CW: Past domestic abuse

“Hmmm, I don’t see why not!” 

Takami smiled at his friend. Those AA meetings have really helped him get back on his feet. It’s five months since the accident and he wasn’t quite back to normal but he was at least acting like himself again. They took away all of his alcohol, which was Mirio’s idea by the way, and since then things have been going upwards. He’s able to jog and work out again, which was sorely needed. 

He started working out four hours a day and it felt great to move again. His head hurt, it always hurt. But that’s not anything he could change. He gave up all his narcotics as well, he just took medicine for swelling and over the counter pain medicine. 

So his head was going to hurt. But it’s better than the alternative. 

The alternative being hurting his best friends and his family. 

But Tamaki had an idea. He had a way he could get some sort of a schedule, something that was anywhere close to where he used to be. 

“So you’ll do it?” Tamaki couldn’t help the eagerness of his voice. 

“I’ve always wanted to be a personal trainer! Do you think I’m qualified?”

There was a pause and they both burst into laughter. 

“Alright alright that was a stupid question.” 

“Let’s head to the gym, I’ll introduce you to the owner. It is mostly hero students so you should have a great time!” 

Mirio had a look of excitement sparkling in his eyes. Tamaki looked at him and felt tears pricking in the corners. How long has it been since he looked at this man and saw his friend? 

“Keep up Tamaki!” Mirio cheered. 

“Coming!” he said, wiping his eyes with his sleeve. 

They arrived at the gym and Mirio was in awe of its grandeur. It was three stories tall. The bottom floor was just cardio. There were lots of drinking fountains and a wide variety of treadmills for a wide variety of types of people. Oh wow! This was exciting! 

They walked up the stairs to the top floor and he took a glance at the second floor as they went by. Weights, and lots of them. They had dumbbells from 5-500 pounds. There were weighted ropes, tires, free weights, guided weights, it was a gym junkies dream! So where were the gym junkies? 

“How new is this gym?”

“They just opened. That’s why the position is available.”

“Is it ok if I’m only here a few months?”

Tamaki stopped walking and looked flustered for a second. “I’m sure it will be! Let’s go meet the owner. 

What was that all about? 

A very muscular but short man walked up to the two heroes. He smiled widely and gave a short bow. “Togata! It’s nice to meet you! My name is Uruk Hai, but just call me Uru.  I’ve been talking to your ‘agent’ here the last week or so.” 

Mirio laughed and said, “Tamaki isn’t my agent but if he was he did a good job! I would love to work here! But I’ll be returning as a hero in about 6 months, is that ok?”

Uru gave Tamaki a glance and he nodded. He must have talked to him about the short time period as well. 

“That is just fine my boy!” He laughed. “Why don’t I show you around. I saw you admiring while you took the stairs! 

He nodded. “It is very amazing sir!” 

“I’m no sir, you’ll find that out soon enough. I want everyone in this gym to be best friends by the end of the year, do you think you can do that?”

“Yes s- Uru!” 

Uru laughed patting Mirio on the back. “You’re a good kid. Amajiki you can stay if you want but I’m gonna get him the lay down of how the next… few months will be!” 

“I’m heading out Mirio, see you soon?”

Mirio smiled and gave a thumbs up. Tamaki gave a warm smile. This was going to work, it was going to be ok. 

“Now let’s start with the third floor since we are here and we can work our way down. The gym opens up in a week and so you and the other trainers have a lot to do!” 

“Well I’m up for the challenge!” 

“Perfect! Now you are going to be leading two classes and have up to five sessions a day. When you aren’t in a class or a PT session you are free to train or even go home and watch TV! It’s a very loose schedule. We want you to have a good time and work hard but go home and rest sometimes too! Your two classes are high intensity, but I can trade classes if you are worried that’ll be too much?”

“My head is a lot better, as long as I’m not contact boxing or scuba diving I will be fine.” 

“Perfect! Both of your classes will be on floor three, most of them are.” 

“Ah why is that?”

“Most of the other two floors are covered in equipment, our classes require space.” 

“Ah and what will my classes be?”

“Intermediate weights and freestyle, non-contact, kickboxing. Sounds good to you?”

“Yes! I love both of those things.”

“Perfect, so your kickboxing class will take place in this empty kickboxing room.” 

He peaked past the glass and saw a completely empty room minus some yoga mats in the corner. 

