“So you’re going to do this Eijirou? You’re going to marry the nerd?” Katsuki was sprawled across the couch and Shoto. 

“It’s just a date!” The voice called out from the bathroom. 

“If it’s ‘just a date’ why have you spent the last hour on your hair?” Shoto mused. 

Eijirou came out of the bathroom with half his hair spiked, his pointy ears at attention. “I can’t decide if I want it up or down!”

Bakugou threw his head back and groaned. “This is Deku we are talking about, you don’t need to dress to impress the nerd. He won’t even notice.” 

“I don’t know if you have noticed but your childhood friend is gorgeous, seriously. I need to look at least a little presentable.”


“Do you really not see it?” Shoto asked, peeking up from under Katsuki’s legs.  

“I was raised with that bunny, he will never seem attractive to me.” Katuski played with Shoto’s tail under the blanket.

“Well he’s attractive to me and I have a chance of being a hero if I marry him, and he’s really putting his neck on the line to do it so the least I can do is go on a date with him,” Eijirou huffed letting out a small whine.  “So up or down?” 

“Up,” Shoto said, cozying back into the couch.

Katsuki just grumbled and stretched his furry legs so it crushed Shoto further. 

“So um guys? We’re still cool with dating him?”

“How many times do we have to tell you? Yes, go date the bunny, fuck the bunny, I don’t care.” 

Eijirou blushed and mumbled, “I don’t know if we are going that far…” 

He rushed away in embarrassment while his boyfriends chuckled, finished styling his hair, and checked the time. He had twenty minutes until he needed to be at the restaurant. It was a family restaurant, so not high class, but all heroes stayed away from it due to the fact the paparazzi’s domain spread over that area. He seemed quiet and soft-spoken. He had to have known people would be sneaking photos of them so why? Why pick somewhere where people would obviously see them?

He looked in the mirror to do a final assessment of his outfit. He had a casual black button down, unbuttoned just enough to see his red shirt underneath. He had fashionable jeans and his best black shoes. They were his best but they were still scuffed to hell. He tried to polish them up but a bit of the scuff was visible. His red hair was spiked in the front and the longest pieces were pulled into a messy bun. His red ears were perky and alert. He looked at himself at different angles. Man, it’s been so long since he’s been on a date let alone an omega he was considering marrying. Actually, he had never been on a date with an omega at all. 

He waved to the two men that were becoming one with the couch and headed to the restaurant. He had to keep up a good pace to get there on time. When he arrived he was about to send a text asking Midoriya if he was here when he saw him through the window waiting patiently at a booth. 

His green ears were up and his hair looked fluffier than before. His pale skin was littered with freckles and scars. There weren’t two square inches of his face that didn’t have at least one of either. He was wearing makeup, just a little, just enough to be visible. His emerald eyes looked at the television mounted on the wall and sparkled like the gem they resembled. He was wearing a very omega outfit. It was a pastel blue blouse, the fabric resting just below his shoulder showing an alluring but still modest amount of skin. His tail wagged just looking at him. 

He wasn’t expecting him to look even more beautiful than before but this Midoriya was a whole new league of adorable. 

He walked inside and nodded to the hostess while making his way to Midoriya’s table. He knocked on the wall, his tail picking up speed. 

“Kirishima-kun!” He hopped up to his feet and gave him a tight hug. His head barely reached the other’s chest and his omega sweet scent wafted in his nose. It was like a gingersnap cookie right out of the oven. His tail continued wagging as they separated and he sat down. 

“I was a little worried you would say no,” he said softly tucking a curl behind his ear. 

“Why would I say no?” Kirishima asked, quirking his head to the side. 

“Oh um well,” Midoriya started shuffling his feet on the floor. “I’m not particularly, well,” his head ducked down a little, “attractive, and I um talk too much and married to my work and I’m too short and read too much manga and obsess over everything and,”

Kirishima grabbed his hand to stop his mumbling. “You are a gorgeous bunny that is a kickass hero, smart as hell, and really admirable. At least to me.” Kirishima looked down before meeting Midoriya’s watery eyes. 

Midoriya wiped his eyes and squeezed his hand back. “Thank you Kirishima-kun.” He spotted a camera flash outside of the window. He started to move his head to look when Midoriya’s other hand grabbed his. In a soft voice, he whispered, “this is good. I want them to take pictures.”

“Why?” He whispered back. 

“If I spring a marriage proposal to the public without a single article on you three, everyone will know I’m up to something. I need to have you three in the newspaper so I can prove you are calm and collected and not like a ‘typical alpha’ so you can be heroes.” 

So the hand holding was just for him to be a hero? His tail stood still until he felt Midoriya’s pulse on his fingers. It was rapid, it wasn’t just a show. His tail thumped against the booth seat and if he listened carefully, he could hear Midoriya’s tail fluttering against the wall. 

“Um, are you the hero Deku?” A young tall deer asked. Her face was pale and speckled with brown, small nubs of horns budding from her temple. She seemed very excited to meet her hero. 

“Yes! That’s me.” He released Kirishima’s hand and smiled brightly. 

“OHMYGOSH!!! I’m a huuuuuge fan!”

“What’s your name?” His smile was worthy of an award. 


“Well Mari-chan, it makes me very happy to meet fans!”



“I wanna be a hero when I grow up too!”

“How old are you Mari-chan?”

“I’m 10! And this is my quirk!” She clapped her hands and pulled them apart and his silverware was in her small hands.

