Katsuki looked at the bedroom at his snoring owner. Maybe he could make breakfast today. Yeah, he makes it look so easy when Deku makes dinner. He can pull this off easily. He peaked back in their shared bedroom. 

Deku had a nightmare last night. He didn’t tell him but he could figure it out. The crying, the shaking, holding his scars. It made Katsuki furious. Who hurt his Deku and where are they so he can tear them limb from limb. 

No, that would make Deku sad. He can’t risk anyway that they could separate them. Deku was kinda useless, so he would probably die if he wasn’t there with him. 

Anyways, it’s time for waffles. 

Katsuki read the directions and rolled his eyes. Directions are for losers. He doesn’t need them. He dumps as much of the waffle mix as he sees fit, and pours some milk. He cracks two eggs adding them as well as cinnamon and vanilla. He pours it in the waffle maker a little excited to see how it turns out. 

Izuku woke to the aroma of waffles and his first thought was enjoying the sweet smell of vanilla and cinnamon, his next thought was ‘who is cooking?’ 

“Kacchan? Are you cooking?”

“I’m almost done.”

“Kacchan! You need to have me with you when you cook!”

“Just taste it Deku.”

Izuku sat by the table with a small frown as Katsuki finished plating the dish and putting it in front of him. Izuku took a bite and his eyes lit up. “Kacchan this is amazing!” 

Katuski’s tail began to wag as he tried to look like he wasn’t holding his breath waiting for his reply. Izuku ate three more big bites and all but moaned at the flavor. “Sooo good Kacchan.” 

His tale picked up the pace as Izuku destroyed the remaining waffles, moaning and groaning the whole time. It made him feel something. Something deep inside that was warm and making him a little sweaty. What was this feeling? He had never felt anything like this before, not even close. 

He heard something on the TV the other day. Izuku had fallen asleep on the couch but he kept watching TV. A group of girls was talking and they said one of the girls had a ‘crush’ on a boy. He didn’t know what a ‘crush’ was and he certainly didn’t want to hurt Deku, but it seemed like she didn’t want to hurt this boy. 

But then they said the words, ‘feelings.’ When your heart beats faster, when you want to be with them, keep them safe, maybe even kiss them you have a crush. The second he heard this it all clicked. He wanted to kiss Deku, he wanted to be with him forever. Is that why he’s sweaty and having trouble breathing?

The scent of his Deku picked up a little cutting off his train of thought. If he hadn’t checked for a tail he would have assumed he was a Beta, what the fuck is up with his scent!

“Kacchan what’s wrong?”

“Are you a hybrid?”

Izuku burst into laughter. “Am I a hybrid? Are you joking?”

“No, you smell.” 

Izuku laughed again. “Kacchan you’re so funny.” He grabbed the dishes and scratched behind his ears making Katuski forget about his question in the bliss of being pet. But his rising scent made him remember it. 

He got up and stuck his nose in his neck to get another sniff. Izuku squeaked and stood completely still. Katsuki sniffed around his neck, soaking up his gingersnap scent. It was so weird! He gave a lick looking for a scent gland and disappointed when he didn’t find any. Izuku shuttered. “Kacchan, w-wait.” 

He licked again and Izuku shuttered once more. “Kacchan,” he gasped. 

He wanted to kiss him, he wanted to kiss him so badly. So he kept grooming. He could just shrug it off as a hybrid thing. 

Because there is no way he would want a romantic relationship with him. Not a chance. 

He scented him so more ignoring his negative thoughts. Tears beaded in his eyes. Izuku grabbed his cheeks and looked in his eyes. “Kacchan what’s wrong?”

Katsuki wrapped him in a tight hug and sniffled. “Nothing, I’m fine.” 

“Oh alright, if you’re sure,” Izuku said looking at him with his soft concerned eyes. 

“I’m sure… I’m fine Deku.” 


“Kacchan today is Friday!”

Katsuki’s head lurched from the couch to look at his owner. That could only mean one thing. “Park?”

