Midoriya was beyond exhausted that night. His dream of being the best boxer in Japan did not pay the bills. He won plenty of fights, but when he got hurt, it took a while to recover. He had to answer 350 surveys a month to live above the poverty level. He did favors for neighbors for a little extra cash. But the majority of his money came from winning fights.

There was just training today, but he hurt his calf when his opponent did an illegal sweep the leg that won Midoriya the battle, but left him out of commission a few weeks ago and wasn’t in as pristine shape as he was a month ago. He always had tape on at least one limb as well as plenty of scars from his rough past.

He was 25, no father to speak of, mother had passed away a long time ago. He ended up prostituting himself in the form of doing whatever his boyfriend wanted to stay off the street. After getting fed up with being humiliated and beaten for no reason, his old teacher introduced him to a boxing ring leader who needed someone to lock up the building for him after everyone left so he could move in somewhere better with his girlfriend and boyfriend. (He was polyamorous) He taught him how to fight, how to fight well. He conquered his fear of his ex and hasn’t seen him in years. He started competing in the ring, in a sort of David and Goliath situation seeing as he was half a foot shorter than the shortest competitor. There was an apartment-like room above the ring and the training room, in exchange for a small portion of his winnings and looking after the place, he was allowed to live there relatively rent-free. It was quite the deal he paid thousands of fewer yen than anyone except Aizawa would have charged. Plus he had access to the training room at all times. He was water and electricity but no heat. There was a fireplace and natural gas stove, really old school. He had a fan for the summer and the fireplace for the winter. He was happy, lonely, but happy.

He debated getting a pet, he visited a few shelters but didn’t see anyone screaming for him. He got his high school friends Todoroki, Uraraka, and Iida all pets through the shelter, but none for him.

Todoroki got a few actually. Since they looked like humans he didn’t understand that males can get pregnant and Mirio and Tamaki, both cat hybrids, had two kittens. Kirishima, the lab hybrid, was very pleased he got to be an ‘uncle.’ Uraraka and her frog hybrid Tsuyu got along great! And Iida and his quiet raven hybrid, Tokoyami, enjoyed a peaceful life together.

But Midoriya was alone. Not that pets didn’t like him, but they all preferred their current owners who could give more time and attention.

He locked up the boxing ring and noticed it had begun to rain. He grabbed his umbrella and calmly walked to the store.

Summer was nearing its end, he would have to dig up his sweaters soon. He enjoyed fall, but nothing beats the Sakura blossoms. He hummed to himself as he walked to the store, just passing the alley next to the building he calls home when he heard rumbling in the trash by the gym.

He took a few steps back to make sure no one was trying to rob him.


A figure popped up, it was too dark to tell if they were a hybrid or a human.

He heard a low growl, must be a lost pet.

“Hi, I’m not going to hurt you, can you come a little closer?”

The growling continued. He could smell blood. Either this pet was hurt, or the pet hurt someone else. Midoriya was not eager to be mauled to death but he could hear the fear behind the growling.

“Are you hungry?”

The growling stopped. He saw an outline of some ears turning towards him.

He smiled, this was progress.

“I’m on my way to the store, would you like me to bring you something?”

He saw a hesitant nod and one small tail wag.

“I’m thinking you want something meaty?” Another nod followed by two tired wags.

“Stay here, I’ll be right back.”

He left his umbrella and rushed to the store. He grabbed the meatiest sandwich and a pizza slice for him, as well as bandages and clothes. Even hunched he knew his clothes wouldn’t fit this stray. Hopefully, he could find his owner.

He bought a poncho and rushed back. His umbrella had been moved to where the stray was before. He was curled in a ball underneath it, shivering up a storm.


The beast jumped and began to growl again.

“Just me, I got you a sandwich, but we need to go inside, it’ll get soggy in the rain.”

The stray seemed to think for a while. He nodded after a tense minute of silence.

“I live in this building, why don’t we come upstairs and dry off? I can light a fire? We can eat, and then you can go if you want.”

He nodded again.

“Ok follow me.”

He walked up the metal stairs and unlocked the door to his suite. There was an overhead before you stepped in so Midoriya asked, “can you shake off before you come in?”

