Somehow He managed to get the three to agree to think about it. He really thought they would be ready to do something no matter the cost and well… he’s a fairly attractive pro hero rabbit! He thought they’d at least act interested. 

Izuku sighed and set down his journal before picking it back up. 

[ Analysis Journal 1 

Analysis for the future: marriage 

Future husband 1: Kacchan – A – Wolf 

Kacchan has an amazing quirk, perfect for hero work. He can travel up to thirty miles an hour through propelling via blasts from his explosive quirk. Unfortunately, his personality is just as explosive. He bullied me and others as kids which will very easily be dug up by reporters once our future relationship is made public. He is the typical personality of an alpha that the public hates and this whole arrangement lives or dies with Kacchan. He will have to swallow his pride for every single step of this process. I think I need to start with training for him to show him the life he could have if he works with me. This isn’t going to- 

He erased the line and started over. 

This is going to take work, hard work to even consider this an option. 

He sighed.

Future Husband 2: Kirishima A – Mutt

Kirishima has an excellent quirk as well, good for offense and defense. He is a lovable character definitely going to be admired once this goes public. He should probably be the first one I introduce to the public. 

He tapped the pencil on his chin 

But I know them all through Kacchan so maybe Kacchan should go first…

No, definitely Kirishima. He can warm them up.  What about Todoroki?

Future Husband 3: Todoroki. A – Cat

His quirk is definitely hero material. But he will have to shake his father’s image as an Omega abuser. They had a family of Omegas and Betas but he kept going until he got an Alpha and then regularly abused all five of them until he was caught by a neighbor and jailed. The Omega wife and her children were put into a home when they discovered the oldest beta son was actually an Alpha and was sent away to school as was Todoroki. At least that’s what the news has told me. He is very calm and stoic but still suppressing lots of rage for society. All of them met at the same boarding school for alphas. That school isn’t well known for having wholesome alphas, well again that is what the news says. The news never reports good things about Alphas. 

Which is why we begin phase one of the plan. 

Increase trust in my Alphas. 

His phone buzzing made his ears perk up. He unlocked it to see a dozen messages from the group chat.  

>>>> Ocha: UM MARRIAGE?

>>>> Ocha: You don’t know these men!

>>>> Ocha: What if they’re dangerous!

>>>>Tenya: I concur completely! And they are all alphas!!!

>>>>Mina: come again?

>>>>Tenya: I mean no disrespect Mina 

>>>>Hitoshi: ahem

>>>>Tenya: you either HItoshi apologize but he is going to marry three alpha and not a single beta! You two have Hanta and Kyoka to keep the peace but he will have no one! 

>>>>Hitoshi: that’s fair. I’ve been internet stalking them since you told us yesterday and that Bakugou is something else

>>>>Tenya: what do you mean?

>>>>Hitoshi: he is an alpha through and through. Aggression, fights, he had to take hormone reducers because he was too aggressive. 

>>>>Denki: I know I’m a mouse but I don’t feel good about this Izu 

>>>>Tsuyu: I agree gero

>>>>Hanta: give them a chance guys

>>>>Mina: hey not all alphas are the same!!

>>>>Ocha: Zuku, what are you doing?

He groaned and started typing 

<<<< Guys listen. 

<<<< These guys got dealt a bad hand. 

<<<< Kacchan had the perfect quirk to be a hero but can’t be because of dumb outdated laws that should have never existed. No wonder he’s angry and acting out! And if you meet his parents it makes even more sense! His mom yells at him for anything and smacks his head for no reason. He deserves the same shot I got even if he’s not a ‘valued gender.’ Same with Kirishima and Todoroki. Todoroki’s father only had him because he wanted an alpha and he beat his family enough they got taken away. But Todoroki got shipped away with Kacchan and Kirishima in a school with shit teachers and shit funding. They have every reason in the world to act out. 

The chat was silent for a second. 

>>>>Hitoshi: you’re going to do great things kid

Izuku chuckled. 

<<<<Thanks Hitoshi

>>>>Tenya: I’m still very nervous! 

>>>>Ocha: I am too 

<<<<Don’t worry guys I got this under control 

>>>>Mina: Famous last words 

>>>>Yuga: good luck chére! 

>>>>Tsuyu: We believe in you gero 

He chuckled and looked at his notebook again. 

Let’s start with Kirishima then 

<<<<Hey Kirishima?

He replied immediately.

>>>>Kirishima: What’s up?

Izuku bit his lip and played with his thumbs before texting. 

<<<<Wanna go on a date?

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