Leaning against the wall was his long lost friend, the one that went missing as a child, the one everyone presumed to be dead. He wore a black villain suit with a hood that had slid down, revealing his identity. Despite the fact his hair was black, his piercing green eyes showed his true self, scared and alone. He clutched his side, blood dripping down his fingers He coughed, blood trickling down his thumb.

“Did you come to kill me Kacchan?” He said with a crack in his voice. “I deserve it. I’ve done horrible things, can you kill me Kacchan?”

Katuski stared at him with wide eyes. What the fuck was going on?

Ten hour earlier…

“We are finally narrowing down on Mumei, if we can take him out then we can throw off the League of Villains game. He seems to be the underground figure that requires so once he is out of the equation, no more new villains.” Endeavor always spoke in such a stern deep tone. His voice was deeper when he was giving orders.

Katsuki couldn’t wait until he gave the orders. It was only a matter of time before he overthrew this asshole. He couldn’t wait. But he would have to, he needed to rise to the top properly and not because of Endevor’s mistake but because he was the best.

This Mumei was more like a secretary than a villain apparently. He did a lot of things like recruitment and organizing the villains’ meetings and raids. No one knows if he’s ever dirtied his hands, but indirectly? Death toll is in the thousands. He makes the best teams, some of them almost unstoppable. He needed to be taken down, by force if necessary.

He really hoped they wouldn’t have to kill the guy.

They tracked down where the guy lives and planned their attack. Three people at the back, two at the front. He counted down to three and kicked the door down. Not a soul was inside. Katsuki growled and barked, “look for an exit, we saw him in here less than an hour ago!!”

He scanned the room, shocked at what he saw. There were chains on the floor, long enough to reach any part of the room but it was shocking they were even there! Was he held there against his will? The whole room was covered with pieces of paper. There were ones with biographies of each villain, detailed descriptions of their quirks and weaknesses. This was going to be very useful to them. But as he looked closer it was only the ones that had already been arrested. The rest were gone most likely. Damn.

More importantly this man was most likely being forced to do this and now that he was compromised the League would be getting rid of him shortly.

“Listen everyone,” Bakugou shouted, getting everyone’s attention. “It’s obvious this man was being used against his will, we need to find him, and find him fast or this fucker is toast.”

The room all nodded.

He felt a sort of foreign desperation, for some reason he felt like he knew Mumei. Whatever, now was the time to act.

12 hours later

“You gonna make it Deku?” He said with genuine concern as they walked back to his house.

“I’ve had worse,” Izuku panted.

“We’re almost there.” Katsuki pulled him closer, eyebrows furrowed in distress. He never got to apologize for what he said to him. Now he could, now he had a chance to make things right. But not if the fucker dies before he gets him to his apartment. They reached his apartment and he set him down in his bathtub praying that he would live through this. “I’m taking off your suit, kay?”

Izuku nodded holding his side tight.

He peeled off the suit, sad to see the wide array of scars. He focused on the gushing wound, discarding the scars for now.

He cleaned and stitched up the wound on his side, grateful it was superficial. Once Izuku was clean and in some normal fucking clothes he placed him in bed, sitting next to him on a chair. “Talk.”

“I got taken, as a kid, they apparently got a hold of my notebook and saw my hero analysis’ and thought I could be an asset to them. They trained me ruthlessly for years, how to fight, how to organize attacks and raids, I became the underground leader of organization, very exciting.”

Katsuki couldn’t suppress the chuckle. “I miss your green hair.”

Izuku laughed sadly. “Me too.”

“So the scars are?”

“I tried to fight them a lot as a kid, I knew it was wrong. But after I received all these scars I… I gave up. I did what they wanted. Here you are a hero and I’m just a low level villain.”

“Shut up, it wasn’t your choice.”

“Thanks for patching me up but I need to get back. If I’m gone too long they’ll think I’m betraying them and they’ll kill you and me.”

“Ain’t no villain killing me, and no one is killing you either. We’re going to my safe house, no other options.”

Izuku smiled warmly. “Thanks Kacchan.”

Kacchan. Never thought he would hear that again, and he can’t say he minds it.

3 years later

Izuku vacuumed the hallway humming as he went. Kacchan was going to be home soon. He had a surprise for him. He had been working on his baking and finally perfected his cake making skills. He has a spicy cinnamon cake that was begging to be eaten. He tucked a strand of green hair behind his ear. His hair was growing really fast, so it was long enough to pull in a bun.

Knock, tap tap tap, knock, tap, knock.

Oh it’s Kacchan!

Izuku looked in the peephole, double checking, and once he saw his boyfriend he opened the door and cooed, “Kacchan!”

“Hey babe,” Katsuki kissed him and handed him some flowers before walking inside.

“Flowers? Did I do something special?”

“Nah, just felt like being nice.”

“Who is this man and where is my boyfriend?”

“Ha-ha,” he said sarcastically.

Izuku kissed him again and katsuki grabbed his waist. He kissed his neck and Izuku giggled. He nuzzled into Izuku’s neck giving soft kisses. “I got you something.”

“Me too!” Izuku turned around to get the cake and when he came back Katsuki was there with a ring and a nervous expression.


“Don’t just look at me, put it on.”

The ring was a copper band with leaves pressed on the outside. He slipped it on his ring finger while tears dribbled down his cheeks. After ten years of forced villainy he was finally happy.


Katuski spun him around with a warm smile on his face.

They were finally home.

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