“Oh, Kacchan I’m so sorry!” 

Bakugou plugged in his phone and looked over at his Human. 

He was in his pajamas and looked mildly upset. Which was adorable because he was wearing All Might pajama pants and an All Might short sleeve top. 

“What’s wrong Deku?”

“I didn’t get you a bed!! I mean, I don’t know where we would put it…” he tapped his foot on the ground like a rabbit. 

Bakugou chuckled. “I’ll just sleep on the couch, stop freaking out.” 

“No way Kacchan! You are way too tall to sleep on the couch! I can sleep there until we figure something out.”

“If you say so, night nerd.” 

“Ah not so fast Kacchan.”

He looked at Midoriya with one eyebrow raised. 

“You need a haircut.” 

Midoriya sat on top of the counter and Bakugou sat on one of the chairs stolen from the dining room. His legs were crossed and his tongue was sticking out just a little as he was deeply concentrated. 

“I’ll try not to ruin it Kacchan but no promises.”

He frowned and sat still. He didn’t like it long, but it would probably have looked better before the nerd hacked it off. 

He had to comb it first since there were numerous mats. He trimmed up the fur on his legs a little, but the hard part was the hair on his head. 

“Hmm, spin around for me Kacchan?” 

He spun around growling slightly. 

“All done! It actually looks much better than what I was expecting.” He scratched his chin awkwardly. 

Bakugou got up and looked in the one mirror in the whole building. The sort of grimy one with a big crack on the side. 

The nerd didn’t ruin it, surprisingly. He looked at the sides, mildly impressed. It was a little longer on the top than the sides, it looked stylish. He was pleased. 

He walked back to where Midoriya was throwing away the hair and waited for him to finish. “Do you like it Kacchan?” 

He nodded, trying to act nonchalant but his tail was showing his bluff. “I’m going to bed Kacchan. See you in the morning!” 

He flopped on the couch with a blanket and fell asleep within minutes. 

Bakugou crouched by his face and sniffed him for a bit. It’s weird, he smells human, but also not? Humans aren’t known for having a scent like hybrids do. But he definitely had one. He had showered too without putting any cologne on, but he smelled amazing. 

Bakugou sat next to him, sniffing him while his tail thumped on the floor. 

He eventually got tired of that and crawled into his bed. It was still a little too small lengthwise but it was a King sized bed so he just had to angle himself a little. Why would a nerd need a king sized bed for himself?

It smelled like him, but it wasn’t him. He was frustrated that he couldn’t fall asleep. He got up and walked to the kitchen. Midoriya moved all the chocolate, nuts, and grapes into a ‘No-Kacchan’ box so he wouldn’t eat it by mistake. He grabbed the orange and ate it quickly before hearing a soft whimper. 

His ears pointed around the room looking for the owner of the noise. He walked to the couch to see Deku crying in his sleep.

He wiped the tear with the back of his knuckle. The nerd continued to cry. He thought back to what he said about knowing what it was like to be poor. In the moonlight, he saw the scars decorating his arm. He tugged at the short sleeve to see the scars continuing. He frowned. Those weren’t scars you got from fighting with gloved fists. Those come from knives, burning liquids, and cigarettes. 

More tears slipped down his cheeks so he scooped him into his arms. His head rested on his shoulder but he remained asleep. He was heavier than expected but still light. He dropped him onto the bed and crawled in next to him. Midoriya rolled over onto him and stopped crying. Bakugou shook his head and covered them both with a blanket. Who was taking care of whom? No one really knew.


Midoriya woke up more rested than he had in months. He stretched and realized he was in his bed. 

His eyes darted around the room. No Kacchan. Was that a dream? Was he making up a companion because he wanted one so badly? 

He jumped up and ran to the living room. A blanket was abandoned by the couch. 

“Kacchan?!” He turned and ran smack into Bakugou’s chest. “Kacchan!” 

“What?” Suddenly arms were wrapped around Bakugou tightly but only for a moment. 

“Ah! Sorry, Kacchan! I thought maybe I imagined you when I woke up in my bed.” 

Katuski raised an eyebrow. “You dream about bathing dirty mutts and sleeping on the couch?” 

“Hey!” Deku had a cute frown. “You are not a mutt, don’t call yourself that.”

Katsuki rubbed his curls and flopped on the couch. 

“Did you bring me to bed, Kacchan?” 

His cheeks warmed as he tried to come up with an excuse for wanting to sleep together. 

“You um, sounded cold. I couldn’t sleep with the sound of your teeth chattering…” 

Deku blushes as well. He fiddled with his fingers. “Want some breakfast? We finally have bacon.”

“Fuck yeah I love bacon.

Deku hummed to himself as he dug through the refrigerator. There was a pack of bacon waiting to be eaten. Katuski loomed over him like a wolf on the prowl. His mouth was absolutely watering as he lay the fatty meat on the sizzling griddle, when was the last time he had any bacon?


