Bakugou woke up feeling warm and significantly less hungry than yesterday. 

He sniffed the air. What was this scent? It was like someone just put his favorite cookies in the oven; it was warm and inviting, like the home he always wanted but never had. 

He sat up and looked around the room. It was completely foreign but somehow he felt at home. The source of the scent was a tiny green, fluffy-haired, human. He was asleep sitting all crooked on the couch legs spread open and head lolled back on the couch. 

He gave the faintest grin at the dumbass but continued to observe, this place looked kinda dinky. The fridge had a few drawings on it. Obviously made by small children. They were clearly not his children, so it must be a relative. The sharp nails on his claws idly scratched at his neck, utterly surprising him that the painful torturous collar was gone and a neatly wrapped bandage was in its place. He noticed he was in dry clothes, and his hair wasn’t a dingy blonde but it’s original golden color. He looked back at the fridge. Moving some of the papers aside he saw pictures of this guy’s friends. 

There were three humans besides green bean and a bunch of pets. The first one he noticed was a tall straight-laced guy with dark hair, rectangle glasses, and well, the rest of his body was very angular when you looked at him closely. He had a calm looking raven hybrid, midnight black wings covering his body and edgy black boots where his talons would have been. Virtually all hybrids disliked shoes so why this raven would want to wear them is beyond him. The peppy brunette was a few inches taller than Greeny. He muffled his laugh to not wake him up. She had a frog hybrid who was obviously healthy with shiny skin that even looked sticky, which is a sign of a mentally and physically healthy amphibian pet. The other guy didn’t even bother looking at the camera for the picture, he was too bothered by the plethora of pets around him. There was a dog hybrid, probably a mutt. He had bright red hair and a sharp smile, alpha probably. 

While he could be a Beta, Alphas and Omegas have specific attributes to their secondary gender which are pretty distinctive. Alphas are usually taller and even female Alphas are usually taller than male Omegas. Alphas can gain muscle and lose fat much quicker and when they have fur it grows much thicker than the other two subtypes. No one typically grows much fur above the belt besides sparse fur on the arms and the hair on their head no matter the species is very similar to human hair. Omegas will have softer fur as well as smaller hands and paws. 

 While male omegas can impregnate other omegas or a beta female, their sperm is fewer and weaker than male and female alphas. Also, they typically are less endowed if male. They will have flat chests until pregnant and once the kits or pups are weaned they will resume their previous flattened state. Beta men cannot bear children and beta females can bear children but are not as fertile and cannot cross-breed like Omega’s can. Female Alphas however have wombs but it is impossible to carry anything to term unless given hormone therapy, which 9/10 Alpha females refuse to even think about most likely to Alpha stubbornness. 

Besides physical differences, there are behavioral differences in most cases. Alphas release pheromones to intimidate and control whether or not the Alpha wants to. Omegas have to fight but will ultimately submit if the pheromones are released for a long or frequently recurring time. Alphas of these subspecies have sharper, more pronounced canines that they flash when frightened or intimidated. All omegas go into heat once a year but mammal omegas get an insatiable desire to mate as their fertility is fairly heightened. The Alphas have a similar dilemma except their ‘rut’ can come seasonally, or can be rarely triggered by drastic changes in emotion like fantastic news or a new home. It is usually triggered by mating bites for any subtype or by a nearby pet’s heat if there are romantic feelings towards the pet. In rare cases, an Alpha can have a rut triggered by romantic feelings of another alpha or even a human without a mating bite. 

While other subtypes can bite during mating or emotional moments when an Alpha bites it seals the Alpha’s pheromones on the skin long after the mark is gone. While it won’t drive any pets away, they will all recognize the pet as ‘claimed’ and no one will attempt to mate with this pet even during a heat. It typically bonds the alpha and their mate closer and some people hypothesize that something greater than scent in at play and the pets can actually sense if the other is unwell.  

Bakugou can tell this half and half guy didn’t know shit about pets because marked feline omega and alpha have two kits smiling for the picture. The Omega looks very young so the pregnancy was probably accidental. If a rut and a heat happen simultaneously they have to be separated or the omega is more than likely getting a kit or two. Or maybe he got them specifically to have kits? No, he doesn’t look the type. He looked over at the small snoring mess on the couch. Did this guy want him as a pet? Is that why he was so eager to help him??

