Izuku was a surfer, an award winning surfer. He was swimming as a baby and never stopped. He went to the beach every day. Actually he went to the beach every morning, and sometimes later in the afternoon too. He absolutely loved the beach, and swimming, and surfing, and everything involved. 

That morning began like every other morning, but it ended like anything but. Uraraka was constantly telling him that it was dangerous to go to the beach alone, what if a shark bit him and he either bled out or was eaten alive. They would never know what happened to him.

He shrugged it off, his surfing suit was bright green not blue so no shark would think that he’s a seal. That was usually the problem. He was completely safe. 

That legendary morning started like any other. A bowl of oatmeal. He didn’t like cereal and he didn’t really like milk that much. But he also sucked at cooking. But anyone can make oatmeal. He added some brown sugar for good luck. Also blueberries, strawberries, pineapple and granola. He crunched on his breakfast while he looked at the darkness outside. The sun would be rising soon, and nothing makes a better wave than a rising sun. 

He got into his suit and grabbed his board from inside his closet and he made his way to the beach with a big smile. This was his favorite part of the day, by far. The second his toes hit the sand he burst into a sprint. 

He cleared the beach in a manner of seconds and threw his board into the air before landing on the ocean surface and cruising through the water. He felt so alive. He went past every wave like a natural, the curve of the water was no match for him. He kept going past the horizon farther than ever before. He spotted an island in the distance, how long has that been there? His curiosity got the best of him, like usual. 

He paddled to the island wondering how he had missed that before. Once it came into the clearing he saw a single rooftop on the small island’s center. He set his board against a tree and unlocked himself from it. Curiously he peeked around the island hoping this wasn’t private property. It seemed empty, seemed empty. 

There was a lake in the middle of the island with nothing in it, and a little house with no one inside. Izuku was getting spooked, it was time to leave. 

“Leaving so soon?” a deep voice cooed. 

“Um, yes?” Izuku asked, too afraid to wonder who asked that question. 

Out of the pond came the most beautiful thing he’s ever witnessed. A man with the bottom half of a koi. The koi half was orange and white spotted, his length had to be at least 10 feet. As scared as he should be, he wasn’t. He was enamored by this creature. 

“What’s your name human?” The creature asked, voice even more sultry than previously. 


“Come here Izuku.” 

Without so much as a second thought he came to him, eyes like stars. Who was this mysterious creature?

As Izuku came closer the creature crawled up on the land to get a closer look. His hair was pale blonde and spiked in every direction. His human half was toned and fit but had a massive scar down the side. He stared at him with hot red intensity. Wow, he was beautiful. 

“Come closer,” the being said, holding out his arms. 

Izuku came close as the blonde pulled him into his lap. “How did you come by this place.”

Izuku gazed into his eyes, completely enamored. “I just swam here.” 

The blonde seemed to think for a moment before saying, “if you are able to find me that must mean you are the one.”

“Huh?” Izuku asked, spell straining just a touch. 

“Only one human can see past my spell,” the creature hummed. “And that is my husband.” 


“You feel it too don’t you?” the blonde said with a wide grin. “The connection between us?”

He did but he wasn’t sure if he should be marrying a fish person he just met. “Connection?”

“Come on bean sprout, don’t pretend like you didn’t notice.”

“Um I- I- I’m very flattered but I have a home and-”

The blonde smacked him in the face with his tail and grinned. “You don’t have to stay here forever, you can go back to your puny human village, but you have to come see me because you’re mine now.” 

Izuku couldn’t find a single heart to complain, he could still go home and-

What is he thinking! He just met this fish!”

“I just met you, I’m not sure if I’m ready for this level of commitment.”

The blonde frowned and flicked water at him. “Fucking fine, then how long until you are?”


Three months went by and seeing Kacchan became the best part of his day. He swam to his island every morning and went home before his evening work started. He only had a few hours with the mer but he was more than happy. It seems like this merman was built this little hut to keep him safe as he was near-mortally wounded. It seems the rest of his clan had left and never came back. He shrugged it off but he could tell he was worried. He couldn’t go look for them because his tail was too wounded to swim properly. 

