CW: domestic abuse, hybrid baiting

Midoriya heard his phone buzz. He looked over to see Chizome still asleep. Good he didn’t want to have to explain anything. 

>>>>Toshinori-sensei: I’m in town, do you want to meet up? –

He looked over at his boyfriend. Still asleep. 


>>>>Toshinori-sensei: I’m at the coffee shop by the school, you did say you still live in town? 

<<<<Yes, are you still there? 

>>>>Toshinori-sensei: yes, I will wait here, take your time! 

<<<< I’ll be there in 15 minutes, thank you 

Chizome rolled over in his sleep, bumping his arm and Izuku froze staring at him until he was sure he was still asleep. He got up and grabbed his wallet, putting on his shoes as quietly as possible. Each breath was more painful than the last as he forced himself to breathe silently. 

“Where the hell do you think you’re going?” A dark intense voice rang out. 

It was like glass just shattered in his stomach. Midoriya felt his blood freeze, his throat immediately became parched, his eyes wet, his stomach was in knots, just from hearing his voice. “R-r-remember? You asked me to get groceries.” 

Chizome flipped him around, towering over him. “Hm? When?” 

He wasn’t yelling. Honestly he wished he would yell. If he yelled he would get hit faster, or burned, or slapped; the waiting was the worst part. “Y-yesterday?” 

He prayed he wouldn’t check his phone. It was a miracle he allowed him to have it. 

Chizome grabbed a cigarette and lit it, taking a drag before replying. “Maybe you’re right, then why didn’t you grab the list?” 

Midoriya’s eyes flashed to the counter. The list of cigarettes, steaks, and booze he preferred were very specific and easy to forget. 

“Oh… silly me… I’ll go grab it.” He walked to the counter and grabbed it with his shaky hands before slipping it in his pocket. He turned around to see his boyfriend inches from his face. “Oh Izuku, I thought we talked about forgetting these things.” He blew cigarette smoke in his face before putting it out on his arm, next to all the other scars. 

Midoriya teared up but bit his lip to avoid crying. 

“You’ll be better next time, I won’t you Zu?” 

He nodded rapidly, swallowing the bile rapidly rising in his throat. 

“I’m going to sleep, if you’re not back before dinner, well, you won’t do that will you?” 


“No WHAT?” 

“No Master!” 

He pulled on his hair to pull him back for a disgusting kiss. “Hurry back.”

He walked calmly out the door and then burst into tears. What was he going to do? He can’t afford to leave! Even if he did he would find him. He pulled his sleeve down to cover the scars and the fresh burn. He wiped his tears and walked rapidly to see his teacher. 

He didn’t have a future, as soon as he’s done talking to Sensei he’s coming ‘home’ and slicing his wrists until he leaves this fucked up world. He’ll say goodbye without saying goodbye. 

He walked, his head ringing loudly, until he saw him sitting there. His skinny frame was relaxed, drinking some tea. Midoriya felt himself able to breathe again. 

“Sensei?” He asked, walking around the corner.

“Ah! Midoriya-shounen! Glad to see…”

Midoriya gave a weak smile and sat down. 

“I got your favorite, iced coffee drowning in vanilla.”

“Mm thanks.” He took a long sip.

“Have you been getting into fights again?” His voice was drenched in concern. 

“Uh, yeah something like that.” He pulled out his collar to let some heat escape. It was the middle of the summer and he was wearing a hoodie. 

“Hey kid, something’s going on that you’re not telling anyone. I got messages from your classmates that you haven’t been replying to any calls or texts. We both know that’s unlike you.” 

His lip quivered as he tried to keep his mouth shut. You can’t let him know, if he finds out you told someone you’re toast. He’ll, he’ll kill you! 

“Midoriya my boy?” He asked in an uneasy voice. 

Tears spilled uncontrollably. He gripped his chest and sputtered, “I… have a controlling boyfriend.” He sniffed and wiped his eyes. “He… hurts me and doesn’t let me leave except to get groceries. He made me quit my job and leave school… so if I left, I would have nowhere to go. He made it clear if I left he would find me. I have to leave soon, he gets really mad if he has to wait for dinner.” 

Toshinori chewed on his knuckle. “Besides the bruise on your face, do you have any other marks?”

He pulled up his sleeves shamefully. His teacher was furious at what he saw. 

