The three Alphas all sat on the L couch together reading when Eijirou’s phone buzzed. He glanced at his phone and gasped. “Guys! There’s an article about me!!”

“About what?” Katsuki asked, his eyes not leaving his book. 

“Me and Izuku, what else would it be about?”

“I mean you are a firefighter, that was a reasonable question,” Shoto said looking up from his book. 

“Here I’ll read it to you. 

Is Hero Deku being courted?

Numerous times in the last few weeks the number 6 hero, Deku, has been spotted in romantic settings with an Alpha named Kirishima. It appears he is unlike the common alpha. He is a firefighter for starters, he gives Deku his shirt when it’s cold, he helped a little girl find her family, and they frequent the homeless shelter together. Deku appears to be completely relaxed around the Alpha who does not bear his teeth even once! Is this relationship going to lead to a homemaking?” 

“Congrats,” Katsuki said in a chipped tone.

“Don’t be rude Kats, that’s wonderful news,” Shoto sat down his book. 

“Get ready for him to ask you out Sho.” Kirishima rolled on his back and looked over and Shoto longingly.

“Why wouldn’t Kats be next?” Shoto said while scratching the beckoning belly. 

“Why the fuck would I be next!! I am the typical Alpha!! It’ll ruin everything he’s built with Ei and the public will write us all off and goodbye hero popularity.”

“Just don’t be a dick and remember to breathe, you don’t have to ‘ruin everything he’s built.’ Maybe you should go to that counselor we’ve been talking about.”

“Yeah I talked to her about a bunch of deep stuff, she’s amazing!’  

Katsuki threw his book on the floor and snarled, “I DON’T NEED-” 

His roommates looked at him disapprovingly. 

“Fuck… fine. I’ll call her, ok?”

They both nodded solemnly. “It’ll be good Kats.” Kirishima’s tail gave a few short wags. 

“You finally have a way to be a hero, you won’t let us down.” 

“Yeah yeah… love you guys or whatever.” 

“Love you too,” Shoto said in a soft voice giving him a peck before returning to his book. 

Eijirou lept off the couch and tackled Katsuki. “I love you bro!!” 

“Get the fuck OFF OF ME” The two of them rolled around on the ground roughhousing which Katsuki totally doesn’t enjoy. Not even a little bit. 

Shouto shook his head and flipped the page as the two dogs knocked over the lamp. Suddenly his phone buzzed. His tail whisked around as he read the message. 

>>>>Midoriya: I have a hibachi grill reservation for two, are you interested?

He really was going to be first. He looked over at his fools rolling around on the ground and smiled. 

Will Kats be upset he wasn’t chosen second? No, he knows he’s in no state for any press. 

The decision was easy. A handsome rabbit is asking him out on a date and it’s somewhere perfect for him. He was genuinely shocked he read him well enough to figure that out so quickly. If Eijirou’s reaction was anything to go by he makes good company. Whether he will be head over heels like Eijirou is up for debate. 

<<<<Sounds nice. Where are we meeting?

>>>>Midoriya: North side of the Ninose train stop. See you at 7?

<<<<Yes, see you then. 

It was a few minutes before six, better start getting ready. He climbed into the shower, the sounds their roughhousing made it to the bathroom. Good thing they lived in a house and not an apartment. He blow-dried his hair and added a touch of leave-in conditioner. He looked at his face and touched his scar. What would he say about his family? He most likely knew about his father in jail. What side would he take about his mother? Would he judge her, call her a terrible mother, or judge him for never blaming her for what happened. 

His alarm went off. Shit! He had to be there in 15 minutes and he had no idea what to wear. He slammed open the door and saw Eijirou and Katsuki standing in the living room with clothes ready for him. 

“Shitty Hair wanted to choose an outfit so I did it because his taste is horrible.”

“Thank you.” His words weren’t much but his tone was warm. It was a white button-down shirt with red pants and black loafers. It was getting cold so they gave him a black blazer. With a final ‘good luck’ from Eijirou, he headed to the restaurant. 

He arrived to see Midoriya waiting for him shivering slightly. Once again his outfit screamed Omega. He had on a pastel green sweater and grey leggings. He had on a jean jacket with faux fur along the neckline. Black suede foots dressed his feet and they looked awfully uncomfortable. Why was he dressed like this? Was it for the media? Or was it to make him look more appealing? Anyways he looked freezing so it was time to go inside. 

When he made eye contact his eyes popped with a warmth he has never seen. Was he this happy to see him?

“Todoroki! Don’t worry I haven’t been waiting long.”

Can he read minds?

“The table is ready, let’s go!”

Todoroki nodded and they entered sitting in a booth with a hot surface in front of it. They settled in when a girl in a kimono dropped off waters and menus. 