He growled a little, that went sooo well last time. This fucking idiot risked getting mauled to death just because he wanted a lap dog. He was halted from his angry thoughts when smelled something good and opened the fridge to see half a sandwich. He gobbled it up in seconds. 

Should he leave? He looked back at the short guy. He did really help him. Is this place really worse than the streets? 

He walked over to him and sniffed him some more. He smelled fantastic, he was human? He pulled at his roots looking for ears, nothing. He looked at his tailbone for a tail, or signs of one removed. Scars crisscrossed his lower back. Some looked like knives, others, not as much. Even Bakugou had fewer scars than him and that was really saying something. He felt borderline nauseated as he brushed his long since wounded back with crooked fingers. He resisted the urge to see the rest of his back, but if it was anything like the rest of him he had an idea. Despite all the scars, at the base of his tailbone, nothing was telling that something would have grown there long ago. He looked like an omega but he didn’t smell like one, well not entirely like one, his scent wasn’t sweet enough and he was pretty sure he had a dick. He very quickly sniffed between his legs and confirmed there was a penis, he definitely didn’t smell even better there. No definitely not. He crept next to him on the couch. He’s gotten this close to him and he didn’t wake up. This guy would be so easy to kill. 

Bakugou decided he would stay. This guy helped him and is completely useless otherwise. If he left someone would easily dispose of him. It had been one night and he was already fiercely protective of him though he would rather die than admit it. 

He sniffed some more entranced by his sweet and smoky scent. He couldn’t fight the urge and licked his cheek, just to see what he tasted like. Dammit, he tasted delicious.

Midoriya giggled and rolled around on the couch. “That tickles.”

He smiled dreamily before his eyes flew open to see Bakugou sitting curiously at his side. 

“Oh! Good morning Kacchan!” He laughed off his surprise. “Do you want some breakfast?” 

“Yeah,” he replied in a gruff voice. 

“You can talk again!!” 

Bakugou was surprised at the genuine happiness in his voice. “Uh, yeah.” 

He smiled at him like the most innocent person in the world. 

“You’re pretty dumb.”

“Kacchan! Don’t be mean.” 

“I’m not being mean, what if I was evil? I could have easily killed you.”

“But you didn’t.”

“Not the point.”

“Yes the point,” Bakugou growled a little at being interrupted. “The risk of you killing me in my sleep, was worth the reward of you having a good night’s rest and some food.”

“You risked that, for me? You don’t even know me!” 

Midoriya smiled brightly. “I’ve been the one in the cheap clothes and starving all the time, I would take you in no matter what, now I’m sure you like bacon, but I don’t have any. So I’m thinking we could have some cereal and when Sensei gets here we can go out for lunch?” 

Bakugou looked at him confused.

“Oh,” Midoriya looked down, obviously disappointed. “You don’t have to stay if you want, I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to assume.” 

Were those tears forming in his eyes?


Midoriya looked up. 

“No, don’t apologize. I’m not used to humans being kind.”

“Do you want a hug?” Midoriya smiled and held his arms out. 

Bakugou rushed into his arms without thinking. “Kacchan?” 

He had to duck quite a bit to rest on his shoulder, but it was worth it. Midoriya very carefully pet his head. He saw a little wag and smiled. Once Bakugou pulled back he suddenly looked at the fridge behind him seeing a drawing he missed the first time. Or at least the part where it said blockhead in crayon. 


Midoriya looked behind him and laughed. There was a child’s drawing on the fridge with the word Deku and a heart.

“I babysit Tamaki’s children from time to time. The youngest is a year or two old, so she writes my name as Deku instead of Izuku.”


“Do you want to call me that?”

His tail wagged a few times. “Ok! I need to open the gym, do you want to come with me or do you want to stay here?”

“I don’t want to be alone…” 

Midoriya grabbed his keys and smiled, opening the door for him. 

He showed him around the gym. He liked the treadmill and weights but didn’t understand the ring.

“Oh, people fight in these.”

His ears flattened, blood pulsed rapidly through his veins, his mouth was dry, and a whimper could barely be suppressed as his tail tucked under his legs.

Midoriya didn’t notice, as he was looking the other way, and took off his hoodie. He was sleeping with long sleeves so he hadn’t seen the expanse of scars and bruises decorating his toned arms. Mere moments later Bakugou clung to him like a scared child. “Kacchan what’s wrong?” 

