Izuku sat on the hospital table swinging his legs back and forth on the table. His heats had been very irregular recently. This was the beginning of the third year and he already had to miss six days due to his irregular heats. He needed to get on some heat suppressants but the doctor was acting strange. He took a swap from his inner walls to check on his over health down there and somehow something 

He looked around the room anxiously looking for something he could do to occupy his time. He noticed a magazine next to him with fertility tips with a picture of a mother and her baby. He smiled and picked up the magazine. He thumbed through the pages smiling at all the happy and expecting mothers. Would he ever be a mother someday? He would have to be a part-time hero for a while so probably not for a long time. But maybe someday. Yeah, he thinks with the right person he could make a baby. 

Like Kacchan?

His face grew rosy from his neck to his ears. He shouldn’t be thinking about such things when they aren’t even dating. He wanted to be though. He had slowly been working up the courage to ask him. He was an Alpha so they had a natural connection. But Kirishima spent more time with him and he was an Omega too. He wasn’t sure if he stood a chance against Kirishima but he could try. 

The doctor walked in with a grim face and said, “you should put that down,” he gestured to the magazine. Izuku felt his stomach drop. He had bad news, didn’t he?

“I hate to be the bearer of bad news but, you’re infertile.”

“I’m w-what?”

“The reason you’ve been having irregular heats is that your body’s hormones as such that can’t properly deliver an egg. It’s like the chemistry in your womb is too hostile for the egg to grow into a baby. This is not common in omegas but it is more common in male Omegas than females. Maybe in the future, there could be a way to change your body’s chemistry to potentially increase your chance of conception, but even then it’ll be slim. I’m so sorry son.” 

Izuku stared at the floor with wide eyes. “So my heats?”

“I’m sending you with some hormone stabilizers that should limit you to one heat every three months instead of your erratic ones now.”

“Oh, ok thank you.” 

“I see you go to Yuuea, if anyone would benefit from a lack of pregnancy it would be you. Keep that in mind while you grieve.” 

“Thank you.” Izuku hopped off the table, got dressed, got his medicine, and walked out the door. Each step was more painful than the last. 

He was sterile. 

Useless, worthless, Omega. 

Barren Omegas are seen as the worst of them all. Society says all Omegas are good for is being mothers. While Izuku doesn’t believe that finding out he was sterile was horrific. He felt empty all class. He didn’t tell anyone, even his closest friends. He thought about telling Kacchan, but there’s no way Kacchan would want a broken Omega. 

So he goes through his day, like any other. Like he wasn’t aware that he was never going to have a family. Everything was fine. He didn’t care that he was a useless Omega. He didn’t care. 

“Hey, Deku-kun! Wanna come to Karaoke?” His bright happy rosy-cheeked friend said with a smile. 

He really didn’t but he didn’t want to ignore his friend. “Alright, who else is coming?”

“Todoroki, Iida, Sero, Kaminari, Kirishima, Mina, Tsuya, ummm I think that Bakugou might come.”

Izuku snorted, he can’t imagine Kacchan wanting to go to karaoke. “Are you sure that Kacchan is coming?”

“Yeah, Kirishima convinced him to.” 

Oh… why did that thought make him sad?

I should be glad Kacchan has so many friends. Why do I feel so horrible?

“Deku?” she asked. 

“I’m fine, I would love to go.” As soon as he said that he gave a dry cough. 

“Hm, that cough sounds bad, what’s wrong?”

Izuku coughed a few more times and smiled. “Nothing is wrong, just a little cough.” 

Why did it feel like something was inside his lungs?

The rest of the class was a blur. He still couldn’t believe it. He should be happy, shouldn’t he? He has no way of jeopardizing his future with a child he wouldn’t have time for. This was a good thing!

Then why?

Why did it feel like his heart was breaking?

He was no good to Kacchan now… he needed to give up on him. Why would Kacchan want a useless Omega like him? 

He wouldn’t there’s no way. 

He doesn’t deserve anyone let alone someone like Kacchan. He had to accept that he was going to be a hero but a lonely one. That’s ok, that’s what he’s meant to be. 

He slapped his face, he could still be happy. Yeah, he still had friends. He could still be happy. 

