CW: past domestic abuse, past alcoholism, panic attacks

“The fuck do you mean you don’t know did something happen?”

“Mirio he…” 

“If that fucker broke your heart I’m gonna-”

“No Kacchan he just, I invited him inside and I was so sure he was going to say yes and he said ‘nope,’ and I don’t know what I did wrong…”

Katsuki rubbed his eyes and said, “did you invite him in or did you offer alcohol?”

“The latter, why?”

“Bae, you should have told him!” Camie said leaning over and revealing her semi-exposed breasts.

“Told me what?” Izuku said, looking away from her scantily clad pajama top. 

“Mirio used to be an alcoholic,” Katuski said in a sad voice. “That’s why he freaked out.”

“OHMYGOD I triggered him!!”

“I’m sure if you’s two’s talk it out, you’ll feel better little homie.” 

Izuku sighed. “I need to apologize… but I don’t know how…”

“‘I’m sorry,’ like that.”

“No it needs to be better than that.”

“How tho.”

As the idea popped into his head he gasped and said, “with baking.” 


Mirio sat on the couch with his face buried in his hands. Why is he such an idiot? They were having such a great time! He could have stayed and explained or literally anything else. Ugh this is the worst. 

The soft tone of Tamaki’s voice echoed through the room from his speakerphone. “Just apologize I’m sure he’s not mad at you.” 

“But what if he thinks I hate him?”

“He doesn’t, you’re being too hard on yourself,” Nejire said in a calming voice. 

“I’m not, you should have seen the crushed look on his face. I really hurt his feelings.”

“Well he was going to invite you in, he obviously likes you,” Tamaki said gently. 

“Maybe not anymore.”

“Didn’t you say you dreamt about him?” Neijire asked. 

“Yeah that means he’s your soulmate!” 

Mirio sighed loudly. “Yeah but he looked so hurt.” 

“Then apologize!” Nejire exclaimed. 

“You’re right, but how?”

“Do it at your next class, wait, isn’t that in like 10 minutes?”

Mirio looked at his watch. “SHIT.”

Tamaki laughed and said, “talk to you later Mirio!” 

He put on his sweats and made a dash for the door. He ran to the gym, sprinted up the stairs, and leaped into the classroom to see the class waiting patiently. 

“Hello! Sorry, I’m late everyone!” 

The class made positive sounds of dismissal before getting ready at all of their punching bags. His eyes scoured the room, but no Izuku. Oh god he really did fuck up! He couldn’t focus on the class at all, his chest pounding at the thought of possibly losing Izuku. He must have really hurt him. Oh god this was the worst. 

How was he going to apologize enough? 

Ah! He should text Bakugou!

<<<< I need advice on Izuku

Immediately he got a response. 

>>>> YO, this be Camie, my boy is working out. What can I getcha?

<<<< Hi Camie, is Izuku there?

>>>> Yee, he’s busy

>>>> Is he ok? He didn’t come to class today

>>>> Bakugou here, nope he was crying all day today

Crying!! He needed to do something now! 

<<<< Why is he crying!

>>>> You know why 

>>> You should probably come here to talk to him

>>Maybe with flowers 

<<<<Ok I’ll be right over!! 

The second he sent the last text he rushed to the grocery store. He gazed at all the flowers hectically. Is this what he wanted? Is this too date-like? They acknowledged that they’ve been in each other’s dreams and they’ve kissed so hopefully this isn’t too outlandish. 

“Need some help choosing flowers?” A woman asked in a curious tone. Her whole hair was vines, and she had a soft expression. This was a good place for her. She had a cross around her neck and a slender build. She was wearing the grocery store uniform but a floral skirt underneath. 

“Yes I do need help, do you have any flowers that say ‘I’m sorry?’”

“Ah, are you in the dog house?”

“No, no it’s just, I said something stupid.” 

“I would recommend this bundle.” She handed him a dozen white roses with a green bow and a small stuffed bear attached to the side. 

“Cute! It’s perfect!” 

“Glorious! I will ring you up right here.” 

She charged his card and he made his way to the apartment walking as fast as he could without knocking anyone over with his thick build. He finally saw their door and rushed up the stairs knocking three times holding the flowers behind his back. 

“Ok ok I’m getting it,” a voice said behind the door. Izuku opened the door and they locked eyes. Transfixed in nothing but each other once again. Izuku was in an apron covered in flour and he had flour on his cheek as well. His eyes were lit up in wonder, his hands by his heart. He smiled and said, barely above a whisper, “you’re here…”

“I’m sorry,” they both said bowing before bonking each other on the head. 

Izuku rubbed his forehead whining under his breath. “Oww.” 

“Are you ok?!” Mirio said, revealing the flowers behind his back to look at his head. 

“Yeah, I’m fine, are those for me?” Izuku said looking around at the flowers in Mirio’s hand.

“Yes, I’m sorry I left without any explanation. I need to talk to you about something.” 

“I made some macaroons and coffee cake if you want to sit down inside?”

Mirio nodded. He followed Izuku to the table. Izuku put the roses in a vase and then heated up some tea and poured it for them both. They both got a serving of the deserts he made and sat down.

“Why did you feel like baking?”

“I was my apology, I didn’t mean to upset you.”

“You have no reason to apologize,” Mirio grabbed his small hands with his massive ones. “I didn’t explain I just ran away.” 

Izuku played with Mirio’s fingers for a moment before saying, “do you want to explain now?”

Mirio cleared his throat. “I was an alcoholic. After I got told I couldn’t be a hero for a whole year I turned down a dark road.” Izuku squeezed his hand with silent reassurance. “It started with a rescue gone wrong. I had to use my quirk in a way I hadn’t before and that plus an injury caused a massive hemorrhage in the front part of my brain. I was lost and confused for a while, I saw you in my dreams almost every night. I-” 

Izuku smiled and pulsed his hand again. 

“I turned to drinking to cope. But in reality it only made the damage worse. I started getting confused, not speaking well, and acting like someone I wasn’t. Tamaki and Nejire got some sense into me and I quit cold turkey, but sometimes something like an innocent offer triggers me.”

“What can I do?”


Izuku used his other hand to grab his arm and asked, “what can I do to help you?”

“Well these macaroons are pretty delicious.”

Izuku giggled and let go of his hand, using the other to pick up their dishes. “I’m being serious.” 

He put the plates and cups in the dishwasher and when he turned around Mirio was standing there with a soft smile. He towered over him in both height and build and wrapped his thick arms around his waist. Izuku placed his hands on his biceps and smiled. He got on his tiptoes and gave a quick kiss. “Would that help?”

“Hmmm,” Mirio tapped his chin with his knuckle. “Maybe another one?”

Izuku blushed and bit his lower lip before pressing a long kiss on his mouth. Mirio pulled him closer and slipped his tongue inside, the two of them pressing closer together while their mouths moved in a pleasant dance against each other. 

This was right, everything was right just like this. Mirio felt Izuku smiling through the kiss and pressing his tongue back skillfully. They parted naturally and Izuku rested his head on his chest. “Wanna stay for dinner?”

“Wanna stay forever!” Camie shouted from a distance. 

Izuku blushed to his shoulders and pulled away, tucking a green lock behind his ear. 

Camie and Katuski’s heads peeked out from behind the wall. Camie was perfectly calm but Katsuki had a blushing face as well. “We were listening! Not stalking! So don’t fucking start Deku.” 

Izuku nodded and looked back at Mirio. 

“Dinner would be great.”

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