That scent, where… 

Where was that delicious scent coming from? It smelled like green tea, wafting into the air. With honey stirred in the drink, but also something a little earthy, a touch of cinnamon. He needed to find him, the Omega. 

Love at first scent. 

His friends called out to them but he ignored them. The alcohol was fogging his mind, he really did drink too much. But his senses were still sharp and he could find him, his soul mate.

Like a wolf looking for his mate he followed the scent until he found him. The Omega had green fluffy hair that looked like it had never been brushed. It was about the length to his neck and pulled into a mid bun with the shorter curls bouncing in all directions. He had freckles on every inch of his body, he wanted to kiss them all. But suddenly his scent soured. The sweetness poisoned to a spoiled leaf smell. 

He rubbed his eyes to get a clearer picture and his Omega and growled when he saw, and smelled, a sweaty alpha crowding his space. He immediately wanted to throw him onto the curb but when he saw a knife being pressed against his Omega’s skin he lost himself for a moment. He pushed him onto the curb and hissed. 

“You wanna fight?” the Alpha growled. 

“No,” He spat. “I want to win.” 

The Alpha tackled Katsuki onto the ground easily as he was quite drunk. Katsuki rolled him underneath his muscular arms and slammed the Alpha’s head into the concrete. The Alpha pushed him off and punched him in the face. Katsuki felt the whole world spinning. He picked up the smell of concern from his Omega and looked over at him with big eyes. 

“Look out!” The Omega shouted. 

A hammer fist barely missed the top of his head as he stumbled to the side. He decked the other Alpha in the face but the punch was too strong and he fell to the ground cracking his head on the curb. 

His vision was a blur but his Omega’s scent got closer, he couldn’t help but smile. 

“~~~ out of here.” 

He nodded weakly and then everything went black. 


This blanket is so soft. 

So soft 

A cool rag. 


Calloused hands

Back to sleep 



“Take this, it’ll help the pain.” 

Pill goes down with some water. 

Back to sleep


Throat hurts. 

Katsuki began to sit up, his eyes still closed, he blindly searched for the cup. 

“Here, let me help you,” an angelic voice said. His eyes slowly opened but the world was far too bright to see, his head ached something powerful. A strong hand held his back. A cold glass of water met at his lips. The cold water cured his dry raspy throat. 

“Where…” No words seemed like they wanted to come out. 

“You’re in my dorm room, now rest. I’ll take care of you.” He closed his eyes as calloused fingers threaded them through his hair. 

Back to sleep. 


Finally, Katsuki woke up for real. His head still ached but he could actually think. He slowly sat up and alerted his guardian aka the most beautiful Omega he’s ever seen. The Omega looked over and smiled, setting his book down. 

“How are you feeling?”

“Fine, how long have I been out.” 

“About four days.” 

“Four days!!” 

“Your friends watched you while I was in class. I wanted to take you to the hospital but your friends said you couldn’t afford it. And lucky you, I’m a med student.” 

“Shit I missed all my classes.” 

“Your friends got that part covered…” The Omega fiddled with his fingers. “Thank you.” 

“For what? Getting my ass kicked?”

He shook his head, his scent growing sweeter by the second. “No, you saved me. I could’ve handled that guy but once he brought out the knife I was so scared. I don’t know what I would’ve done if you hadn’t…” Tears pickled in his eyes and Katsuki instinctively grabbed his hands. 

“Don’t say anymore, I would do it again.” 

“Why?” The Omega said with tears in his eyes. 

“Because you’re my Omega.”

The omega’s eyes opened wide and he began to laugh. “I am, am I?” 


“Oh,” the Omega played with his fingers. “You’re serious. But you don’t even know my name?” 

“Don’t need one, Angel.” He pressed his palm on the nerd’s cheek and he leaned against it. 

“My name is Izuku.” 


He tugged Izuku until he sat on his lap and they looked deep into each other’s eyes. Izuku pressed a small kiss on his mouth and then hid in the crook of his neck. 

Katsuki gave him a gentle hug knowing his friends were going to give him shit for the rest of his life for this. 

But he was ok with that, as long as Izuku was his.     

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