Numerous cigarette burns, scratch marks, bite marks, cuts, bruises, he wanted to look away but couldn’t. 

Midoriya slid his sleeves down and looked at his phone. “I have to go, thanks for the coffee sensei.” 

“Wait. I have an idea. I have a fellow teacher who works in a gym and has been looking for someone to watch it for him.” 

“What are you saying?” 

“Text me your address and delete the message. I’m going to contact him and ask if he can house you. I’ll take pictures of your injuries and we can see if we can get a restraining order. If all goes we’ll come by tonight and you can leave and never come back. 

Midoriya embraced him before downing his coffee and texted him the address. 

“I’ve got it Midoriya-shounen. I’ll text you when things get solidified.” 

“Thank you, I have to go.” 


“With the evidence we have, I can give him 5 years in prison,” the judge said in a low voice. “I’m sorry.” 

“Five years?!” Toshinori shouted. “He tortured him for that long!”

“Unfortunately, since he made no attempt at his life that’s all we can do. We can enforce a very strict restraining order once he gets out and force him to live in another city. But that and five years is all we can do.”

Izuku sobbed into his hands while Toshinori patted his back. 

“I won’t let him touch a hair on your fucking head,” Aizawa growled. “And when I’m done with you, he won’t either. 


Izuku dripped with sweat, his arm aching. It had been several months since the surgery but it aches when he works out as hard as he was right now. 

“Up.” Aizawa stood above him offering a hand. 

Izuku took a second to breathe and then accepted the help. He put his hands back up and said, “ok I’m ready.” 

Aizawa sent a fist straight for his face and Izuku dodged, punching him in the stomach. Aizawa was knocked back and chuckled, “very good problem child, again.” 


“You sure about this kid?” Aizawa loaded up his final bag in the back of his car, his boyfriend and girlfriend already in the car.  

“He’s fine babe,” Emi said, crawling out the window and kissing his cheek. 

“Yeah let’s go.” Hizashi cooed kissing his other cheek, both of them now hanging out the window. 

“I’m fine, Sensei, you’ve taught me what I need to know.” 

Aizawa looked proudly at his pupil. He’s grown so far from the scared young man that couldn’t even speak his mind. 

“See you on Friday kid.” 


Katsuki kicked the roof of his cage, bored and missing his parents. He was stripped from his parents because of his jaw. Yup. He had a strong jaw so they forced him to become a killing machine. He was only five and they were making him fight other kids not caring how injured they got. 

He decided to refuse to see what would happen, and now he’s stuck in a tiny cage bored out of his mind. His stomach growled. It felt like his stomach was eating itself. He needed to make a decision. Either live now or die hungry. 

A human came into the room and kicked his cage. Katsuki growled. “Are you ready to eat? Or are you going to continue to be a brat?”

Katuski stared at him and said nothing. 

“Good, get out there’s some cold chicken waiting for you, then you have to work.” 

Katsuki frowned. This was going to be his life from now on… wasn’t it?



“He’s already down!”


“Why?!” Katsuki screamed, kneeling in front of the defeated cat. 

I said kill him.

He sliced the cat’s throat open with his claws, getting blood soaked into the cement and coating his hand. 



His voice was like getting a bucket of water splashed on him. He sat up bonking Izuku in the head. He collapsed on his lap whining but immediately saying, “I’m ok!” 

Katuski grabbed his face and looked into his eyes. His forehead was bright red, already showing signs of swelling. Katsuki licked the center of his forehead in apology. 

Izuku blushed and grabbed his hand moving it from his face. “Kacchan you were crying, are you ok?”

Katsuki looked around at the home he longed for for years and his Deku who’s concern was causing his brows to crinkle in the most adorable way possible. 

This stupid fucker, what were these feelings?

He had to taste him again so he licked his blooming forehead once more making Izuku giggle. “Kacchan stop.” 

Katuski pounced on him and sniffed the crook of his neck while Izuku giggled up a storm. “Kacchan that tickles, Kacchan that tickles!!” 

This felt good. This felt right. 

Katsuki hugged him tight. He rubbed his cheek along his, scenting him thoroughly. Izuku blushed madly as he lay back on the bed and got assaulted with loving scenting. When Katsuki pulled back after he had been properly scented he licked his face again. “I’m fine.” 

“Oh that’s good Kacchan,” Izuku said in a dreamy voice. 

Katuski grinned, yes, this was where he was supposed to be.

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