Midoriya clapped his hands and cheered. “You’ll be a hero for sure!”

She suddenly frowned and bit her inner cheek. 

“What’s wrong?” Midoriya asked. 

“I’m an alpha, I can’t be a hero.” 

Both of their hearts twinged at the sad look on her face. 

“Well, Mari-chan, my friend over there is an alpha too. He wants to be a hero but he can’t right now.” 


“But I’m not giving up on either of you. I promise I will do whatever it takes to make you two heroes.”

“Mari, that’s enough.” A tall elk beta grabbed her hand. He looked over at Midoriya with furrowed brows. “You shouldn’t give a child false hope.”

“It’s not false hope, the world is changing, I’ll make sure of it.” 

A complex of emotions spread on the elk’s face. “You know what? I hope you do. Good luck Hero Deku.” 

Mari hugged him before they returned to their table. 


“Yes?” He was still dazed from that conversation. 

“I hear there’s a festival a city over, want to come with me?” 

“Yeah, I do.” Kirishima gave a genuine shark tooth smile. 

“Come on,” Midoriya held out his hand. 

He grabbed the smaller rabbit’s hand and laughed as they ran to the train station. It was only a 20-minute ride but when they arrived the parks were covered in food stands and carnival games. 

They got Midoriya a vegan takoyaki and Kirishima got eight regular ones, which he ate in a span of minutes. He was then teased relentlessly for the rest of the night. 

Midoriya won Kirishima a stuffed rabbit, which both of them thought was pretty funny. He also posed with several children who recognized him. The parents looked at Kirishima warily. 

“Deku?” A tiny ginger puppy girl pulled on his blouse. “Can you help me?” 

“What do you need help with?” He asked stooping down so he was at her level. 

“I-I-I got separated from my mommies.” 

Kirishima gave a concerned glance. “Let’s take her to the emergency tent” 

Midoriya nodded.

Suddenly his big ears picked up women’s voices. 

“What’s your name sweetheart?” He asked.


“I hear her mothers calling for her, I’m too short to get their attention.” 

“Want to ride my back?” Kirishima asked, slipping the small rabbit toy into his back pocket. 

The little girl looked at him and grinned. “Up!” 

He placed her on his shoulders and called out, “We found your daughter! We are by the lake!!” 

The little girl squealed, absolutely delighted to be up as high as she was. 

They moved away from the crowd and very soon three women arrived tearful and happy. “Mama!” The little girl squirmed her way out of Kirishima’s arms and ran to her mothers. All three of them hugged her tight. 

“Are you Hero Deku?” a tall ginger woman with prominently muscular arms asked. She must be the sire, she had the same color as the child but she was a cat. 

“Yes,” he said, giving an award-winning smile. 

“Thank you for taking care of my Kairi,” she gave a small bow.

The third mother, a  short blue-haired bunny, asked.  “Who is your friend? Is he a hero too?” Both Kirishima and the ginger cat winced. 

“I-” Kirishima began. 

“Yes, well, he will be.”

“He certainly was today,” the smaller brunette dog said with the little girl on her hip. 

“Thank you, Alpha,” the ginger cat bowed again. 

“My name is Kirishima!” He said with a bright smile. 

“We’ll remember this,” the bunny said fondly. “Good luck being a hero Kirishima.”

This might have been the best day of his life. 

He had some solid best days to consider first.  The earliest is the first time he met his baby sister. Her raven black hair, pointed ears, and dimpled cheeks made him finally have a reason to be a hero. To protect bundles like her! The second was meeting his best friends at the Alpha school! The school had three people per dorm room, terrible food, and underpaid staff that hated Alphas. But he had his best friends! He didn’t have to be a hero to be happy. But can he? Can he really be a hero? Can he really be happy?

Warm arms enveloped him from below. “Why are you crying Kirishima?”

He hugged back and buried his face into the crook of his neck soaking in the delicious gingersnap scent. His sobs were quiet but audible. “Can I really be a hero?”

“I won’t stop until you are one.” Midoriya pressed a kiss on his temple. “I promise.”

“I want to.” Kirishima wiped his eyes and stood up straight. 

“Want to what?” Midoriya quirked his head to the side. 

“I want to be with you, to be heroes with you, to be your husband, all of it.” His tail wagged comfortably. 

Izuku got on the very tips of his toe beans and kissed the mutt’s chapped lips before returning to the ground. “Then Kirishima-kun, I do.”

“Call me Eijirou,” he chuckled, hoisting him into the air. He spun him around in circles until Midoriya was laughing too hard to breathe. 

“Let’s get you home Midoriya, the festival seems to be ending and we have to catch a train back.”


“Huh?” Kirishima’s head quirked to the side. 

“If I’m calling you Eijirou, you should call me Izuku.”

“Ok Izuku, let’s get you home.” 

“Yeah I really should’ve brought a coat, I’m getting a little chilly.” 

“Why don’t you take my shirt.”

“Oh no Eijirou you shouldn’t,”

Izuku spotted a camera in the bush. “Actually I’ll take you up on that offer, I’m cold.” 

Eijirou unbuttoned his black button down and wrapped it around Izuku’s shoulders. Izuku leaned against his arm until Eijirou wrapped pulled him close by the shoulder. Izuku saw a flash as they left and smiled. Not only did he get a wonderful night, but they are also one step closer to the future he knows they deserve. 

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