“Do…” He swallowed before finishing his sentence in a broken voice. “Do they make you fight them?”

“No no no, Kacchan, no. I’m not forced to fight anyone. No one’s making me do this.” Midoriya gripped his hands firmly with a pained smile.

Bakugou’s cheeks reddened. “Oh.” 

Midoriya held his hand tighter for a moment. “Did that happen to you?” 

“Midoriya!” A voice boomed from the entrance. Bakugou jumped and hid behind Midoriya, clawing into his shoulder. 

“Oh! You finally adopted someone.” A blonde, very loud, man with long hair smiled brightly. 

“Ah, we’re not quite there Hizashi. Is Emi with you?” 

“Howdy Midoriya!” The bright colored woman got a little too close and Bakugou growled. 

“Oh! Wolf dog! Those are rare, aren’t they?” 

“Ow Kacchan, you’re hurting me.” 

He recoiled quickly and looked at his hands as if he had just murdered Deku and his blood covered the expanse of his hands. His tail tucked under his legs again and this time the whimper managed to break through. 

“It’s not a big deal Kacchan, I’m fine.” He scratched behind his ear to soothe him. It was such a small gesture but his tail uncoiled and he took deep breaths letting his warm cookie scent seep into his soul like tea.

“Ah, you got a pet finally,” a monotone voice added. This guy looked like the word hungover. His hair hadn’t been washed in a few days and his face hadn’t been shaved either. It was in a very loose bun and despite Deku’s happy reaction seeing him he barely gave a smile in return. Ignoring the fact Bakugou could count on one hand the number of times he gave an unsolicited smile he scowled anyways at his ‘rudeness to Deku.’

“Hello, Aizawa sensei. It’s ok if I have him here right?” 

“Don’t worry about it, no puppies is all I ask.” 

These three were an odd relationship. Aizawa was a friend of Midoriya’s high school teacher, hence the sensei title. He owned this gym for a long time and was tethered to it reluctantly. Two people who were similar to each other but the polar opposite of him somehow all got along famously. One was a bright radio talk show host. His hair was naturally a bright yellow blonde and he was proud of what little facial hair he could grow. He was loud, always, and wore bright colors. He started dating Aizawa first. That’s when Emi joined the gym and won the championship for the women’s league. She and Hizashi hit it off and the three of them are inseparable despite the outward impression. Emi would kick Hizashis butt easily and Aizawa liked that in a woman. He offered the job of housekeeper at the gym to Midoriya after All Might begged. He didn’t have to though. One look at Midoriya and he knew learning how to protect himself would save him. 

Midoriya has lived there for a few years but has yet to win the championship. He’s in no hurry. 

“Now that you’re here, I need to get Kacchan more clothes and food and such.” Deku gave a quick and polite bow. 

“Go ahead, we’re here all day today, it’s the first Friday.”

“Ah, I forgot.” He noticed Bakugou’s confused face and very adorable head tilt. “First Friday of every month we have an admissions free pass for anyone interested in the gym.”

“Make sure you get him licensed today, you don’t want him to get impounded.” 

Bakugou’s eyes widened. Midoriya patted his head to calm him down. “Yes sensei, see you later!” 

The second they were out of earshot, he whispered, “what does he mean?”

“Well,” he tapped his chin with his knuckle and chewed on his lower lip as he thought. “If you want to stay with me I have to get you registered, or then someone can tell the police and you would be taken away.” 

He gripped Deku’s shoulder. “I… I don’t want that.” 

He was nearly blinded by Deku’s beaming. “Ok Kacchan!”

Bakugou had trouble with small talk, but luckily Deku did not. He decided to tell him all about his childhood. About living with a single mom and not being able to get any pets, hybrid or otherwise because they were so poor. He went on and on about kindergarten, primary school, middle school, but stopped at high school. 

“You were a nerd weren’t ya?” Bakugou teased. He was unprepared for the pained smile and dry laugh. 

“Well, uh… you’re not wrong… let’s um… talk about something else.”

Took a while for them to overcome the strength and gross thickness of the air that followed. Midoriya coughed and said cheerfully, “did you go to school Kacchan?”

“Most hybrids don’t go to school?” 


“Is this the vet?” he gestured to the building ahead of them. 