“Where are the boxing bags?”

“Check this out.” He pressed a button and numerous bags popped out of the ceiling.

“Wow cool!!” 

“Yup, they go back up just as easy.” He pressed the same button and they were pulled back into the ceiling.

“Now your other class will be over here on this rubber floor mat. 

The mat was about 10ft by 10 ft and also had nothing on it. 

“The weights?”

“Yes! You pull them out of the wall like this.” he pulled out a drawer hidden in the mirror that had organized weights and poles and clips to attach them too. 

“This is very nice.” 

“We got a lot of donations from various hero agencies.” 

“Why would they donate?”

“Only heroes, families of heroes, and heroes in training are allowed to use this gym. It is also a great place for heroes to work out while they recover from an injury or illness.”

“Like me!” 

The man gave a hesitant smile, “yes like you… So let’s start the tour!” 

He showed him the rest of the upstairs and then the next two floors explaining what each machine did and what type of person to recommend it to. 

For example people with hooves can’t use the same treadmills as people with feet. 

It was over three hours before he left, so once he did he was happily exhausted. It would only be a few months, but he was going to enjoy his time there. 


“Hey Deku, you left some trash in the bathroom.” 

“Oh my god… I’m so sorry I’ll clean it up right now.” Izuku fought tears as he ran to the bathroom. 

“I already got it.” 

The tears he was trying to fight burst through the dam and he fell to the ground and sobbed. “Please don’t kick me out please I’m sorry!” 

“Jesus! Deku chill the fuck out!” 

“But you’re mad…”

Katsuki grabbed his arm and pulled him so he would be standing. “Deku, I’m not mad.” 

Izuku didn’t pull his arm away as he expected, he just looked at him with sad eyes and nodded.

“Deku am I hurting you?”

Izuku nodded, still not pulling his arm away. 

“Shit Deku, I don’t want to hurt you! Tell me if it hurts!” 

“B-b-but then you’ll really be mad at me.” 

“I’m not mad at you!!” He shouted. 

“Babe…” Camie said from the couch. “Let him go.” 

He let go and she held her arms out. Izuku ran to her on the couch and cried. She pet his hair and the two of them made eye contact and had a silent conversation. 

~What the fuck do we do!~ 

~bruh idk. We can cuddle tho~

~you can’t cuddle away all his problems~

~wachh me, bitch, ~ 

Katsuki narrowed his eyes and Camie narrowed her back as she gently played with Izuku’s hair. 

“Hey Izu,” she cooed. 


“Why don’t you try some fighting class or something.” 

“Why would I do that?” He said, peaking his way out of her lap. 

“That’s a good idea babe, you need to get some fight in you.”

“I don’t want to go to a class…” 

“Too fucking bad you’re going.” 

Izuku stood up and looked over. “But Kacchan!” 

“But nothing, you’re being sad and pathetic.” 

Izuku didn’t get angry, he just frowned. 

“Exactly! When we were kids you would have gotten mad at me! Now you just look more pathetic!”

“You’re right…” 

“No! Get angry!” 

“Get angry?” Izuku said, quiring his head. 

“Yell at me! I won’t hurt you if you disappoint me!” 

“I can’t!” Izuku wrapped his arms around himself and cried. 

“Fuck…” Katsuki grabbed his friend and pulled him into a hug. 

“I told you snuggles were the answer,” she whispered. 


“Ok looks like all of the students are here!” 

Mirio looked about the room at the 11 students all dressed in workout gear with gloves. Wait there’s supposed to be 12. 

He continued the lesson without the final student but he felt like the air was off. Everyone gave a bow and he began to clean up the room. His head was completely clear for a moment. 

He felt a pulse ripping through his veins but it was not his own. 

He felt nervous energy but it was not his own 

A river 

A bush 

A plain

“I’m sorry I’m late, I-”

A short slim man with fluffy green hair and an abundance of freckles looked at him with wide eyes. He was timid, maybe even a little scared. He had scars on his wrist that Mirio was dying to know about, all of him. He wanted to know all of him. He wanted to hold him and tell him it’ll be ok and maybe believe it this time. 

It was like. 

It feels like I’ve known you my whole life.

“It feels that way for me too.” 

Izuku gasped and stared into his eyes, taking one step forward and stopping. “Hi, my name is Izuku Midoriya…”

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