“I’ll have sake,” Todoroki said, closing the menu.

“Just water for me,” Midoriya smiled warmly. The only way he ever smiles apparently. 

As the sake arrived Todoroki wondered if he had a past with drinking. He decided to give a small probing question “Got anything against alcohol?” Todoroki asked, taking a sip of warm sake. 

“No, I just,” he tucked a curl behind his ear. “I just get drunk reeeeally quickly.”

Jot that down for later. 

“But you can drink as much as you want.” He smiled like an angel. He was blinding. His head quirked to the left at the prolonged silence. 

“I’m not a heavy drinker.”

“It’d be alright if you were, but ok!”

He can’t see past his blinding light. 

“Welcome to Hibachi Grill, I am your shefu tonight. Let us start with fried rice!”

The chef poured white rice onto the hot table and added carrots and peas chopping them up finely. He tossed his knives around leading to several claps from Midoriya. Todoroki knew he should be looking at the chef but he couldn’t. look. away. 

A light was behind him giving his curls a halo. His freckles were like a constellation. His eyes were bright and full of joy. He knew why he crawled up the ranks so young. Look at him! He was so pure and perfect. He noticed the staring and gave a coy smile.  He pointed to the chef and looked forward again biting on his lip. 

So cute. 

Todoroki did as he was told and stared at the chef. His spatula skills were very impressive, he tossed an egg in the air and cracked it on the spatula. Midoriya clapped once again. Suddenly the chef asked if anyone wanted to catch a piece of carrot in his mouth. 

“Me!” Midoriya cheered. 

The chef lined up the carrot and tossed it too high in the air for him to reach it. Suddenly green lightning sparked up his legs and he jumped into the air and caught it in his mouth. Todoroki’s eyes widened. That was amazing! 

“Wow!!” The chef cheered. “I didn’t think you could reach that!!”

Midoriya gave a small bow. He felt a camera in the room and smiled. 

“Throw the next one!” Midoriya cheered.

“Are you sure you should be eating the meat?”

“I can handle the stomach ache, I’m pretty tough if I do say so myself.

Shrugging, the chef cooked beef, chicken, and pork and tossed them in the air, Midoriya catching all of them. “Wow!”

Wow is right. He’s amazing. 

The way he used his quirk like he was just breathing air, the way he brushed the other’s arm when he had a question, or played with his fingers when he was nervous, his laugh, his smile, his everything was fantastic. 

Where has he been all his life?

Izuku was done bouncing around and sat down next to Todoroki while they ate dinner. 

“Todoroki,” Midoriya said with a smile. 

“Yes?” He said, putting down his sake cup. 

“Tell me three things about you I don’t know yet.”

What an odd question but he seemed genuinely interested in the answer. 

“Well firstly, I have three siblings, all foxes. Second… All Might was my inspiration growing up, lastly… my favorite food is cold soba.”

“Does it have to be cold?”

“Yes, soba should only be eaten cold.”

“Oh is that so?”

Todoroki nodded. 

“Well you’ll have to show me some time…” he chewed on his lip a little more. 

The atmosphere had drastically changed with this little conversation. Midoriya had scooted closer during the talk, his hand creeping towards the other’s, his speech a little softer. He was begging to be kissed, so why keep him waiting?

Todoroki closed his eyes and leaned in, merely brushing his lips against the other. Midoriya jumped for one second before moving back. They pulled apart and they pressed their foreheads together, while they breathed shallow, eyes not breaking contact. He felt the camera again and savored the moment. This would definitely be in the magazines by Monday. 

They finished their dinners and shared some cheesecake before walking back to the train station. They were traveling in the same direction and held hands on the train, leaning against each other and smiling. 

This felt… right. 

“Todoroki-kun?” Midoriya asked.


“Can you walk me to my apartment?”

What was this all about?

“Yeah of course Midoriya.”

“Izuku, call me Izuku.”


Izuku giggled and snuggled closer.

“You can call me Shoto.”

He giggled again. “Ok, Shoto.” 

They held hands all the way to his apartment and stood awkwardly by the door. “Goodnight,” Shoto said, giving him a peck on the lips. He giggled and looked at him with eyes that screamed ‘come hither.’

“Want to come inside?” He asked, pulling on his jacket sleeve. He looked down before biting his lip and looking up again. 

Shoto threw aside any ambitions and pressed him against the door meeting their lips with hunger. They held each other impossibly close giving heated passionate kisses. Izuku’s tongue pressed between his lips and he gave slight tugs to Shoto’s hair. This obviously wasn’t Izuku’s first time but it wasn’t Shoto’s either. He unlocked the door without looking and they stumbled into the apartment slamming the door shut.

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