“Ah, good eye Kacchan.” He jogged up so he could hold the door open for them and checked in with the pet secretary. She was a bunny hybrid and had adorable loppy ears. Bakugou found himself staring at her. 

“Come sit with me Kacchan,” Deku beckoned him over to the waiting room. He sat down obediently and tapped his paws on the floor. “Kacchan can you read?”

He huffed and spat out, “I’m not an idiot.” 

Deku smiled warmly. “The only real idiots in this world are the ones that refuse to learn and insist they know everything. If you were never taught there is no way you could be stupid. Am I stupid for not knowing Spanish?”

That was pretty sound logic. 

He ended up having to download a puzzle game on his phone and giving it to him for the wait was hours long. 

“Number 62!” 

“That’s us!”

They say down in front of a sour-looking woman. Bakugou was scratching at his ear and Midoriya had a wide grin. 


Midoriya bumped Bakugou’s shoulder. 

“Bakugou Katsuki.”

“Owner’s name?” 

“Ah, Midoriya Izuku.”


“Wolfdog mix.” Bakugou sounded almost embarrassed.

“Mixed with what?” 

“I don’t know.” He seemed down when he said that. 

She tapped her pen a few times before scribbling something down. “License please.” 

Midoriya handed the small piece of plastic. She squinted her eyes and handed it back. She scribbled some more and set her pen down. 

“Congratulations you are now a pet owner.” 

Bakugou was amused at how excited Midoriya was. They were quite the spectacle. Bakugou loomed over him, not unusual for dog breeds but it was still bizarre. Midoriya was short for a human and Bakugou was tall for a dog breed. He had his hands buried in his pockets while Midoriya hummed to himself and trotted along happily. He noticed people chuckling at his bright happy master. 

“Let’s get you some clothes!” 

“I wanna go home.” 

“Just a little more Kacchan.” He wiped a tear away after he said home. 

He growled but followed him obediently. He didn’t make him get a collar, thanks to the wounds remaining on his neck. He got scissors designed for coarse pet hair, and a brush, his hair was a little out of control. He got as many clothes as Bakugou allowed him. He got him a phone, it was free thanks to his phone plan and added his and Aizawa’s number. 

They picked up groceries and then said goodbye to Aizawa and his partners, locked up, and unloaded everything. 

Bakugou played with his new phone while Midoriya unloaded the groceries.

“I’m starting dinner, go ahead and get comfortable.” 

Bakugou grunted in return. 

He played a card game app while Midoriya hummed and cooked meat and veggies.

“Shit,” Midoriya cursed. 

Bakugou’s ears perked. He climbed over the couch and saw Midoriya holding his hand, blood dripping down his finger. 

“Good boy Bakugou.”

Bakugou heaved at the sight of the mangled remains of his opponent. He didn’t remember! He didn’t remember hurting this pet, how did this happen?!

“Such a good creature of destruction. Can’t wait to unleash you.” 


Bakugou looked around. Where was he? He felt arms around him holding him tight. Tears flowed from his face. He looked over at Midoriya. Correction, tears flowed from both of their faces. They both ended up on the floor somehow and Midoriya clung to him like a child. 

“Deku, why are you crying” 

“You scared me.” 

“Because I’m a monster.” 

“No! Because I was scared I couldn’t reach you!” 

Midoriya was straddling his waist holding on so tight he feared he would break. 

Bakugou ruffled his green curls. “I’m fine Deku.” He licked away one of his tears startling Midoriya. 

He blushed and fiddled with his fingers being drawn to the one he cut and hid it. “Was it the blood? Do you need to avoid it?” 

Bakugou held Midoriya’s bleeding hand and licked the bloody finger. 

“Kacchan that’s dirty!” 

“Whatever Deku, don’t you know dogs have cleaner mouths than humans?”

“Oh, no I didn’t.” 

Bakugo slid the bloody finger into his mouth. 

Midoriya let out a small gasp but didn’t stop him. “Kacchan.”

He slid his tongue around the cut, thoroughly cleaning it. What was this feeling? He felt so alive. He felt Midoriya shivering in his lap and grinned. 

Midoriya pulled his hand out of his mouth too soon. “I should start calling you Vampire Kacchan. He ruffled his hair and got up drying his finger and putting on a bandage, even his ears were pink.

This was going to be fun 

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