Izuku tried to spend as much time with him as possible, and recently, well, things were getting a little heated. Their kiss sessions have slowly grown longer and more intense. He was really falling in love. 

That meant only one thing. 

He was ready. 

He parked his surfboard and ran up to his lake. As he got closer he saw him cleaning his scaled by the lakeside. He looked over and saw Izuku and grinned with his sharp teeth. “Oi, took you long enough.” 

“Sorry Kacchan,” Izuku laughed. “I had to grab something from the store.” 

“Whatever, come here.” He held his arms out impatiently. Izuku climbed into his lap like usual and they shared a kiss. Izuku rested his head on his massive chest while his thick arms wrapped around him. 

“Deku,” Katsuki said in a low voice. “Are you ready?”

Izuku took a deep breath and nodded. 

“Are you sure? You’ll have to stay overnight because I’m going to wreck your tiny human asshole. 

Izuku blushed all the way to his ears. He nodded again. He had seen Kacchan’s dick, it was roughly the size of his forearm. He knew this would be nothing but pain for him, but he’s grown to love the mer and was willing to sacrifice one night’s sleep if it meant he could be with his lover. 

Katsuki held him tight in his arms, grinding against him with his cold scaly pelvis. Izuku closed his eyes as Katsuki kissed on his neck, and unzipped his suit. He shivered when his suit was tossed aside when suddenly Katsuki started to grow much warmer. It was beyond soothing, he felt himself melting in his hands. 

“Kacchan, you’re warm.” 

“I get warm when I’m horny, nerd.” 

He wrapped his hand around his dick giving it slow strokes, his natural sheen lubing him up. Izuku leaned against his back with a groan. He rested his head on his shoulder and shuttered under his touch. It was a moment of seconds before he spilled all over his hands. 

“So quick to come Deku?”

Deku moved his head slightly to kiss under his jaw and whimper. 

“I’ll make you feel good.” 

His slithering tenti-dick came out of its sheath and slipped gently into his asshole. It slid in easy despite the lack of preparation. He immediately felt his whole body surge with warmth. Katsuki interlaced their hands and he squirmed around as Katsuki filled him full with his wet warmth. So good it was unbelievably good. He was losing himself immediately in the pleasure. He had two orgasms right after the other, cum decorating his stomach. His gut was pooled with warmth, his mind going numb in the process. His head rested against Katsuki’s neck as he started to rock his hips pressing his warm prodding slicked length even further inside. Izuku moaned loudly, drool starting to drip from his mouth.

Katuski decided to have pity on his mate and thrust in and out faster, going almost completely out before shoving all the way back in making him scream in pleasure. 

“Kachaaan,” he whined.  

“I know,” he kissed him sweetly. “I’m almost there.” 

Katsuki rocked his hips into his ass rapidly, absolutely ruining the poor man. Izuku shuttered as another orgasm ripped through him. He was fucked out in every sense of the word, but Katsuki wasn’t through with him yet. 

He sped up hitting him hard with every click of the hips. Izuku was too tired to even moan anymore. Instead he was lax against his chest with a spaced out smile on his face. Katuski thrust in three more times before unloading cups worth of come deep inside of him. In spilled out as he pulled out of him before tucking him close to his check and wrapping his tail around them both. 

“Kachaaan, I need to wash off.” 



Katsuki coiled around him tighter. Izuku laughed as he was crushed by his smooth tail. “Kacchan we can snuggle after I’m clean.”



Katsuki rolled the two on them into the lake while Izuku giggled. He dunked Izuku in the water and swam around in the lake like a koi fish in his element, because he was.He splashed Izuku and Izuku laughed again before he brought them together for a passionate kiss. 

“You’re clean, now let’s snuggle.” 

“Alright Kacchan,” Izuku said with a kiss. 

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