CW: past domestic abuse, past alcoholism, panic attacks

Day 1 without Izuku 

Izuku left less than 24 hours ago and he already felt miserable. He tried calling him and texting him and he didn’t reply. He tried texting Bakugou but he said: 

>>>>Make up your mind first before you break his fucking heart

>>>PS Don’t make me regret introducing you two 

>> I haven’t seen him this low in a long time. 

Why didn’t he understand! Why didn’t he understand that being a hero came first, that it always did and it always will! 

 It’s not because at least Ingenium will recognize his family! His friends! At least Ingenium will remember being a hero and will remember his wife!” 

No, if he was going to be a hero it would be for the best if Izuku isn’t in his life. If he is going to be a hero all he is going to do is make him sad. This is for the best. 

Less than an hour after that thought he was scouring the house for even an ounce of alcohol. Of course he found nothing and he was disgusted in himself for looking. He needed him, he needed his love. 

No all he’s good is for hurting him. 

Izuku is better off without him. 

Day 4 without Izuku 

He heard a knock on the door. His heart lifted for just a second thinking it could be Izuku. He threw open the door to see Tamaki and Nejire with some take out and sad smiles. “Hey friend,” Tamaki said softly. 

“Can we come in?” Nejire asked nicely. 

He nodded, not having any energy to reply. He could talk to them about this, they are heroes. They’ll understand. 

Once they all sat down and dispersed the food accordingly, Nejire said in a cautious voice, “So what did you fight about?” 

“I can get signed off to be a hero again.” 

They both gasped and Nejire clapped her hands. “So why was he mad?”

“Well… I only got approved because I recognized the risk.” 

“We’re heroes there will always be a risk.” 

“Well the doctor says if I get punched wrong I could end up with dementia in a few years.” 

Tamaki choked on his soda coughing and sputtering before saying, “what!? A few years!?”

“Around that..”

“And Midoriya wasn’t ok with you doing it?”


“And that’s all?” Tamaki said, narrowing his eyes. 

“I might have said something along the lines of ‘If I’m not a hero I’m nothing.’”

They both stopped eating and sighed. “Of course he’s hurt Mirio, you basically told him all this time you spent together when you weren’t being a hero meant nothing to you!” 

Mirio’s stomach lurched. “Oh god that’s probably what he’s thinking right now. 

“So are you going to apologize?”

“But he’s making me choose between him and being a hero!” 

Neijire and Tamaki looked at each other and sighed. “You need to think this over some more. We brought a movie do you want to watch it?”

“Yeah.” Mirio sighed and settled into the couch with Nejire and Tamaki on either side as they put on a classic they all loved. But his mind was anywhere but the movie. It wasn’t right for him to make him choose right? He’s allowed to be upset too right? But does he really think the time they spent together meant nothing to him? He’s probably crying right now just thinking about him. 


All Might himself gave me this power, I’m not going to let him down. 

I’m going to be a hero. 

Sorry Izuku. 

Day 6 without Izuku 

Living without Izuku is getting a little easier. He has an appointment tomorrow to get the papers signed to be a hero again, even if just parole. Now that he’s decided to be a hero, he thought maybe he could clean up Izuku’s stuff and bring it to Bakuou’s house. But looking at all of his things lovingly placed around his house… he couldn’t bring himself to touch them let alone throw them away. 

Maybe he could just move them all into the closet while he’s thinking. 

No he’s already made up his mind! He needs to give his stuff to Bakugou so he can move on. He grabbed a box and began in the kitchen. He loaded up all of the kitchen supplies Izuku used. He didn’t care that most of them belonged to him in the first place, they were Izuku’s. As he touched each pan and each measuring cup he felt a pain in his chest slowly increase. Memories of the last seven months played back to him. 

“What are you making?”

“Strawberry shortcake.” Izuku splotched some whipped cream on Mirio’s cheek and chuckled. “I have some extra whipped cream… if you’re interested.”

“What are you making?”

“It’s a surprise! I wanted to celebrate our 5-month with something special!”


“I’ve never actually tried it before so I wonder if you’ll like it.”

Mirio dipped Izuku and nuzzled into his neck, Izuku giggling all the while. “If you are baking it, then I know it’ll be good.” 

“What’s wrong? Why are you crying?”

Izuku sobbed into his hands. “Even when he was hurting me, he- he still let me bake. Every time we run out of flour I just panic, I don’t know why, I just do.”

Mirio got out the shopping list. “Five packs of flour.” 

“Baby that’s too expensive!” 

Mirio looked him dead in the eye and chuckled. “Ten packs of flour.” 

Izuku ran into his arms and kissed his chin, “where would I be without you?” 

