Izuku leaped away from a laser blast, barely avoiding it. “Woah!” He bunny-hopped all the way up the building until he was a safe distance from the villain so he could analyze it properly. The villain was nondescript, wasn’t trying to make a scene, or get noticed. They wanted to rob the place and get out of there not to get caught by two pro heroes in training. 

“Shoto he’s going to your left!” 

Shoto nodded running after the man while Izuku came from above. That’s when he spotted he was about to blast Todoroki! He jumped through the air and pushed Todoroki out of the way before a strange vibration wracked his body, the last thing he heard was, “Midoriya!” 

“You bastard!” Todoroki said standing between him and Izuku. Suddenly he heard crying, that didn’t surprise him. What did surprise him was that it sounded like an infant crying. He turned around having to allow the villain to escape to see what the hell just happened. 

Izuku’s hero gear was crumpled on the ground and inside it? A green-haired freckled baby.

“Midoriya? Is that you?” Todoroki said, kneeling in front of the infant. 

The baby looked at him and burst into tears. 

“Yes, that’s him.”


“Aww, he’s so cuuuute!” Uraraka cooed. 

Todoroki awkwardly held Izuku in a T-shirt of Kirishima’s, the only article of clothing they had that wasn’t a hero suit. He had him propped up on his forearm, Izuku’s head in no way was supported, and his whole body was wriggling and he was crying softly. 

“I don’t know if you’re holding him right,” Kirishima said hesitantly. 

“When is Asui getting here?” Todoroki said impatiently. His constant crying was making him nervous. 

“She’s at the dorm, it will be faster just to go there ourselves.” 

Izuku started to fall forward and Todoroki caught him quickly, jostling the poor guy. 

“Let me hold him.” Uraraka held her arms out expectantly. He handed him to her and she cradled him against her chest, he quieted all the way to silent immediately. 

“See? You just don’t have the-”

Suddenly Bakugou was storming over grabbing Izuku and pulling him into his arms. The infant coughed and screamed bursting into tears. Katsuki bounced up and down patting on his back and scowling at the whole group of them. “You cut off his airways you fucking idiots. I can’t leave you all for a single fucking second. Half and half, lemme guess. Deku pushed you out of the way and got turned into a fucking baby?”

“And if that’s true?”

“Then you confirmed you’re a dumbass.” 

Todoroki scowled. “So you are suddenly a perfect caretaker for Midoriya?”

“I’ve been tied to this asshole since day fucking one. Does anyone know what music he has to listen to stop crying? Did anyone know his favorite food when he was a baby? Does anyone know if he was even eating food at this age?”

Everyone shook their heads silently. 

“Let’s go to the dorm so I can clean up your mess.” 

Bakugou bounced Izuku gently up and down while he wailed as he made his way back to the dorm while Kirishima, Todoroki, and Uraraka watched with wide eyes. Why was he suddenly being so soft? Where did all of this come from? 

They got to the dorm and everyone gasped as they saw the teens entering with a baby. 

“Is that Midoriya?” Sero gasped. 

“Can someone go get Tsu? He’s gonna need a diaper soon,” Uraraka said. 

“If this nerd shits on me I will never forgive him,” Bakugou growled. 

Suddenly Izuku stopped sobbing and simply nuzzled into Bakugou’s chest. He huffed and patted his back. “That’s more like it.” The baby cooed and giggled a little. 

The whole room stared in awe as Bakugou grinned ever so slightly at Izuku’s happy smile. 

“What’s happening?” Kaminari said, holding in a chuckle. 

“I have no idea,” Jirou gawked. 

“I’m here ~ gero.” Tsu walked up in a pale blue pajama dress carrying a bag of what was most likely baby supplies. She had obviously been sleeping before this. Bakugou didn’t feel a shred of remorse for her, Deku was going to shit any minute now. 

“I had Yaomomo make him some clothes and diapers, has anyone told Aizawa-sensei ~ gero,” Tsuku asked. 

“Yes, he’s on his way,” Uraraka stated seriously. 

“Frog-girl, take him.” He handed her Izuku, whose lip trembled as he was passed to her. He burst into tears, kicking his little legs and sobbing. 

“Well, this was unexpected ~ gero.” 

She bounced in place and pat him on the back. Izuku kept sobbing so the whole room looked at Bakugou. 

“What do you want me to do?” He shouted. 

“Hold him! He seems to like you the most,” Uraraka exclaimed. 

“Fine, but only to shut him up.” He reached for Izuku and as he pulled him close he immediately stopped crying.

The whole room gasped as Izuku curled into his chest with a soft whimper. 

“You’re the Midoriya whisperer,” Kaminari whispered. 

“Oh shut the fuck up,” Bakugou growled. Izuku giggled at that and Bakugou couldn’t help the cocky grin. 

“Oh you like it,” Kaminari said in a sing-song voice. 

“Another word Pikachu and your ass is mine.” 

The whole room chuckled and Bakugou growled resulting in another giggle from Midoriya. Tsu helped him put on a diaper and an onesie, and he spent the rest of the day with a giggling baby nestled into the crook of his arm. 

It wasn’t the worst experience of his life. The fucker was kind of cute, and he liked the fact he cried when anyone else held him. Baby Izuku’s eyelids began to droop and he cuddled up to Bakugou closer. 

“Where do I put him tonight?” He asked their teacher. 

“Can’t he just stay in your room?” Aizawa said with hooded eyes. 

“I fucking guess.” 

He brushed his teeth less aggressively than usual so he didn’t wake up the annoying bundle that grew so fond of him and fell asleep with the baby on his chest. Suddenly in the middle of the night, his chest felt heavy as shit. He opened his eyes and saw a teenage Izuku, naked as the day he was born, lying on his chest with a dopey smile. 

“Get up!” he yelled. 

“Huh huh, what?” Izuku looked around startled by the yelling and new surroundings. “Kacchan? Why are you in my room? What happened.” 

“You’re in my room idiot!” 

“Huh?” Izuku looked around, not rolling off Bakugou’s chest. “I am? Why?”

“Cause you pushed icy-hot out of the way and turned into a baby, now get the fuck off of me.” 

Izuku let out an ‘eep’ and jumped off only then noticing his lack of attire. “Ah! I’m naked!!” 

Katuski hit him with his pillow and shouted. “Stop shouting!” 

You stop shouting!” 

“Put on some damn clothes you nudist!” He shouted angrily. 

“Oh- um- yeah- I’ll borrow your um, is that ok Kacchan?”

“Take my fucking hero costume if you have to, put on some fucking clothes!” 

Izuku dug through his drawer and pulled out the first shirt he saw. It went past his crotch so he didn’t grab any pajama pants. 

“Um thank you for looking after me Kacchan.” 

Bakugou uncovered his eyes to see the sight of Izuku in one of his bigger shirts and felt his face heat up. “It’s whatever, just… go to your room already.” 

“Ok, thanks Kacchan.” 

He opened the door and crept to his room when he heard, “ah, the walk of shame.”

He flipped around to see Minetta wearing a smirk. “He kicked you out? What a player.” 

“Minetta we didn’t!! I just-” 

“I won’t tell a soul.” Minetta grinned again walking into his room with his glass of water. 

Izuku went into his room and flopped onto the bed. He screamed into his pillow and sighed. After a few moments, he pulled the shirt to his nose and took a deep sniff. “I wonder if I should tell him I remember everything.” 

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