Then why does his chest feel so tight?

Class ended and he and his friends all made their way to the karaoke place Kirishima and Kaminari go to a lot. This was going to be fun. He was going to have a good time and be happy! He coughed a few times before wiping his mouth and catching up with his friends. 

“That’s a bad cough Midoriya,” Kirishima said with a frown. 

“I’m fine, just a tickle in my throat.” 

Kaminari stepped closer to him, “I don’t know, sounds bad to me, what do you think, Kacchan?”

“Stop calling me that, and if the nerd says he’s fine, he’s fine.”

Oh Kacchan, as blunt as always. He still wonders how they got him to come. Kirishima ran to his side and smiled, Katsuki rolling his eyes. He must really like him or he wouldn’t come to karaoke with everyone. 

Yeah, he must like him a lot. 

Izuku coughed into his palm again a little bit rougher than the last few times. Everyone stopped and looked behind them to see Izuku hacking into his hand. 

“Woah bro, maybe you should go home.”

“No seriously, I’m fine, I just need some water.” 

Everyone took a second to look at each other before deciding that was ok. They got to the karaoke restaurant and cheered as they got to their room. 

Izuku sat in the corner sipping on some water as they waited on the screen to load. He stared at the floor thinking of everything that happened that day. If this cough gets worse he’ll have to go to the doctor again. Great. He really doesn’t want to go back there. 

Suddenly he felt a poke on his eyebrow. He looked up to see Kacchan with a soft frown. “You look like someone told you All Might was in the hospital, what’s wrong?”

Kacchan was worried?


“Bill-fucking-shit, something is obviously wrong.”

“I’m worried about my cough.” 

Katuski narrowed his eyes like he was trying to decide if Izuku was telling the truth or not and decided he couldn’t tell. 

“Go to the doctor if you’re so worried.” 

“I just went, our insurance only covered three visits a month.”

“Is that where you went yesterday?”

Oh no! He spilled!

“I um, it’s nothing.” 

“Oi, don’t lie to me.” 

“It’s um private…” 

Katuski leaned in close and scowled. “I know when you’re lying to me.”

Shit, how is he going to get out of this… “I was getting heat medicine.” 

Katuski blushed and said, “oh.” He got up and moved to the other side of the room. Izuku covered his face in embarrassment. That was so awkward. He saw Kirishima elbow him and Katuski blasted his face. Izuku smiled. He wished them the best, he really does. 

He started to cough again but this time he could barely breathe, he coughed and hacked and the whole room rushed to his side. They offered him water and it slowly settled down. He took deep breaths as his friends sat close by. 

“I’m taking him back to his room,” Todoroki said sternly. He grabbed Izuku’s arm and pulled him away from the building.

The two of them walked in relative silence. Todoroki held onto his arm just enough that if he fell he could catch him. Izuku sighed, not even trying to reassure him. They got to his room and he began to cough again. A dry hacking cough that made his whole body shake. 

“Midoriya! Midoriya breathe!” 

Izuku took a deep breath and felt his throat catch on something he coughed one more time and a single yellow petal fell onto his palm. The two of them moved in closer to see what it was. “A flower petal?” 

“It looks like a crystathunum,” Todoroki said, examining it further. 

“How did a flower get in my lungs?”

“You have hanakia disease.” Todoroki had a grim look on his face. 

“W-what’s that?”

He tilted his head up and showed Izuku a scar on his throat. 

“Why are you showing me that?”

“A long time ago when I was a child, all I wanted was my mother’s love. But it was unrequited. She may love me now but as a child she wanted nothing to do with me. When someone loves someone else, and their love is unrequited they have a chance of getting hanakia disease. It’s when flowers grow in your throat. If you don’t get surgery to remove them, it’s fatal.”


“We are going to the doctor tomorrow and you’re setting up an appointment to get them removed.” 

“Todoroki you aren’t telling me something, aren’t you?”

“You’ll lose all feelings for this person after the surgery.” 

“What! I don’t want to hate Kacchan!” 

“I knew it was him.” 

Izuku smacked his hand over his mouth. “I- I…” 

“I understand Midoriya, I know what it’s like to love someone and have them push you away. But you have to forget about him or you’ll die Midoriya!” 