Mirio dropped the box onto the ground. Giving up Izuku for at most 10 years of heroism just to be a clueless confused man for the rest of his life. Is that what he really wants? To be lost and alone the rest of his life? 

He put Izuku’s stuff back together and sat on the bed. He lay in Izuku’s spot and took a big whiff of the sheets that still smelled like his beloved. 

This answer was easy. 

He got on his phone and dialed a number. 

“We need to talk.” 

Day 1 without Mirio 

Cammie has declared herself the official safety blanket for Izuku. He lays on the couch and she lays on top of him giving him a heavy hug for a few hours a day. Kacchan is pissed as a motherfucked constantly saying, “I trusted that bastard to take care of him,” or “this is the last time I let someone close to Deku.” 

Izuku called off work for the week saying that he needed some mental health time. They were more than understanding, saying that Izuku had given them so many new recipes he was due for some time off. 

Katsuki forced him to exercise and eat and shower and was a lot nicer to him than usual. 

But that didn’t change the fact that his heart was broken. Really truly broken. He thought he found the one, and to make it worse he doesn’t blame him for wanting to have more time as a hero. That is what he wanted to be since he was a kid, he became one, lost his ability, regained as well as got the ability of freaking ALL MIGHT and Izuku wants him to give it up? For selfish reasons too, just because he wanted to spend more time together. 

How horrible of him. 

I am the worst.

Day 7 without Mirio 

Kacchan left in a rush yesterday and ever since he came back he’s been acting strange. He won’t say where he went or who he met. He won’t even say why he left. It makes him think it was him planning to get his things from Mirio, it has been days since he tried to call him. He wanted to give him time to think but this whole knowing not knowing this is miserable. 

He heard a knock on the door. His heartbeat picked up just a little faster. He looked over and Kacchan and Camie both nodded, Camie pulling her phone out. What?

He opened the door and saw Mirio there holding flowers as he did on the first day they got together. White roses, just like before. No little stuffed bear but that’s ok. Was he apologizing? Saying goodbye?

“Miro.” Izuku held the door open with his foot and he looked at him with longing eyes, 

“Izuku, I’m an idiot.” He handed him the flowers which Izuku took and then pulled papers out of his back pocket. “These are the papers I need to sign to become a hero again.” 


Mirio ripped them into pieces and dropped it on the ground. “I am still Lemellion!” 

Izuku burst into tears and leaped into his arms. “Mirio this is your dream!” 

“You are my new dream, and what is a life alone, lost and confused, not even remembering being a  hero? I gave one for all to Bakugou. It’s official, I’m all yours.”

Izuku sobbed openly into his chest. “I love you, I missed you so much.” 

“I missed you too baby,” he said, picking him up and spinning him around before setting him down. Izuku quirked his head to the side but gasped as he got on one knee. 

“Izuku, will you-”

“Yes!!” Izuku sobbed into his chest while Mirio slipped on the copper ring. They kissed while Camie cheered and Katsuki shook his head and clapped. 


A river 

A bush 

A plain

A path connected them all. It was a stoney path, every rock was a different size. There were four rows of benches all full of friends and family. Izuku wore a white suit with a green tie. His mother held his arm and walked him down the aisle. Waiting at the end was a dashing young man with a white suit and a red tie. 

It feels like I’ve known you my whole life.

“I feel that way too,” Izuku said holding his hands as they looked at each other. 

Neijire stood at the altar holding her book with her lines in them with a big smile on her face. “We have here today, two soulmates. They both met, broken. But found each other and became whole. We have times in our lives where we doubt everything. Where we feel like we can’t trust anyone. I these times, we have each other.” 

Izuku felt a thumb brush his fingers and he blushed, fighting a giggle. He brushed his fingers back and Mirio smiled back. 

“Come on guys, let me at least get through the ceremony.” 

The crowd laughed and Izuku blushed further. 

“These people have fought and won and from this day forward will love and always love each other and keep each other safe and warm. Do you, Izuku Midoriya, take Mirio Togata to be your wedded husband? In times of health and in times of crisis? In times of warmth and in times of darkness?”

“I do,” Izuku said fidgeting from all the eyes staring.

“And do you, Mirio Togata, take Izuku Midoriya, to be your wedded husband? In times of health and in times of crisis? In times of warmth and in times of darkness?”

“I do.” 

“Then you may kiss your husband!”

Mirio wrapped his arm around Izuku’s waist and pulled him into a warm kiss. Izuku melted against his husband and rested his hands on his chest. 

They nuzzled their foreheads and Izuku cooed, “I love you Mirio.”

“I love you more.” 

“I love you most.’ 

The End

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