CW: domestic abuse

“Deku, are you coming or not?”

“Coming Kacchan!” 

Two little boys with dirty shirts and scraped knees ran across the beach. Izuku looked over the sea and saw the sun setting. “Beautiful.” 

“Deku! We’re going to miss the All Might special feature!”


A red cape. 


Bright smile.

It feels like I’ve known you my whole life.

“I’ll leave you behind Deku!” 


Izuku ran through the sand, the cool breeze off the ocean giving him chills. That thought before, it was strange. But he was 10, no point in worrying about dreams like that anyways. 

Kacchan got a quirk and he didn’t. But they didn’t let it come between them. He says the other guys they hang out with have loser quirks and ‘Deku isn’t that worse off without them.’ 

They sat next to each other in his mom’s house eating snacks and making jokes while they watched All Might on TV. Izuku’s mom had to call to ask him to come back because he was taking too long and Kacchan pouted. 

It was fun playing with Kacchan… but when he goes to UA…

We won’t talk anymore. 


“Quit crying Deku, we will still live in the same city.”

Izuku sniffled while tears dripped down his cheeks. “B-b-but we won’t see each other anymore!!”

“Fucking Deku I just said we will be in the same city!”

“B-b-but you won’t have time for me!”

“I’m training to be a hero, Deku, I won’t have time for anything.”

Izuku bawled even more.

“Shh Deku, hush up will you? I promise when I’m a hero I’ll come find you again!” 

That seemed to cheer Izuku up a little. “Promise.” 

He bumped his forehead hard enough to leave a mark. “I promise.”


“You know what will happen if we get caught…” Izuku whispered. 

A hand snaked around his waist and pulled him close. “We won’t get caught.”

Izuku giggled as Awase kissed around his neck. “Promise?”

“I promise.” 


“I better not catch you with my little brother again, fag.”

Izuku nodded silently. 

Tears soaked his shirt and stained his cheeks. Blood was caked under his broken nose and he sat in a puddle on the ground. 

“Izu- I’m sorry I-” The other boy said, his eyes beading with tears. 

“Yosetsu, we’re leaving. You know what Dad would do if he found out.

“…I’m sorry,” he said, walking away leaving Izuku alone in a wet puddle. 

I wonder how Kacchan is doing… I hope you’re living your dreams Kacchan 

A river 

A bush 

A plain

It feels like I’ve known you my whole life. 

It feels that way for me too. 

I know I’m not living mine. 


“Todoroki, Todoroki Touya.”

“Ok Todoroki,” Izuku began. 

“Nah, just call me Touya, Todoroki is my father.” 

“Ok… Touya.” Izuku had to fight a smile. “Do you know who the owner of this bakery is?”

“Me of course!” 

“Are you hiring?”

“For you I am.” 


“Touya tell me,” Izuku said in a fake formal accent. “To what do you owe your success?” 

Izuku sat on his boyfriend’s lap, sipping sake and fighting hard to not smile. “Your bakery was listed as the top bakery in Mustafu, you must have something you can tell us commoners that will lead us to greatness as you did?”

“Step 1: learn to bake.” Touya sipped some sake and set it down, wrapping his arms around his lover and kissing behind his ear. “Step 2: get a twink boyfriend.”

“I am not a twink!” Izuku giggled. 

“Step 3: make love on the counter.”

“We never did that! That’s unsanitary!” 

“Do you want to?”

Touya lay Izuku on the kitchen counter and lathered his neck in kisses. Izuku moaned and spread his arms out on the counter smiling as Touya nibbled on his ear. “I love you Izuku Midoriya.” 


“I don’t know Touya…” Izuku was naked and sitting on his lap. He had several purple marks on his neck and a few pink ones that were on their way to it. “I’m not comfortable with that.”

“Baby you’re being a buzzkill.” 

“I don’t like bondage…”

“Baby I do stuff for you every day, I brought you flowers today!” 


“Just this once?”

“Just this once.” 


“We can’t keep using this rope, it leaves marks and I hate wearing long sleeves. I think this one is permanent…” Izuku massaged his wrists and frowned. 

“Why do you need to wear short sleeves? You only need to wear them in the kitchen and in the kitchen you’re only with me!”

“But it’s almost summer, it’s going to be hot soon.”

Suddenly Touya made a face Izuku hadn’t seen before. He towered above him as he was 5 inches taller and spat, “are you trying to show off?”