“Is there any other way!” 

“If the person you love, loves you back, they’ll come out naturally, otherwise they will keep growing.”

“He could never love me.” Izuku said, wrapping his arms around his lower abdomen. 

“Midoriya,” Todoroki grabbed his arm. 

Izuku fell to the ground wheezing, losing consciousness.

Chapter 2

The class all stood outside the doors to the nurse’s office. The nurse refused anyone but Todoroki inside because he was there when he collapsed. Izuku had an oxygen mask on and slept restlessly on a hospital bed. 

Aizawa pinched his nose bridge. “These problem children just like to ruin my day don’t they.” 

“We have to do the surgery,” Todoroki stated. 

“I am aware but we can’t do it without his consent. He has to wake up first. Why don’t you go get some breakfast, I’ll wait with him.”

“Very well.” 

He left the room and the swarm of classmates all shouted questions. 

“Is Deku-kun ok?”

“Will Midoriya be alright?”

“What’s wrong with him?”

Todoroki ignored them all, but one voice refused to be ignored. “Oi.” 

Todoroki scowled and turned around. “What.”

“You wanna tell me why the nerd is unconscious and no one will let me see the fucker?”

“I will tell you, privately.” 

The two of them stepped into an empty classroom before Bakugou spat, “Why do you get in but I don’t HAH??”

The beta rolled his eyes, Alpha’s just had to pick a fight. “Because I was there when he fainted.” 

“Well, why can’t I walk in now?”

“Because you’re the reason he’s in this mess.” 

In a snap on the fingers, Bakugou had a firm grip of Todoroki’s shirt. “Say that again I dare you.” 

“He’s in love with you.” 

“Hah?” he said softly. 

“He has hanaki disease and he loves you and you don’t love him back.” 

Bakugou released him and sat down in a chair with wide eyes. “He loves me?”

Todoroki sighed, “and you don’t-”

“I don’t know who told you that but I’ve loved that fucker for a long time. I ruined his childhood, how could he like me back?” 

Todoroki’s jaw dropped. That doesn’t make sense, why would he be having the symptoms if he was loved back?

“I need to see him, now.” 

The two of them rushed back to see Izuku awake, but barely. “Ka- kacchan?” He said in a raspy voice

Bakugou grabbed a chair and sat next to him grabbing his hand. “Hey Deku.” 

“What are you doing here?”

“I heard this is my fault.” 

“No Kacchan, it isn’t your fault.”

“Why do you think I don’t care about you?”

Izuku’s eyes welled up with tears. “You deserve someone better than me…”

“Who the fuck is better than you?”


Katsuki grabbed his neck and pulled into a kiss. Izuku’s eyes lit up before closing them, melting into the kiss. He pulled back with a sad smile and began to cough again. He coughed into his hand until blood covered his palm. 

“Deku!? Why isn’t it working!”

Recovery girl put her stethoscope on his back and listened. “The flowers are still growing, young man, are you hiding something?”

Izuku coughed again violently before saying, “I’m useless.”

“The fuck are you talking about!?”

Izuku coughed again, hacking up more blood, “I’m a useless, worthless, Omega. I’m… I’m infertile.” 

Katsuki’s eyes widened before he grew a frown. “You fucker! That doesn’t make you worthless! Do you really think I’d be so shallow I wouldn’t like you unless you were a fucking baby maker?!

Izuku teared up as he looked into his eyes. “You don’t care?”

“I love you, you fucker. I don’t care if your Alpha, Beta, or Omega, I don’t care if you can have kids either! I wanna be with you, no matter what you come with.”

Izuku coughed again but this time the whole plant came with him. He spat it onto his lap and took deep breaths. “Kacchan,” He held his arms out and Katsuki held him close, closing his eyes as he pulled him into a hug. 

Izuku bawled into his neck before smiling and kissing him again.

“Oi, I’m happy you worked this out problem children, but can you not make out in front of us?”

“Oh, youth is wasted on the young.”

“What’s that supposed to fucking mean!” 

Izuku laughed and held his hand over his lower stomach. He removed his hand and cuddled up next to Katuski. 

Yeah, it doesn’t matter, I have Kacchan with me. 

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