The puppy mill was dark, ugly, horrifying. His lungs were weakened by the air and he coughed repeatedly. His mother and father whom he only knew for the first year of his being were stripped from him, as well as any comfort. 

His kennel was small, too small for a growing wolf breed. Unlike the other puppies, he was being raised for something other than a house with parents and kids. He was being raised to fight. 

He was five when they began training him to be a killer. He was hosed down any time he protested fighting another dog. He disobeyed. SLAP. He said he didn’t want to hurt them, SMACK. Eventually, he learned, he learned that if he was to survive, he was going to have to kill them. 

And he did. He killed so many dogs to the point that when he was 16 he had lost track of the lives lost thanks to his claws and sharp teeth. 

But then someone came, someone came and saved him… but he can’t quite remember… he can’t remember who it was. They cooked him bacon every morning, they gave him love… how did he end up in the trash again?

“Kacchan?” Deku quirked his head to the side. “What’s wrong? The bacon is done.”

Katsuki finally noticed how fast his heart was beating. It was a wild thunder of beats making his ears ring and his mouth dry. 

“Kacchan?” Deku reached up to feel his forehead. He probably thought that he had a fever with how much he was sweating. 

“Stop! Don’t touch me! I’m sorry!!” 

Deku flinched back and looked up at him with soft eyes. “Kacchan it’s ok. I won’t hurt you.” He pulled his hand back and frowned. 

Katuski let out a soft whine. He wanted him to touch, he wanted to be held and be told that everything was going to be alright. He needed to be told that he wasn’t a monster, that he was only doing what he had to to survive. 

The nerd sensed this and held out his arms. “Do you-”

Katuski rushed into his arms, resting his head on his shoulder, wet tears dripping down his back. “I’m sorry I’m sorry I’m sorry,” he chanted like a mantra. 

Izuku turned off the stove with a click and led them to the couch. He sat down on one end and Katsuki lay across the couch with his head firmly in his lap. He hid his face in his pajama pants sobbing openly. 

“Do you want to tell me why you’re crying?”

He shook his head no. 

“Someday I want to know, ok?”

He shook his head yes. 

They sat like that for a while, Izuku stroking his hair, scratching behind his ears, humming a song that soothed him as a child. 

He looked at the scars on the wolfdog’s body and then his own. Izuku frowned but kept stroking him. It was time to open up the gym, but… but he really didn’t want to leave Kacchan alone. 

“Hey Kacchan, wanna come with me to the gym?”

The dog perked his ears. “Um… alright.” 

They ate their cold bacon and then made their way to the gym. Kacchan inspected all the weights as Izuku unlocked the doors. He welcomed the few people that were there early and let them go about their routines unique to them. 

One woman only liked to use the treadmill. Although Izuku offered to show her how the weights worked she was dead set on only running. Then other people just used weights. They didn’t give a shit about being able to run fast they just wanted to have swollen arms and rock hard abs. Izuku explained how the machines worked for the people who needed the explanation and he showed them proper form as well. 

Kacchan looked at him quizzically and Izuku laughed. “Wanna work out too Kacchan?”

He wagged a few times. 

They started off with the treadmill. Katsuki loved being able to sprint and work away all his stress from the morning. He had really been needing to exercise. He showed him how to lift weights and he already knew he was going to love working out. The strain on his muscles proved that he was strong and was a good distraction from the pain he has been feeling for years that lingers in the back of his mind. 

He was having a great time… that is until some muscle jock decided he wanted to spar with his Deku!

He watched with narrowed eyes holding back every ounce of his fight as the two bobbed and weaved jabbing at each other with a smile on their faces. 

The cat fell to the ground weakened from hunger and destroyed by Katuski’s blows. 

“Finish the job.” 

Without hesitation, Katsuki ripped out the cat’s throat. 

He snarled and jumped into the pit ripping his Deku from the fight and standing between them. 

“Kacchan stop!” He shouted. 

It was like he was a tuning rod that got struck and his whole body vibrates at his voice. What was he doing? Deku can take care of himself. 

He whined and looked back at the soft eyes he already loves. 

“Kacchan go back to the apartment. I’ll be there in a few hours. You’re not in trouble, I just want you to be safe.” 

His tail hung low between his legs and his face pointed towards the ground. He whined and walked back to his room. 

Once he got the apartment he threw a pillow onto the ground and grabbed another screaming into it. 

He’s going to send me away, he’s going to send me away, he’s going to send me away. 

This repeated as he lay on the ground sobbing his eyes out. When the door opened he didn’t even look up. 


He continued to cry into the pillow. A warm hand rested on his back making soothing circles. “It’ll be ok Kacchan, I’m not sending you away.” 

Kacchan all but leaped into his arms, no longer crying, but his face bleeding with sadness. He held him close and rocked him back and forth. “I won’t send you away.” 

He repeated that long into the night and then went to his bed arms and legs entangled as they slept a restful sleep. 

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