CW: Past domestic abuse, alcoholism, panic attacks

“Ready to talk?” Izuku said carrying over a cup of tea. 

Mirio took a sip and nodded. He took a moment to look at the tea. It was green tea, very earthy. It had a stalk standing straight up, a sign of good luck, how ironic. He took a deep breath and let it out slowly. “There’s something I need to tell you first, about All Might.” 

“Is it about his death?”

The pillar of strength died from his wounds of a previous battle that happened years past. His poor health was revealed after he left to save Kacchan. Izuku remembers being glued to the TV praying Kacchan would be ok only to see the pillar of strength was anything but. He was human like all of us, and because of him more heroes had a chance to rise as did villains. 

But why was Mirio going to talk about him?

“When he was all-powerful, he had a quirk that had been strengthened for generations.” 

“Oh like in his family?”

“No, like it was a separate quirk passed down from person to person.” 

“He could give away his… do you have his quirk?”

Mirio nodded. 

Izuku took a second to do some deep breathing. He needed to be calm right now. He couldn’t be upset, he didn’t tell him, he couldn’t be shocked that passing down a quirk is possible, he needed to be calm. “Ok continue.” 

“I have to be a hero, I have to use his power for good.” 

“But, but what about your injury? Weren’t you crying because they said no?”

“No he said he would sign off that I was fit for parole.” 

“Mirio I don’t understand.” 

Mirio set the tea to the side and grabbed Izuku’s hands. “I have to be a hero, it’s who I am.” 

“But what about your memory? What happens if you get hurt again?”

“He said if I get hurt again I could have dementia in a few years.” 

“A few years?!” Izuku gasped. “But is a few years of hero work worth your whole life?”

“Heroes lose their lives all the time Izuku! It’s a part of the job!” 

“You don’t see the original Ingenium doing any hero work!”

“That’s different!” 

“No it’s not! It’s not because at least Ingenium will recognize his family! His friends! At least Ingenium will remember being a hero and will remember his wife!” 

“If I’m not a hero I’m nothing!!” Mirio shouted without thinking. 

“Is that what I am to you then?” Izuku choked out. “Nothing?”

“I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to!”

Izuku set his tea to the side and wiped the tears from his eyes despite the fact they were overflowing. “I’m going to Kacchan’s.” He stood up and without a word went to the bedroom. Mirio sat on the couch and stared for a moment while what just happened sank in. He got up and followed Izuku to see him packing some clothes in his gym bag. He was dead silent and his eyes pouring tears but besides that he showed no sign of emotion. 


He grabbed his medicine and pushed Mirio out of the way. “Izuku!”

Izuku walked back to the front door and swung it open before turning around and opening his mouth to speak. But he didn’t. He just went straight out the door slamming it behind him. Leaving Mirio behind in a dark lonely house. 

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