CW: Past domestic abuse, past alcoholism, panic attacks

Izuku all but kicked the door down and shouted, “I kissed Mirio!”

“You what?!”

“O’ shit.” 

“Deku! Why did you do that?”

“He’s the one I was dreaming of! He’s my soulmate!” 

“Congrats!” Camie cheered. 

“Deku, do you think this is a good idea?”

“I’m positive,” he said with a stern voice. 

“Alright,” Katsuki scratched his head. ‘“If that’s what you believe is best then let’s fucking celebrate.”

“WOOOOOO,” Camie ripped off her shirt, only sporting a sports bra underneath. “Let’s party!!” 

“Camie! You’ll embarrass him to a coma!” 

Izuku mumbled under his breath and looked away. 

“You broke him!” 

“My bad.” She put her shirt back on and shook Izuku. “Wake up I’m wearing a shirt now ya feel?”

“Yeah ok let’s get wasted!!” 

All of them got out drinks and watched anime getting drunk off their asses. Izuku passed out on the floor and Katuski carried him to his bed and then he and Camie had some fun all night long. 

When he woke up he wasn’t as hungover as he was expecting. Camie however was blending up an egg spinach smoothie and plugging her nose so she could swallow it down in one gulp. “Want some babe?”

“I just need grease and hot sauce.” Katuski looked at Izuku and narrowed his eyes. “This fucker… why aren’t you hungover??”

“High tolerance?”

“How? You’re a string bean.”

“A string bean that has a high tolerance.” 

There was a pause for a second before Katsuki launched himself at Izuku. The two of them rolled around on the ground while Izuku laughed and Katsuki noogied his head. “High tolerance my ass!” 

“Then how do you explain it?”

Katuski paused for a second and noogied him some more. “You little punk you think you’re funny don’t you?” 

“No… yes.” 

Katuski stared at him for a second and then tickled him. Izuku laughed as Katsuki tickled him mercilessly. 

“Ka- haha- Kacchann stop!” 

Katuski stopped and ruffled his hair, “You going to the gym today?”

“Yup!” he said standing up and dusting off his legs. 

“Wanna ride?”

“I’ll take the bus!” 

Izuku hummed the whole bus ride. This was so exciting! This was his soulmate they were talking about. Things were going to be smooth sailing he can tell. 

As he arrived at the gym, the previously mortifying gym seemed nothing but bright and welcoming. Izuku walked with a pep in his step not caring that he was a solid 50 pounds lighter than everyone in the whole room and definitely a different body type. Most people were solid hunks and bears and the women looked beefy too. He was a twink through and through but now that his soulmate was here he didn’t need to be insecure! 

He felt his heartbeat rising as he made his way to the third floor. Any minute now. 

As he hoped and dreamed for, there he stood at the top of the stairs. He waved with a big smile on his face. “Welcome back Izuku!” 

Welcome home Izuku. 

“Hi!” Izuku chuckled.

“Come upstairs the class is about to start!”

“Haiii.” He ran up the stairs with a big smile on his face. As he got into the classroom he wrapped his hands as Mirio showed him the day before. Oh boy he was so so excited. Time for his first real class! 

Mirio walked to the front of the class and gave an award-winning smile. “Alright everyone, let’s start with some stretching.”

There were 11 other students. Wow they were all so big and scary. 

Izuku’s nerves were starting to come back so he decided to play a game Kacchan taught him. Choose the scariest person in the room and give them the funniest back story.

“Ok let’s start with some stretching.” Mirio’s voice was soft and soothing. 

Ok let’s start with Mr.Sideburns. The man on the farthest left had bright red hair and sharp sideburns. He wore all workout clothes and had pure black shoes. He probably wants to be a hero. You can tell with the color coordination. He lost his 17-year-old dog at a young age, permanently scarring him. He swore vengeance on old age after that, his new dream to make sure no one died of old age. 

Next is a girl with ballerina workout clothes. There was a woman in a spandex unitard and leg warmers. She was a ballerina as a child but then naruto style she lost her whole clan in a concert gone wrong. She is now a hardened badass that never takes no for an answer. 

“Next we will be stretching our pelvis muscles.” Mirio stretched his hips showing the class proper form. 

One more person and then I need to focus. How about oh shit that’s Sun Eater! It’s hard to tell when he’s hiding in his hoodie. Wow I wonder if I can get his signature…

“Ok here is our first sequence, jab cross jab cross, hook upper hook, roundhouse, everyone got that?”


“Yes sir!” the room cheered. 

“You need some help?” A girl with soft blue hair said. 

“Izuku gasped, you’re!”

“Most people here are heroes or heroes in training. You’ll be happy to see some familiar faces.”

