“Hey Kacchan? Where is my baking spatula?” Izuku searched through his cooking stuff desperately. It was his favorite spatula, a gift from his mom. He was going to be really sad if he lost it. 

Suddenly Katsuki smacked him on his ass, hard, with the missing spatula. It made a loud smack and Izuku jumped away from the spatula with a squeak. “What was that for Kacchan!” 

Katsuki handed him the spatula with an evil grin. “I just felt like spanking you, I had to sate it. You know how Alpha are. 

“No no, you can’t pull that Alpha shit on me.” Izuku crossed his arms with a frown. 

Katsuki tilted his neck and purred. Izuku’s features grew softer but his frown remained. “Don’t think you can get out of this by crooning.” 

He walked closer and started scenting the stiff-framed Izuku, baring his neck and releasing a rumble from the depths of his throat. Izuku melted against him and gave him a soft kiss. “You don’t win, but I’m letting you off the hook.”

The two of them snuggled and the spatula incident was long forgotten. Katsuki liked to rile his lover up so that he could calm him down with some crooning and scenting. It had become a new habit of his, one Izuku didn’t like. 

It started off when they first began dating. 

Izuku and Katsuki had been hero partners for years and had been pining since high school. Somehow gently putting on bandages while making intense eye contact wasn’t enough. Nope they had to get outed by the ‘squads’ and share their first kiss on New Years Eve, they know how cheesy it is. 

Katuski became an Omega rights activist. Most people seemed to ignore Izuku but they couldn’t ignore the raging Alpha demanding Omega’s rights to birth control and heat suppressants. As a hero he got both without protest but the average Omega could only use condoms to protect from pregnancy, and once the baby is born the Omega is the sole one in charge of the baby and any other work or lifestyle is usually forgotten. 

That is until Katsuki called out all the Alpha fathers and called them shitty parents for making the Omega do all the work. He rallied for months and the change was slow, but a few years later there were hero-network hosted ‘dad events’ and things were getting better for Omegas. 

So back to the task at hand. 

Why was he riling up his Omega?

For a few reasons. He noticed Izuku was easily riled up in high school, liked to do it all the time, but then when they started dating and were bonded, he noticed when he got upset and stayed upset it made Katsuki feel grouchy and angry too. 

He needed to find a way he could still bother him but not stay angry. That’s when he figured out crooning calmed him down completely. It always worked. Even when he figured out what he was doing. 

So this next time he decided to push his luck and he pushed his buttons a little too much. He read his limited edition All Might comic even though it was mint in its case. 

“That’s the last straw Kacchan!!” Izuku hissed. He growled at him snarling without saying any words. It was truly terrifying. 

Katuski crooned and Izuku slammed him against the wall. He was much much shorter but he might as well have been towering over him by two feet. 

“Deku I’m so-” 

He snarled again, hissing at him, completely feral. He fucked up. Who knew All Might memorabilia is what would make him go feral. No, he knew his boyfriend, he should have seen this coming. He’s a bad boyfriend for pushing him so far. Only one way to solve this Feral Deku situation. 

Katuski crooned his loudest rumble possible and left his neck wide open. Deku stopped snarling but his body was still rigged. Katuski nibbled on his scruff on his neck, the deep rumble still ringing through his body into his lovers. 

He felt Izuku relax slowly. He scented him and grumbled, “you’re buying me a new one.” 

“Ok that’s fair.” 

“Jerk,” Izuku said, nuzzling in his chest. 

“You love me.” 

“Yeah, I do,” he purred, sealing the thought with a kiss.

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