He complied and shook off his damp hair and the fur on his legs.

“Thank you.” He turned on the light and kneeled to start the fire.

As he turned on the light, he could tell the dog had a beautiful coat, even though it was wet and dirty. He had what appeared to be clothes but they were old and had long past served their purpose.

“I bought you some clothes,” Midoriya said cautiously.

The wolf-dog reached for them but Midoriya interrupted. “Why don’t you take a shower first, and dry off? They will be useless wet.”

He paused and then nodded again.

“Can I know your name?”

“Ka-“ seemed to be all he could get out.

“Does your throat hurt?”

He nodded and pointed to an abomination of a collar. It was made of metal and was far too small.

“Oh god, I’m going to get that off of you ok? Can I call you Kacchan?”

He nodded.

“Ok Kacchan hold still.”

He searched for the buckle and found it hidden deep in his fur. You had to press the release with a paperclip to undo it. One he unlatched it Kacchan took deep breaths and ran his fingers around the damaged flesh.

“You need to wash off really well, we don’t want that to get infected.”

He nodded as he tried to walk to the bathroom but slumped against the wall.

“Can I help Kacchan?”

He nodded weakly.

He helped him into the tub shower and started the water, making sure it wasn’t too hot. He let Kacchan lay in the tub, his forehead was creased but smoothed over as he felt the heat around him.

Midoriya knew no hot water would be left for his shower but that didn’t matter. It took about an hour to wash off all the grime from his hair and the fur on his legs and tail. He didn’t want to, but he had to wash the fur everywhere, even his privates. Luckily most hybrids don’t show any penises unless they are aroused which, lucky again, he wasn’t.

“Ok time to dry Kacchan.”

The wolf-dog was barely awake. But he got up so Midoriya could towel him off. He desperately needed a brushing, so he grabbed his spare and brushed out his clumps while he dried him off. His hair was too matted and he would have to cut it off on a later date.

He guided Kacchan back to the living room which was nice and toasty thanks to the fireplace.

He gave him his clothes which he put on in a daze. It was just an All Might shirt and sweatpants but better than what he was wearing before. Midoriya has stashed those away under the sink so he could look at them once they were dry.

“Can I bandage your neck?”

He nodded. Midoriya brought out one of his many first aid kits and sat him on the couch as gently as possible. Bakugou knew this bandaging was necessary but being touched by anyone, especially a human gave him the chills. He sniffed Midoriya’s hand as it came to his neck to assess the damage. For some reason, his scent was beyond soothing. It was nothing like the spicy scent of his mother or the cinnamon sugary scent of his father, the only two ever able to calm him down. No, it was sweet, but not overwhelmingly so. There was a touch of pine, a dash of cinnamon, he couldn’t decide if he smelled like a gingersnap cookie or a bar of soap. Definitely cookie. This whole internal debate was stopped suddenly when he felt the stranger dab at his neck with a disinfectant wipe. Stung like a bitch but he was an alpha wolf-dog hybrid and nothing this bean sprout could dish up could ever phase him. The bean sprout dabbed on some clear jell. He whined unintentionally as he brushed his wound. He growled at himself for being pathetic. The nerd withdrew his hands as he heard the growl and paused waiting for permission to continue.

He nodded and Midori-something continued giving even lighter touches than before. His tail wagged hesitantly thumping on the couch cushion. The grenette smiled softly as he rolled the bandage around his neck sealing the wound with a gentle caress. He could see a faint rosy color blossoming on his freckled cheeks.

He wanted to lick it.

He ignored his primal urges and sat still while the dumbass beautiful broccoli angel gave the final press to his bandage and asked with a voice like a melody. “Do you want to eat your sandwich?” Broccoli head asked.

He nodded, ignoring the thumping of his heart, but only ate half before laying in front of the fireplace, belly up, and falling asleep.

He might have been a foot taller than Midoriya, but he was awfully cute curled up by the fireplace. He needed to call the shelter in the morning. He had no intention of finding his previous owner as he did at first.

Maybe this was the companion he was dreaming of!

He pulled out his old shitty laptop and began looking up everything he would need if Kacchan wanted to stay.

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