I could die happy, right here, right now.

“Ok so the sequence is jab cross, jab cross, kook upper hook, and roundhouse. Show me your best with the jabs and crosses.” 

Izuku showed her the jab and cross, with his feet firmly planted on the ground. 

“Now your form is alright but you need to remember to move your whole body not just your arms.” 

Wow this is so much harder than it looks. 

“Togata makes everything look easy doesn’t he?”

Izuku looked at Mirio dreamily. 

“You really like him don’t you?”

Izuku squeaked and covered his face with his gloves. “I um!” 

“He talked about you all night by the way.” 

Izuku’s cheeks flushed and he looked over at Mirio instructing someone in proper form with a big smile on his face. Mirio made eye contact and the two of them smiled at each other. His heart beat a little faster in his chest, it wasn’t as fast as usual. It was a strong powerful pulsing, it wasn’t his own. 

He held his chest and noticed Mirio doing the same. The two of them blushed and returned to kickboxing. 

“Well you two are adorable,” Nejire laughed. 

Izuku stuttered and covered his face with his boxing gloves again. 

“Time for the next sequence!”

By the end of the class Izuku was both enamored and exhausted. He was ready to go to bed for a few days maybe. His chest heaved as he unwrapped his hand wraps, he looked over to see Mirio looking his way. Mirio smiled and walked closer before clapping his hand on his back saying, “you did great Izuku!”

“Ooooh, first names, very interesting.” 

“Oh Nejire!” Mirio said scratching the back of his neck. “Didn’t you have um, a thing you were going to do after the class?”

She gave a knowing smile and said, “Oh yeah! I’ll grab Tamaki and clean up the classroom, why don’t you walk Midoriya home? “He looks a little winded.”

They both looked over to see Izuku wheezing with his palms on his knees. He looked up wipings the sweat off his brow and smiled. His long sleeve shirt clung to his sweaty body making Mirio wonder why he didn’t take it off. 

“Sounds good! Ready to walk home Izuku?”

He nodded, zipping up his bag and heading out the door side by side with the beefy blonde. “Thanks, you two!” He cheered. 

The walk down the stairs was a little nerve-racking for both of them. What to talk about… what to say? 

“You did really good today,” Mirio said softly. 

Izuku held his bag tight and he stuttered, “t-thank you.” 

“Where do you live by the way, alone or with family?”

“I live with Kacchan, um well, Ground Zero.” 

“Oh of course, he mentioned you lived with him when he was asking about my class and this gym.”

Izuku smiled as he thought about his best friend. “We’ve been close since we were kids. I don’t know what I would do without him.”

“Oh yeah?” Mirio held the door open for him. 

“Yeah he’s always been there for me, I would probably be homeless right now or at least moved to America with my Mom. I failed English every year I took it, that would be a nightmare.”

Mirio laughed. “Why were you looking for a place to stay?”

“Um.” He tightened his grip on the green gym bag strapped across his chest. His throat started to dry up and his body began to shake. 

Remember what Kacchan said. 

Take three deep breaths, in and out. Wiggle your toes, count your fingers, do all these things until you calm down. 




Wiggle my toes. 

1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10 fingers. 

“Bad break up,” Izuku managed to get out in a clear voice. Mirio’s face was soft and his eyebrows were wrinkled. There was no point in trying to deceive this guy, he can see right through him. 

“When you’re ready to talk about them, let me know, and I’ll be here.” 

He noticed the gender-neutral term. He really did see right through him. “Not yet, but I will, thank you.” 

Mirio bumped his arm and chuckled. Izuku bumped him back giggling. The two of them locked eyes, a spark of a challenge between them. The two of them pushed against each other laughing as they walked down the street. Izuku brushed off slightly and started to fall. Mirio grabbed him and pulled him close the two of them mere inches apart giggling and out of breath. 

“Is this hah- how you normally walk people home?”

“I hah- I don’t know what you’re talking about?”

They grinned again and walked back to his apartment normally, fingers interlaced. The apartment came all too quickly. Izuku walked up to the door and turned around a small smile on his face. Mirio gave one small peck and said, “I’ll see you tomorrow?”

“Um…” Izuku chewed on his lip. “Wanna come in for a drink?”

A haunted look came over his eyes before he gave a cheery, “Nope! Goodbye!” He marched away robotically. 

Izuku stared blankly as he left and walked inside just as blankly. He walked up to the counter, dropped his bag, and stared at the wall, his emotions going so crazy he couldn’t even imagine what he did wrong. 


“Nn?” Izuku turned around to see a concerned Camie and also concerned but irate Kacchan. “I called out like five times!! What the fuck is wrong?!”

“I don’t… I don’t know.”

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