“Yup! Let’s go!” 

Katsuki leaped to his feet and put his collar on all but bounding out the door. Izuku chuckled as he walked behind him Katsuki looking behind occasionally telling him to hurry the fuck up. They had to avoid the park for a while. He was too at risk for attacking another hybrid. But as time passed he began to heal and he could be taken to things like parks and meet other hybrids. He got along best with Kirishima. Which is good because he was going to be with Todoroki and his hybrids. They hadn’t had Katsuki around kids so Eri and Kota would have to stay close to Tamaki. He knew Katsuki wasn’t going to hurt him but it’s best to play it safe. 

They finally got to the park and Todoroki was already waiting. He gave a tired wave and Eri ran to Izuku’s side for a hug, Kota stood like he was too good to be at the park right now. He would rather be home playing video games than at the park with his family. 

Katsuki ran over to Kirishima with a grin. “Hey Shitty Hair!” 

Kirishima laughed, meeting him in the middle of the park, both of their tails wagging. “I missed you!”

“Yeah yeah, me too or whatever.” 

The two of them threw a baseball back and forth while Izuku talked to Todoroki. 

“You seem happier today, did something happen?” Kirishima said as he tossed the ball to him.

Katsuki thought back to the morning of waffles and scenting and grooming and didn’t think anything was out of the ordinary. Suddenly he remembered his revelation about his ‘crush’ and blushed before saying, “dunno.” He tossed the ball back.

“Hm, maybe you’re just happier!” Kirishima gave an overhand throw. 

Katsuki thought again this time imagining a future with him and Deku together kissing and holding hands. His tail wagged and threw the ball back. “Maybe.” 

“He looks happy,” Todoroki said, nudging Izuku’s shoulder. 

“He is happy.” Izuku looked at his companion and smiled. “He’s been doing great.”

“He looks great,” Todoroki said resting his hand on his shoulder. Izuku stared at his wolfdog with a bright smile. He was so healthy now, so much happier. He deserved the best he really did. 

“I see the way you’re staring at him.”

Izuku flinched and looked at Todoroki before spouting a million excuses. 

“No no no no, I’m not in love with Kacchan, I mean if that’s what you were suggesting! I’m not thirsting over my vulnerable pet, why would you say that!” 

“I didn’t say anything about love or thirsting,” Todoroki teased. 

Izuku made a noise like a tea kettle and just as warm.

Todoroki chuckled. “You know, pets have the same minds as humans, in addition to some instincts humans don’t have. But they are capable of loving and being loved by a human. You know that right?”

Izuku hid his face in his hands. “So it’s ok if I…”

Todoroki patted his back. “It is. Let yourself be happy.” 

Izuku watched Katsuki sprinting through the park with a playful smile as he was racing Kirishima. 

Let myself be happy huh?

“Yo Deku, when are we going home,” Katsuki said, a touch out of breath.

“I’m ready if you are. How about we pick up some dinner on the way home?”

Katsuki’s tail wagged as he grinned. “Can we get burgers?” 

“Yeah,” Izuku said softly. “Anything for you.” 

Katuski blushed as his tail wagged faster. “You’re so weird Deku.” 

“See you Todoroki!” Izuku called as they headed out. 


Katsuki stepped out of the shower to look over and see his owner asleep on the couch. He was sprawled out with his mouth open. He looked absolutely ridiculous. Katsuki chuckled and then picked him up, holding him close as he carried him to bed. He lay him down and saw a strip of skin revealing his toned back. It made his mouth water. What was this feeling? His inner Alpha was awakening. He needed to step back before he did something he might regret like rut against his sleeping form until he came all over the bed. 


Where did that come from? Did he want to fuck Deku? He thought his dreams of kissing were bad but now he wants to fuck him?? This was bad. He couldn’t do anything that would make Deku want to get rid of him. He grabbed a blanket and curled up by the fire a frown on his face. He curled up in a little ball, his tail wrapped around his form. 

I’m lonely.

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