

“Are you gonna keep gawking or are you going to order something?”

Yes, this is the one.


“Oh hey, you’re back.” Katsuki wiped the counter and looked over at the two men. “I can’t believe you guys come here every day, it’s so overpriced. Must be a couple of idiots.” 

The two of them chuckled already used to his brash attitude. 

“What am I going to get today Kacchan?”

“It’s a secret dumbass, it’s always a secret.” 

“I know, I thought you might just tell me this time.” 

Katuski poured the milk in the frother and shook his head. “You never learn Deku, don’t doubt my taste.” 

Izuku giggled and Eijirou saw Katsuki’s lips tug just slightly. He was going to be theirs. Katsuki finished the drink and handed it to Izuku, he took a sip and all but moaned. Katsuki licked his upper lip as he stared at his boyfriend. Eijirou grinned, even if it’s just physical, he’s interested in Izuku. Step one done and done. 

“This is so good Kacchan!’ 

“Of course it is! Did you expect anything different?”

“It’s ok Kacchan. I know that you are the best barista in Japan. 

“Damn right I am,” the stroke to his ego made him blush. It was very cute.

“What do you want Shitty hair?”

“Surprise me!”

Katsuki grinned, “oh so your boyfriend has convinced you to let your drink up to me?”

“It was easy to convince me.” 

Katuski grinned again. He made Eijirou his second drink and handed it to him with a coy smile. “Drink it.” 

Eijirou took a sip, his eyes watering. “This is spicy!” 

“Mexican hot chocolate, good for the sinuses.” 

Izuku burst into laughter, both of the other men looking in surprise. His laugh was so wholesome, even Katsuki was shaken. He rubbed the back of his neck and smiled. “It’s not that funny, you nerd.” 

Soon they were all laughing. 


“I don’t know Eiji, I don’t think he’ll like it.” 

“I’ll be fine Izu,” Eijirou kissed his forehead and took his arm as they entered the store. As they walked in Katsuki’s eyes lit up, even if just for a moment before he frowned. “What are you two doing here?” Katsuki tucked his pen into his ratty apron. 

After a few visits it turned out this whole place belonged to him, He worked 10 hour days six days a week, every month, for the last three years. It belonged to a teacher of his. He was his employee in an attempt to cull his anger. It worked surprisingly well. 

But now he was running low on money, so some basic things like aprons didn’t matter anymore. He would have to deal with it. 

But Izuku had an idea. 

He walked up to the counter with a happy smile. Katsuki narrowed his eyes. “What are you so pleased about.” 

Izuku pulled out a wrapped present and slid it across the table. Katsuki quirked his head. “What is it?”

“It’s a surprise Kacchan! Open it.” 

His eyes were surprisingly hesitant. He opened it slowly and pulled out a black apron with numerous pockets filled with helpful tools like gloves, bandaids, stirring sticks, and at least 2000 yen of others. 

“You…” For once he was speechless. Izuku chewed on his lower lip praying he will like them. 

“Thank you, you didn’t have to do this.” His face was showing a complex of emotions. Izuku was scared, he didn’t want this?

He pulled off his ratty apron and pulled on his new one. He grinned and asked, “how do I look!” 

Izuku’s smile grew and he grabbed Eijirou’s arm and wiped a tear. Katsuki chuckled and said, “why are you crying?”

“I’m just so happy you liked it!” 

“It’s black and useful, why would I want everything different?”

“I um, I have something else too.” 

“What is it, is it a fucking surprise too?”

Izuku reached over the counter and pressed a soft kiss on his cheek. He pulled back and blushed toying with his fingers. 

“Why would you kiss me in front of your boyfriend?” he asked, confused. 

“We’re polyamorous.” Eijirou wrapped his arms around his waist and kissed his forehead. 

“You want me?”

They both nodded. 

“Then get fucking back here!” Katusuki gripped Izuku’s shirt and pressed a passionate kiss on his mouth. Izuku stumbled around when he finally released him and he tugged Eijirou over too planting a harsh kiss on his mouth. He released Eijirou and they all stared at each other awkwardly and laughed. 

This was good, this was what they all needed. 

Chapter 2 

“Izu, come on it’s time for work.” Kirishima kisses his forehead and frowned. “You feel warm.” 

“I don’t feel good,” he muttered. 

Katsuki rolled over leaning over Eijirou to see what was wrong, resting his chin on his arm. “You ok nerd?”

He coughed weakly a few times and pulled the blankets over himself further. Eijirou felt his forehead, Izuku leaning into his cold hand. “He’s really hot.” 

“Hospital level hot?” Katsuki said, frowning. 

“Not yet, I don’t think.” 

They rushed about the room, Izuku in and out of consciousness. Both of them put on masks and dug through the first aid kit. Before Izuku realized they were gone they had come back with cold compresses and medicine. 

“Deku, take this.” 

Izuku opened his eyes, the whole world seeming hazy. He opened his mouth as they slipped his medicine in and gulped some water. They lay him back down and stroked his face. 

When Izuku was asleep they looked at each other and said, “who’s going to stay home with him?”

Eijirou chewed on his cheek and said, I can go in late…”

“And I can come home early.” 

They made a silent agreement and Katsuki reluctantly grabbed his apron and went to school, kissing Eijirou first of course. 

Eijirou pulled a chair next to Izuku and sat next to him with a soft smile. “We’ll take care of you.” He grabbed Izuku’s warm hand and held it tight. 

Katuski was dying every second he had to be away from him. He really wanted to go home, but he couldn’t miss the morning rush. It took every ounce of willpower to stay here when his lover was sick and needed him. The second it was noon he all but sprinted home. He made it to the apartment and opened the door to see Eijirou laying his head on Izuku’s lap, asleep, while Izuku sat up and pet his hair. 

“Kacchan,” Izuku cooed. He looked a lot better, but still pale. Katsuki put on his mask and bumped his forehead against Izuku’s. 

“Feeling better?” 

“Nn, thanks Kacchan for worrying.”

“Me? I wasn’t fucking worried.” 

“Alright,” Izuku chuckled. He continued to pet Eijirou’s hair as he watched TV. 

“Does he need to go to work?”

“They gave him the day off.” 

Katuski shook his head and hopped in bed. Izuku leaned against him and cuddled under the blanket. He was still warm but better. Katsuki bumped his mask covered lips on his head and Izuku turned around and brushed his mask covered mouth against Katsuki’s in a pure innocent expression. 

“You cute little fucker.” Katuski shook his head and changed the channel to a cooking channel. 

“Katsuki?” A drowsy Eijirou said, lifting his head. 

“Sleeping on the job I see.”

“I’m sorry I was so sleepy.” 

“It’s whatever.” 

The three of them cuddled in the bed, Izuku in the middle, and watched cooking shows, together, like they always will be.

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