CW: Blood… duh

Midoriya told his work friends Todoroki was going to let him live with him while he worked some things out and no one questioned it.

Todoroki had plenty of room. Bakugou muttered something under his breath about not going in his room when he’s sleeping.

He didn’t have many belongings and the antique room really wasn’t his style but he didn’t care in the slightest.

Time to check on his roommates! He walked into Bakugou’s room with a chipper “Hi Kacchan!”

The next second he was pinned to the floor, an inhuman grip pinning him to the floor.


“I did not die, leave my whole life behind to live in Icy-hot’s mansion, do nothing all fucking day and have my one momnet of peace, to be woken up by YOU.” 

“Kacchan I’m sorry, I’ll leave,” Izuku said, eyes watering. 

“Fuck, it’s whatever, I’m awake what did you want.” 

Izuku played with his fingers and frowned. I just can’t believe you’re alive… well sort of.” 

Bakugou groaned and put his head in his hands. “Deku…” 


Bakugou made a fist with his hand and hit his leg three times. “Nothing.” 

Izuku fiddled with his fingers. “I’m happy you’re back.” 

“Yeah yeah, how’s your blood.” 

“Thick as ever.” 

Katsuki frowned and then his eyes got a little bigger. 

“Maybe I can try to make it better.” He dragged Izuku next to the bed by his arm. He pulled at his sweater with a grin. “Todoroki doesn’t let me drink live humans, I have to drink pigs blood. Disgusting. I’d much rather have a nerd’s blood running down my throat.”

“Kacchan wait!”

“I’m waiting, Deku.” 

Izuku felt his hot breath on his neck and closed his eyes. He nodded giving silent approval. He sunk his teeth into his neck without a second thought.

Izuku felt a white hot heat spreading through his body. He went limp and made soft gasps as he was drained.

It felt fantastic.

He always pictured it to be like getting your blood drawn at a lab. But no, this was much different. His whole body was tingly and warm, he felt an ache for something. He wasn’t sure what.

He gripped Katsuki’s hands weakly. “Kacchan…”

Katsuki pulled back after licking the cut, healing it instantly. He licked his lips and leaned back to look at him. He wasn’t much paler than usual, his eyes were half lidded, and he was completely limp.

He wanted to plow him into the carpet. 

Oh shit. Where the fuck did that thought come from? He wanted to fuck the nerd??


He felt a little guilty, he was unsure why. So he picked him up and set him in his bed.

“I drank too much, get some rest.”

Didn’t have to tell Izuku twice. He closed his eyes and let the euphoria lull him to sleep. He left him in bed, brushing a curl behind his ear before he knew he had to leave before he did something he would regret. He couldn’t be there until he woke up, so he wandered around the estate. He missed Kirishima. If only he had been turned earlier, he would have had the strength to… oh god.

Bakugou threw his fists onto the ground. The occasional hook up with Icy Hot and the endless supply of books was not enough. He wanted love. Doesn’t sound like that’s something the nerd could bring him? Maybe Sho too?

An alarm went off of Izuku’s phone. His appointment to be bled was today! He had forgotten.

He rushed to the lab, Tokoyami was finishing up a patient and patted the seat beside him.

“How’s the new life at Todoroki’s? The nurses are very jealous.”

“I’m not sure yet, we’ll see. He’s nice enough it won’t be too bad.”

“Wow!” Tokowami looked at his report with wide eyes.


“We’re going to drain 1/4 less than usual!”

Was this because of Kacchan?

“You must be getting better!”

“Must be!” Izuku said scratching the back of his neck.

Midoriya rushed home and threw open the doors to see Bakugou and Todoroki eating fruit loops. They both stopped mid bite and stared at him.

“Won’t you throw up?” Izuku asked quirking his head to the side.

“Worth it,” Bakugou grumbled.

“I need you both to drink my blood!”

Todoroki did a spit take of fruit loop milk and looked at him confused.

“I have polycythemia vera disease. I produce too much red blood cells. If I don’t get drained occasionally I get blood clots, and if I get one in my lung or heart I’m as good as dead.”

“Midoriya do you know what you’re asking?”

“I get drained on Wednesday, you could have some of my blood and then when they get ready to drain it, it won’t be necessary!”

Bakugou and Todoroki looked at each other.

“Kacchan already drank some, is it going to be a problem?” Midoriya asked. 

Todoroki scowled at Bakugou. “Couldn’t he have more than a day here before you attack him?”

“He liked it!”

Todoroki looked at Midoriya for an answer, crossing his arms expectantly. 

“Uhhhh, yes?”

“Is that a question or an answer?”

“An answer?” 

Bakugou shook his head. “Don’t be a dumbass,” he said, fighting a smile. 

Todoroki shook his head. “If you’re asking then I’ll comply, but don’t go changing your mind.”

“I won’t!”

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