Ringing, loud, piercing, unbearable noise. 

Pulsing, painful, burning, unbelievable pain. 

He tried to move but rocks covered every limb, dust cakes his face and mouth. He coughed and blood spurt onto his hands, what happened?


“Lemillion, come in!” 

“I’m here Sun Eater, are there any civilians left?” Lemillion called out. He looked at the collapsing building and prayed there was no one left inside. A villain had landed on this elementary school during a fight and collapsed the building. Four children were dead and many injured but all of them had been evacuated, all except two. 

“Please!! Maharo went after her brother and I can’t find them anywhere. She’s four feet tall with brown hair and her little brother is three feet eight inches with brown hair and- please please save them!” 

“Did you hear that Lemillion?”

“Roger, I’ll get them out alive.” 

The rooms had dust overtaking the air, making it beyond hard to breathe. There was debris everywhere. Large clumps of the wall all over the ground making him have to slow down to maneuver around it. There were kids in there that needed to be saved. He wouldn’t leave without them. 

Suddenly he heard a soft sobbing noise. Where was it coming from? 

“Hello! Can you hear me? I’m a hero. I’m here to save you!!”

“H-help! Nee-chan isn’t waking up!” A soft voice shouted before coughing. 

“I’m coming, stay where you are!” 

He rapidly pushed back the debris and saw a closet in the empty classroom. Smart kids. “I’m here, shout so I can hear you.” 

“We’re in the closet!”

He opened the closet door and saw a tearful child meeting the teacher’s description. In his arms was his elder sister with a deep gash on her forehead. She needed medical attention immediately. 

“Hold on tight I’m getting us out of here.” 

Wrapping both of the kids in his arms he made his way through the nightmare that was this once bright and happy school. It was sad seeing the bright colored paint chipped and worn by the destruction. The duckling decorations hanging from what remains of the roof. Things like losing people, not being fast enough, or not being able to save someone they are trained to overcome. But they never tell you about the little things, like the twenty tiny shoes left behind, that will bother a hero for weeks. 

The little girl whimpered in her unconscious state. He crept through the wreckage faster. He couldn’t run, no if he jostled her too much she could really be hurt. Plus it seemed like the building was stable, for now. 

He rushed anyways holding the children close. 

“Your name is Katsuma-kun right?”

“Nn.” The little boy said holding onto the hero as tight as possible. 

“What’s your favorite animal Katsuma?”

“I like turtles.” 

“Oh? Me too! What a coincidence. What do you like about turtles?” 

“I think their shells are cool. Sometimes I wish I had a shell so I could hide when I was scared.” 

“I understand. Life is scary. But that’s what heroes are for! Give it a month and you’ll be eating cereal like everything is back to normal because it will be!” 

Katsuma seemed pleased with that answer and cozied into his chest. Mirio took a peek at Maharo and noticed her skin getting paler by the second. He needed to hurry. As the entrance came into the clearing he saw the entrance was completely blocked. Shit, he didn’t have time to look for another exit. 

“Come in Sun Eater.” 

“I’m here, where are you?”

“The entrance is blocked, is there any other opening?”

“Not that we’ve seen, and the integrity of the building is getting worse by the second. We’re going to have to blast through the wall.” 

“No, I have an idea.” 

“You wanted to talk to me?”

“I have a technique I want you to try. Hold something in your hand and vibrate the item so you can phase anything with your quirk.”

“Is that possible?”

“Anything is possible in your hands Mirio-shounen.” 

“I have a technique I’ve been working on but-” 

“But what?”

Mirio looked at the children in his arms and made up his mind. 


“Katsuma, I’m going to push you outside with your sister, when I push you through I need you to call everyone over to help her, can you do that?’

Katsuma made a serious face. His adorable features shouldn’t have been able to make a face so grim. “I will.” 


“It’s going to be ok Tamaki.” 

He grabbed Katsuma and Maharo and closed his eyes. He can do this, he can do this. He can save these kids. 

