“Your childhood friend?” the cool collected man asked his cat ears perked. 

“Yeah,” the blonde grumbled his pale wolf ears at half-mast. “Midoriya. We were really close, I guess, until we had to split when I went to an Alpha school.”

“Our Alpha school! The upbeat redhead cheered, his fluffy tail wagging, before taking a shark bite out of his sandwich. 

“Yeah, our Alpha school. He became a hero like we always talked about so good for fucking him.” His ears were now lowered all the way to the base of his skull as he pressed his pale chin into the table. 

“Midoriya… I’ve never heard you talk about him before.” The red and white man grasped his arm. “Is this Deku?”

“Yeah Deku. My best fucking friend the quirkless bunny I treated like shit that I never worked up the goddamn courage to apologize to is going to be at our apartment to-fucking-night!” He set off sparks from his hand when he heard a bark from his chief. 

“We stop fires, not start them Bakugou.” The chief hound said scowling. 

The rest of the crew all chuckled before returning to their lunches. 

“Babe, this is the perfect opportunity for you to apologize.” The ginger tail wagged hesitantly. 

“My chance is long gone.” He suppressed a whine. He was a monster to the rabbit and he and his amazing quirk are going to be the number one hero. 

“He’s coming because he wanted to Katsuki,” the cat looked into his eyes solemnly. “Just give yourself a chance. 


There were no fires that day so he just got himself worked up in anticipation and fear. What if he was coming to chew him out? What if he came to taunt his number 6 spot in his face. He deserved it, he hopes he’s not here to rekindle their friendship. He would accept it on the spot. That fucker bled empathy. 

He got to his house with Kirishima and Todoroki and paced around the house. That fucker late!! Three minutes… but late is late. He heard a knocking on the door and looked backward. Both of the men on the couch nodded. 

What met their eyes at the door was not a bunny, but an angel. His ears were perked up on his head, a wide blinding smile on his face, a box of pastries under his thick arm, his shirt that read ‘pajamas’ and he had scarred beautiful hands. He was a gift from above. 

“Um.. hello?” He peeped making eye contact with the two behind Bakugou. Despite his muscle mass, he was still short and had omega curves. He bounced on his bunny feet and quirked his head. “I’m Midoriya Izuku, Kacchan can you let me in?”

Bakugou shook his head to clear the impure thoughts and coughed. “Deku, these are my boyfriends, Kirishima and Todoroki or as I call them, Shitty Hair and Halfnhalf. What did you bring?”

“Tiramisu, I hope it’s still your favorite.” 

Bakugou narrowed his eyes, “it is. Thanks. I’ll get some plates.”

Izuku’s feet were bare, typical of most species, His fur was a lush green. Like all Hybrids his arms were bare and his face was smooth. His eyes were bright green like his fur and all of it was curly to the roots. He seemed plain on the surface but his freckles hair and all over demeanor say otherwise. 

“Hi, nice to meet you!” Midoriya gave a slight bow. 

They returned the bow and were shocked back to reality when Bakugou scowled at them while handing them a slice of cake. 

He gave the final slice to Midoriya and sat on the couch. 

“How have you been Kacchan! I’m so happy you finally messaged me back!”

 His ears twitched. They hadn’t decided if they wanted to be up or not. “How exactly did you get my number you stalker?”

“Your Mom? Who else? She’s been giving my mom updates about you which come down to me eventually. Firefighting is soooo cool! It’s hero work in my book!”

“It’s not in mine.” Bakugou spat surprising all of them. 

Todoroki’s red and white tail which had been swishing back and forth stood at attention. Kirishima frowned at him, his pointed ears drooping, eyes bleeding, ‘not manly dude!’ Todoroki gave an equal frown. 

“I know…” Izuku’s ears drooped immediately.  “I’m sorry Kacchan.”

He clicked his tongue and started to stand up when he, with the help of Midoriya’s quirk, sat him back down. The green lightning shocked everyone, even Midoriya. 

Bakugou growled and Midoriya put his hands up. “Uncalled for, sorry Kacchan but I need you to sit down.”

“Or what?? You’ll muzzle me?”

Todoroki and Kirishima looked at each other with confused glares. What the fuck was he doing?

“Kacchan.” His voice was low, demanding. It sounded like it came from an alpha, not something an omega bunny could have said. “I’m going to do something for you but if you act like that it’s not going to work.” 

“What’s not going to work?!”

“I got my UA teacher to agree to train you three and have you take the hero tests.”

“What?!” Kirishima gasped. 

“But how?” Todoroki asked calmly but still shocked.

“All Might fought for alpha rights for years. He worked hard to prove alphas could be kind and calm but then the League of Villains hosted hundreds of alpha related crimes and now the public doesn’t trust Alphas anymore. I want to change that.” 

“How are we taking the tests going to change that?” Todoroki asked, his tail swishing curiously. 

“You guys ace the test and I’ll get support hero licenses.” Midoriya’s ears perked up and his tail fluttered briefly. 

“Support Heroes?” Bakugou growled. 

“Kacchan listen either you work under me for now or you’ll never be a hero.” His ears flattened against his skull and he pressed one hand into Bakugou’s chest. 

Bakugou stood towering over the bunny but he didn’t flinch. “You need to find a way to calm down or the public will say ‘all you alphas are the same’ and my ranking will go down too. So Kacchan…” his hand flattened against Bakugou’s chest as he sighed. “Kacchan please tell me honestly, can you do this?”

Bakugou stood looking down on the rabbit and took a deep breath. 

“Kacchan I’m sorry!”

No, go be a hero. I’m fucking happy for you. Now go live my fucking dream and don’t even look at me every again!” 

He straightened his back, his tail gave a hesitant wag, and a wicked grin grew on his face. “Sounds great Deku, I’m in.” 

“One more thing.” He avoided eye contact with every person in the room. 

“What is it Midoriya?” Todoroki asked standing up. Kirishima joined and nodded

“We um…” 

“Spit it out!”

“We… all of us. We all have to get married.” He looked up at them with an awkward grin. 

“WHAT?” Three alphas shouted

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