“Get him out of the kitchen,” Katsuki said, pushing Izuku out of the kitchen. 

“Woah what’s wrong?” Denki said walking over Kyoka not far behind. 

“This fucker is going to burn everything.” 

Izuku had a frown and splattered juices all over his apron. “I’ve gotten a lot better at cooking Kacchan!” 

“Tell that to the turkey you almost dropped on the floor!”

“But I caught it!” 


“Come on baby, let’s leave him be,” Eijirou said tugging on his sleeve. 

“Leave the apron.” 

Izuku pouted, handing the soiled apron to Katsuki. He sneered before pausing and saying, “you can come back when it’s time to bake the pies, but you suck at cooking,” and went back into the kitchen. 

Izuku pouted again and Eijirou tugged him to the couch pulling him on his lap and wrapping his arms around him. “It’s alright Izu, you know how he is when he’s cooking.”

“Yeah, but I’m not that bad am I?” Izuku asked. 

The whole room looked around and sort of shrugged. 

Mina and Ochaco were cuddled underneath the blanket sipping on hot chocolate, Inasa covering Shoto with a blanket and a forehead kiss, Kaminari was flirting with Jirou surprising no one. It was so nice to get together like this every year on Christmas. However this was the first year that Izuku and Eijirou were together, so it was extra special. 

They continued to mingle and enjoy each other’s company until it was time for dinner. 

As always Katsuki was a master in the kitchen. He had a magnificent spread of turkey, mashed potatoes, salad, bread pudding, katsudon, almond tofu, and even roasted duck. It looked mouth watering to say the least. 

“Dig in losers,” he said with love.

Everyone sat down and immediately began eating. It was beyond delicious. The almonds tofu was so sweet and the roasted duck melted in your mouth. The bread pudding was crunchy and toasted but also sweet and mushy. The mashed potatoes had bits of the skin in it and was garlicky and delicious. The turkey was to die for. 

It was less than thirty minutes before the whole feast was devoured. They all cleaned the dishes and sat on the couch with their hands on their stomachs. 

“Delicious as always bro.” Eijirou wrapped his arms tighter around his lover’s stomach. Izuku cuddled into his chest. 

“Whatever, I don’t mind having an excuse to cook.” Baku-speak for loving his friends. 

“Ok everyone, what was your favorite part of this year,” Mina said, pulling her arm out of the blanket cocoon she shared with her girlfriend. 

“I think my favorite part is when we got to do that hero vs hero game show,” Sero added. 

“I didn’t get to do that,” Inasa pouted. 

“Me neither,” Todoroki said, petting his cheek to soothe him. “It was only Katsuki, Izuku, Sero, Denki, Ochaco, Kyoka, and Iida.”

“It was a very educational experience!” Iida said, chopping the air. 

Katsuki grinned, “we creamed those extras.” 

“Didn’t stand a chance,” Denki chuckled. 

“What about you Shou?” Izuku asked. 

“Oh well Inasa and I went on a trip to the hot springs that was pretty nice.”

“It was so much fun!” Inasa cheered. 

“How about you two?” Ochaco asked. 

“This is like your first Christmas together right?” Kyoka asked. 

Izuku cuddled closer to Ejirou and Katuski rolled his eyes. He might not be repulsed based aromantic but he still thinks pda is gross. 

“Yeah, we got together on New Years so this isn’t our first holiday but yeah…” somehow this conversation got Izuku blushing. “Yeah it’s our first Christmas.” 

Uraraka and Mina ‘awwwed’ and Katsuki rolled his eyes again. “It’s going to start snowing soon, you losers better get home. 

“Booo,” they all whined.

“Get out of my fucking house!” 

Everyone laughed and gathered their jackets before leaving Katsuki’s cabin he had in the woods. He just bought it which is why everyone came to his house this year. He liked his privacy. Just him and his dogs, exactly how he wanted it. 

Izuku paused on the way out and looked at Katsuki. “Thanks Kacchan,” he said softly. 

“Yeah yeah, you’re welcome.”

“If you ever get lonely, me and Eiji can be here in a flash.”

“Alright, thanks Deku.” 

Time to go home. 

Chapter 2 

Izuku walked into their apartment and flicked the light switch, surprised to see the lights didn’t turn on. “Um Eiji, the power is out.” 

“I’ll call the landlord,” he groaned. 

Izuku lit as many candles he could find and turned on the fireplace. He sat in front of the fireplace letting the heat warm him up from the cold car drive home. 


He moved into Eijirou’s apartment a few months ago. He’s shocked how quickly it felt like home. Now he can’t imagine living anywhere by himself feeling like home like this apartment does. 

One of their cats rubbed against his leg, purring loudly. 

“Well hello Mochi,” he said scratching under her chin. “How are you.” 

She gave him a look as if she was saying, “the fuck happened to the light?”

EIjirou walked in from the kitchen and said, “It’ll be back up in an hour, what do you want to do till then?”

Izuku looked at the light around them. It was awfully romantic. He stood up and grabbed his phone putting on his most recent favorite song, a song from America. He wasn’t quite fluent yet in English, but he got most of it. 

Can I go where you go, can we always be this close?” 

“Would you care to dance?” Izuku held his hand out. With a soft smile Eijirou took his hand. He put his hands on Izuku’s waist, the two of them swaying back and forth. 

Take me out take me home, you’re my my my lover.” 

“You’ve been listening to a lot of American music recently.” 

Izuku quirked his head to the side with a playful smile. “What, I like the rhythm and it’s good for learning English.” 

“I’m not complaining,” Eijirou said, pulling the two of them closer. 

“We could light a lot of candles and dance around the kitchen baby.” 

Izuku rested his head on his shoulder. Closing his eyes to savor the moment. This was nice. 

“Can I go where you go? Can we always be this close? For ever and ever.”

Eijirou pet Izuku’s cheek and moved him so they could look into each other’s eyes. Izuku’s eyes sparkled as he closed his eyes, their lips meeting as naturally as breathing air. 

“You’re my my my lover.”

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