He began with his feet. Like he had done thousands of times before he felt the vibration from his toes to his calves. The rumbling in every cell of his body spread to his stomach to his arms to his face, he held it for a few moments. He took a deep breath in and moved every vibration into his fingers and into the children, phasing them through the broken walls. He pushed his whole body through the wall until his fingers breached into the air. The kids were on the other side. 

He fell backward back into the destruction. 

Swollen membranes in his skull forced his vision to be blurry and weak. His whole body shook and his stomach emptied onto the ground. He needed to get out of here. His friends were waiting for him. 

“Ta-m-k-ii N-ji-re I n–d hlpj.” 

Words, words were impossible to form. He stumbled in the hallway tripping over everything, blood dripping from his nose. He saw a broken window, his exit. The lights were odd, but he wasn’t sure what was special about them. He crawled through the window and a piece of the roof caved in covering him in debris. 


A river 

A bush 

A plain

A path connected them all. It was a stoney path, every rock was a different size. On the bench was a man. He had green hair, very curly, pale skin, covered with freckles. He was cute, but where did he know him from?

It was like. 

It feels like I’ve known you my whole life.


“Ready for your 4 pm walk?”

Turning his head hurts, it makes the world go fuzzy, and his mouth tastes like metal. So he moved his shoulders and his head at the same time. “I think that would be good, can I have my medicine first?”

“Sure thing hon, 100mg of Morphine coming right up.” 

She squirted out the air in the syringe and then gave him his dose. Mirio felt the pressure in his head lessen and smiled. “Alright ready for my walk!” 

The nurse put a gait belt around his waist and held onto it while the two of them walked around the hospital campus. 

“I’m just clumsy that’s all.” 


Mirio looked over his shoulder.

Green hair. 

He’s crying. 

“Keep walking Togata, let’s give him some privacy.” 

But he needs me. 


“When is he going to wake up?”

“We have to give him more time, he had a severe hemorrhage in his frontal lobe.”

Tamaki sighed resting his hand on Mirio’s shoulder. “Wake up Mirio, we’re here for you.”


“Are all these cans from you?” A soft feminine voice asked. 

Mirio took the last sip from his beer bottle before tossing it to the side. “It’s not a big deal.” Around his entire apartment were trash and beer cans and bottles. His bottle of Vicodin was on the counter, empty. 

“Mirio! You can’t mix Vicodin and alcohol!!” 

“I can do what I want!” 

Tamaki looked at Mirio with wide eyes. He burst into tears. “You’re not acting like yourself! Who is this person you’ve become?!?!” Nejire held onto his arm sobbing as well. 

Tamaki turns on his phone’s camera and show’s Mirio his reflection. Dingy flat hair, furious eyes, unshaven face, and worst of all a hateful expression. He immediately gasped. That wasn’t a hero’s face. That wasn’t even an ex hero’s face!

That was a villain’s face. One that was making his best friends cry. 

“I need help.” 

The three of them hugged each other tightly sobbing as they fell onto the ground. He was going to be ok. Maybe not right now, maybe not for a while, but he’ll get through this. 


“I’m sorry, what?” Mirio said with an award-winning smile. 

“I talked to your doctor, your last check-up didn’t go well. We can’t have someone on the field that is having memory problems.” 

“But I’m getting better!” 

“You’ll keep getting better, but until your memory problems are gone, you are hanging up your cape.” 


“Ok everyone, introduce yourselves!” 

“I am Mirio Togata and I’m an alcoholic.” 


A stream of people crossed the street from underneath Mirio’s hospital room. They pointed him towards the street so he could people watch without moving his head. People watching was fun. It was one of his favorite parts of a stakeout. Looking at the people walking around. Make up backstories for the people that lingered. Think about what their personalities were like, who they were as a person, where they were going, who were they going home to. 

That’s when he spotted a familiar blonde head of hair. “Bakugou.” 

The nurse peeked her head in and said, “ah yes, he came to pick up his friend. I can’t share the details but I hope that poor soul will be happier now.” 

Under Bakugou’s arm was a green head of hair. 

It feels like I’ve known you my whole life.

A river 

A bush

A plain 

It feels like I’ve known you my whole life. 

The man started to look behind him and Bakugou tugged him along. 


Don’t go.

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