CW: Past domestic abuse, past alcoholism

Their eyes met and Mirio lost his voice. They stared at each other, without a word. It couldn’t have been for more than 5 seconds but for them it could have been years. 






Mirio shook his head and smiled. “Mirio, Mirio Togata.” 

“Nice to meet you Togata-senpai.” 

Mirio scratched the back of his neck, the atmosphere still so thick and new. Their eyes refused to part and their mouths refused to stop smiling. Izuku hadn’t felt this enamored since… since ever. 

“Since you missed the class, how about I train you personally.” 

“I would like that,” Izuku smiled shyly. 

His brand new gym bag had bright green gloves, one of Katsuki’s old water bottles, and some black wraps. (thank you Kacchan) He pulled out the wraps and tried to remember how Kacchan did it. He started with his thumb but by the time he got to his knuckles it was all tangled up. 

“Here, let me help.” Togata reached for his hand and both of them felt the electricity run through their veins. “You wrap this part around your thumb,” Togata said softly. He stood from behind him and held his wrist with one hand and the other wrapping his palm. “Then you wrap it around your wrist again, and then around your palm, now this is the tricky part.” 

His chest is so broad, I feel so safe. 

Izuku was as pink as a strawberry and just as freckled, he listened intently but only got every other word. “Then you go in between your pinky,” he said holding his crooked finger. “And you wrap it around your palm again, and then go around your wrist and move onto the next finger. 

He’s so close. 

“Ok now you try the other hand.” 

“Ok,” Izuku peeped. 

He tried winding the wrap as Togata showed him, but he was so nervous he messed it up again. He tried weaving it around as he was taught but it got twisted around and he didn’t wrap it around his wrist enough making a large tangled ball on his fingers. “I um-”

“It’s fine, let me show you again.” 

He was back in his broad chest. He wanted to curl up against him forever. He ignored that thought. He just met this man how could he be thinking about such things. 

It feels like I’ve known you my whole life. 

“It feels that way for me too,” Togata said holding both of his now wrapped hands from behind him. 

“It does?”

“I can’t shake the feeling that you’re supposed to be in my life.”

“Me, me too!” 

They stayed in their position for a few more moments before they both got embarrassed. “Well um, ready to start the lesson?”

Izuku nodded with a shy smile on his face. 

“Alright let’s start with the basics. I want you to do a cross and a jab. A jab is a punch with your lead arm. Your lead arm is the arm that is on the same side as the leg that is forward or the lead leg.” 

“Oh, ok!” 

He gestured for Izuku to make the position. Izuku put his fists up in an awkward way and faced the bag. 

“You’re too tense, try this.” Togata held onto his arm and legs moving him into the desired position. “Now shoulders up, keep your fists in front of your face, and try your best to be more fluid, relaxed.” 

Izuku nodded. 

“Now when you jap you twist your foot lead foot into it, like this.” Togata did the moment looking completely like a professional boxer. The bag flew almost touching the ceiling but he caught it on the way back. “Now you try!” 

Izuku swallowed dryly very extra sure that the bag won’t move at all for him. He twisted his body like he was shown and hit the bag. It somehow moved a whole three inches. Izuku’s eyes lit up in surprise. 

“Hey that was pretty good, do you want to try a cross? It’s like this.” He showed him the cross, moving his tantalizing muscles as he knocked the bag away again. 

Izuku shook his head and tried again. His arms were a little off-center but his form was good. Togata shook his head in approval. “Good job! Let’s move forward.”

He showed him hooks and kicks, and a little bit of kidney punches before noticing how tired Izuku looked. “Let’s go get some fluids. It’s on me.” 

Izuku looked up at him with stars in his eyes. He was his soulmate, he was sure of it. He knew most people didn’t have the dream, didn’t have any kind of connection with anyone, and honestly people who did have the dream were envious. They could never date around without thinking about their one and only and they might never meet them. This was a big world and the chances were high. 

But this was him! He was a hero too and built and handsome, Izuku was so lucky. That is if he feels the same way. 

Togata opened the fridge and pulled out two Gatorades and tossed one to Izuku who barely caught it. “Um Togata,” Izuku began.

“Just call me Mirio,” he said with a bright smile. 

“Did you… Did you have the dream?”

Mirio smiled even brighter. He nodded yes. 

Tears poured out of Izuku’s eyes and Mirio rushed over putting his hand on his shoulder. “What’s wrong?”

“I never thought I would find you, I thought I would be trapped in the dark forever.” 

Mirio brushed his cheek with his fingers and rested them under his chin. “I did too.” 

Izuku jumped on the very tops of his toes and pressed a quick kiss on Mirio’s mouth before retreating. He was like a strawberry again blushing widely. 

Mirio leaned over and pressed a passionate kiss on his mouth, the two of them losing the world around them. It was like the whole gym had vanished and they were in that park he dreamed of. Izuku wrapped his arms around his neck and let himself feel. 

The heat growing between them was soothing and calm. There was no urgency, they had their whole lives together why would they rush this first kiss? 

They pulled back and bumped foreheads, Izuku smiling softly and Mirio grinning happily. 

“Wow,” they said in unison.

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