“No baby no, it’s just hot.” 

Without warning Touya started kissing his neck and pulling at his shirt. Izuku wouldn’t admit it for a long time, but he was scared at this moment, he was scared and he trusted that his boyfriend loved him, so he let him do what he wanted. 


“Deku is that you?”

Izuku’s heart beat quickly, he turned his head and walked a little faster. No not today, not like this, he can’t see him like this.

“Oi Deku! I know that’s you, why are you running?”

Izuku saw an alleyway and made a break for it. He doesn’t exercise much but he does jog, maybe he can-

A strong hand gripped his wrist and he cried out in pain.

“Fuck Deku, that felt broken.” 

Izuku finally looked over with pitiful eyes at his friend. 

Katsuki looked good, very good. His face was clear, his hair was a bright blonde, his jaw was much sharper than the last time Izuku saw him. He was in street clothes so he was just wearing a black shirt and black skinny jeans. His eyes were latent with concern, he let go of his arm and pulled back his sleeve. 

His face grew grim. “Deku, who did this to you?”

Izuku had a black eye and a bloody lip, he had black splotches around his wrist, and tears dripped down his cheeks. 

“We’re going to the hospital, let’s go.” 

“But I have to-”

“We’re going.” 


“How did this fracture happen again?” The doctor said as she examined his arm. 

“I’m just clumsy, that’s all.”


He felt an unbelievable pull towards the hallway. He began to turn around when Katsuki put his hand on his shoulder. “Tell me who did this or I will hunt them down and lose my hero license.” 

“It was my boyfriend!” Izuku sobbed. Here it comes, the judgment, the hatred. 

“I’ll kill him.” 

He wasn’t disgusted?

“No I’m not disgusted Deku! I don’t give a shit if you’re gay! My best friend is gay and I couldn’t give two shits about who he fucks. I’m mad someone fucked you up and I didn’t know about it!” 

“Let’s calm down now.” The doctor placed her hand on both of their arms. “I’m going to get this cast and I want you to talk to the police. They’ll listen to a hero. If you don’t… I’m afraid prejudice ends a lot of investigations before they begin.” 

“I understand, I’ll talk to them.” 


“Kacchan… where will I go? I lived with him, I…” 

“With me you dumb fuck.”

“With you?”

“And my girlfriend. She’s kinda stupid and is on her phone too much, but fucking hot and a good person. Also, she’s a hero, so you’ll love her. I gave her a heads up and she said it was cool if you took the guest bedroom. It used to be her bedroom at first when we were roommates but now it’s where the plants and the bunnies live.”

“I’m staying with you?”

“Haiiiii, did you not listen?”

Suddenly Izuku felt the pull again. He began to look behind him and Katsuki pulled him back. “Come on, I’m not letting you get run over on the crosswalk, let’s get home already.” 


Katuski smiled. “Yeah home.” 



Katsuki opened his eyes to see his girlfriend looming over him. “Boo, yo’ twink boy made us breakfast.” 

“You can’t call him twink boy, Jesus Camie.”

“Whatchu problem? He’s chill with it.” 

“You could literally shoot him and he would thank you, don’t call him a twink to his face.”

“Well he made breakfast, and it look damn delicious sooooo.” 

“I’m coming I’m coming, and just because he’s gay doesn’t mean you can walk around naked you know that right?”

“But he’s gay?”

“He’s still a guy Camie! Jesus! You’ll embarrass him into a coma!” 

He walked into the kitchen to see for the 30th day in a row he made a 5-star breakfast for them. Today it was crepes and eggs with a scone and some hashbrowns. Now that his cast was off he was really getting back into the groove with his baking skills. 

“Good morning Kacchan, Camie, ready to eat?”

“You don’t have to do this every morning Deku.” 

“You don’t… you don’t like it?” He all but crumpled into a tiny heap. 

“I love it Deku just don’t stress your arm too much.” 

“The doctor said I needed to use my arm to bring it back to its previous strength.”

“Babe,” Camie whispered. “I don’t want this to end babe, let him cook fo’ us.” 

“Thanks, Deku, let’s eat.” 

Izuku smiled brightly and they dug into the breakfast that would put any restaurant to shame. They bought him a deep fryer and he’s been having a great time. He’s starting to act like himself, he’s finally Izuku Midoriya again. 

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