Izuku giggled as they walked through the door. He was a little tipsy, as was his boyfriend, and he was also horny, as was his boyfriend. Katsuki tugged him to their room, kissing on his neck and giving loving bites. 

He tossed Izuku onto the bed easily kissing at his neck and tugging off his shorts. “You’re so fucking hot Deku.” He said tracing his hands down his sides. “You’re all fucking mine, no one elses.” 

Kacchan always got really possessive when he was drunk. Izuku loved it. He loved how he was so much more expressive when he was drunk instead of closed off like others. Izuku wracked his nails along Katsuki’s back and he groaned quite a bit louder than usual. Izuku put that in his pocket for later. 

“Deku, get on your knees.” He demanded.

Izuku complied immediately, kneeling in front of his boyfriend. Without any guidance he knelt down and unzipped his zipper. He kissed the bulge in his underwear before pulling him out and sinking his hungry mouth onto his thick length. 

Katsuki grabbed a fist full of hair and groaned. “Fuck Deku.” Izuku hummed around his dick, flattening his tongue along the bottom of the shaft, and chasing his veins. Katuski pulled back his hair to get a good look at his lover’s lustful expression. Izuku made direct eye contact, not looking away for a second as he devoured his dick. 

“Look at you Deku, taking my dick like a slut.” He traced his cheekbone with his fingers before grabbing his hair and pulling him onto his cock. He fucked his head while Izuku gagged and gripped Katsuki’s feet, allowing him to take his mouth. He came down his throat holding him still while he unloaded everything down his throat. Izuku pulled back, his lips glossy with come, and he kissed him passionately, not minding the taste of himself. 

“More,” Izuku said softly. 

“I’ll give you more. I’ll give you everything you want.” 

Izuku whimpered as he lifted him to the bed and entered his lubed up fingers inside. Izuku squirmed around impatiently as he was scissored open. “I’m ready please!” 

Katuski thrust in raw and Izuku opened up his legs to get him closer. Katsuki thrust in harder and Izuku scratched his arm with his nails. Katuski shuttered at the feeling before coming prematurely inside Izuku. They both sat in silence for a moment before Izuku said, “Kacchan?”

“Don’t fucking start Deku.” 

“Do you like pain?”

Katsuki blushed and sat back on his ankles, “if I said I did?”

“Then I work with it.” Izuku said with a smile. He clawed down Katsuki’s legs and he moaned loudly. Izuku crawled into his lap and sat himself down on his dick. He moaned and bounced on his cock and yanked on Katsuki’s hair. “Nng!” Katsuki groaned. 

He did like it! 

Izuku bounced on his dick more and pulled on his hair. Katsuki sucked on his neck and gave various love bites. They both felt their orgasm start to surface and Katuski lifted his hips to meet him in the middle driving his dick further inside him. Izuku smacked Kasuki’s ass and he came again deep inside. Katuski jerked him off until he came as well, collapsing on his shoulder with a sigh. 

“That was fun,” Izuku said, giving his neck a peck. 

“Yeah yeah.” Katuski blushed and looked away. 

“Wanna do this again sometime?”

“You fucking know it.” 

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