There is a man that goes by no name but the hunter. His long hair braided down his back, as green as the forest he hunts in. His eyes are cloaked in a black substance with pale skin underneath. Many scars adorn his skin from the fights he has with his prey. He hunts Fey. 

Fey are creatures of the forest and mountains that hold magical powers making them a threat to human kind. Humans don’t stand a chance against a group of Fey, they can kill humans in seconds flat thanks to their magical powers. Well, most humans. Groups of people are hunters. They take down Fey to cleanse the forest and keep the humans safe. The biggest group of hunters is the League of Hunters. This man is not a part of that league. He despises the fact that they kill the Fey they capture. He is by no means a gentle man but he prefers to move them to the island away from the humans so they can’t hurt any humans anymore. 

But the way he captures them is far from painless. He traps them in a painful net made of metal that sears at their flesh and then drags them to the boat that will take them to their new home. He pities them, but rarely. If he even hesitates for a second they will kill him so he doesn’t get to have those kinds of thoughts. 

He walked into the guild hall where he gets his bounty from. He donates almost all the money he makes, but he knows that doesn’t make him a good person. No, he will never be a good person. Even if he is protecting humans, he is still causing harm, and he acknowledges that evil. 

He’s not an evil person, but he lost the ability to say he was good long ago. He isn’t even a shadow of the man he used to be. That would mean he at least held the same form. No, ever since he lost All Might, he hasn’t even smiled once. 

Today in the guild he spotted some usual people, spinner, twice, Muscular, and couldn’t care less. He had three things he could say he cared about. 

  1. His mother
  2. All Might 
  3. Humanity 

Nothing and no one else. The fact of the matter is two of those things were nothing but a memory. All he had left was humanity, and he wouldn’t let them down. 

“I see you finished your quest early.” A dark mysterious man who is always cast in the shadows peered his piercing eyes at the hunter.

“Call it what it is, a kidnapping,” the hunter spat. 

“Fine. I see you finished your kidnapping early.” 

“Yes, I’m ready for more.” 

“We have a Fey no one has been able to catch for months since he claimed one of our own.”

“He killed someone?” The hunter clenched his teeth. 

“No, but they can’t be a hunter anymore.” 

He relaxed briefly. “So who is this Fey?”

“Katsuki, he’s a fire type, explosion class.” 

“That explains the escape of capture.” The hunter tapped his scarred knuckle to his chin. “I’ll take it.” 

“Very well, you know the routine.” 

“Yes, I will capture him and sent him to the island.” 

“It would be easier to kill the Fey.” 

“I would rather die than kill someone, even a Fey.” 

“Very well. You’ll be paid in full with proof of his capture and departure.” 

“Fine. Give me yesterday’s earnings. I had to spend quite the coin on my health from her sharp vines.” 

“Yes, my apologies.” 

He handed a bag of coin to the hunter who grasped it in his freckled hands before pocketing it. Time to do the dirty work. He went to his hut and grabbed some more iron rope, he grabbed a shield and enough food to last two weeks. He didn’t think it would take that long but he usually offers food to the Fey, most don’t take it. 

Yes, most are hissing and fighting and would rather die than eat his food. They are all brave, he will give them that. They are nobel beasts and he wished they could live peacefully. But he knows that is impossible. 

The trek to find Katsuki was easy. There was evidence of explosions in the trees. He followed the trail, only having to make camp once. He enjoyed camping, just him and the stars. Somehow he felt less alone when looking in the eyes of the universe. 

That morning he finished his breakfast, a roll with honey, and continued pursuit of Katsuki. He had prepared some alchemy for this battle, he knew it wouldn’t be easy. This Fey had laughed in the faces of some of the most feared hunters he knew, so there was no way he would go with him willingly. 

The signs became clear that Katsuki was close, so he pulled his hood up and walked through the brush quietly. Each step took about 30 seconds, so he was by no means trying to go quickly. He quickly scanned the area as he snuck through the leaves. There were a thousand places he could be and not a single one of them would be expected, he could tell. Suddenly he spotted him, he was lying under the raised roots of a tree, injured, and sleeping. 

His hands were wrapped in leaves, most likely used as bandages. He must have hurt his hands in the last fight. That would make this much safer for him. But when he got closer he didn’t grab his weapons, he didn’t prepare for the battle, no. He could only admire his beauty. 

His skin was a light shade but darker than his own. He had been tanned by the sun, he most likely spent a lot of time outside. His eyelashes were blonde, like his explosive hair. Muscular arms were strangely relaxed, his palms were face down on his stomach and one leg was crossed over the other. 

How has he not awoken? His face was still peaceful, but exhausted. He didn’t want to fight him!

The Fey opened his eyes quickly and made a furious face before rolling over backward and attempting to blast the hunter in the face. But he just made a pained noise and gripped his palms. Every ounce of his posture said he wanted to fight but the hunter knew he was going to run. 

The Fey sprinted towards the mountains. That was most likely where his family was and if he got closer to them he was dead. 

He chased after the Fey, his head pounding and his whole being wanting nothing more than to leave the creature alone. He grabbed his metal lasso and caught his ankle. The Fey hissed and tears dripped down the hunters face. 

He didn’t want to hurt him. But he made a promise he would stop this war. He tugged the Fey towards himself and tossed the net around him. The Fey screamed and wriggled around making the hunter cry even more. 

“Why are you crying,” the Fey hissed. 

“I’m sorry, I have to do this.” 

“Don’t be a weak fuck! Kill me if you’re going to kill me!” 

“I’m not going to kill you, let’s go.” He wiped his tears on his sleeves, appalled by his behaviour. He had never done this before. He was better than this. He hardened his heart and grabbed the net pulling the Fae along with him. The Fae hissed. 

“Where are you taking me?!” 

“There’s an island for your kind.” 

“A prison?” His voice suddenly grew serious. He was no longer fighting a battle he wouldn’t win, he was getting intel. 

“No, an island. We send violent Fae there.” 

“We wouldn’t be violent if you would stop killing us!” 

“You first.” The hunter remembered his past and his heart returned to his hardened shelf. He pulled the Fey along who hissed at the metal burning his skin. 

“You know that you’re breaking up families!” 


The Fey growled. “You humans started this war!” 


“The Fey did nothing wr-” 

“Fey killed the only people I ever loved so you better watch your tongue.” 

He didn’t pretend not to notice the tinge of sadness in the eyes of his captive. But it was immediately overtaken with anger. “I lost people too pal, to humans.” 

He stopped tugging the Fey along. He knew they were tricky, he was probably trying to find a weak point so he could escape. But with his hands the way they were he could ask a few questions. “Who?”

“My mother, my best friend.” 

Don’t show weakness. Don’t.

“Mine too… now let’s move. There are more Fey where you’re heading… you won’t be alone.” Like I am. 

“I don’t want to go to your Fey prison! LET ME GO!!!” 

Saying nothing he tugged him along. The Fey fought him for hours but eventually gave up temporarily and let himself be pulled closer to the humans, desperately trying to come up with something, anything he could do to save himself. 

His hands were raw from fighting off those three humans. He couldn’t be healed enough to use his magic for a day… that’s it! 

The fey flopped onto the ground. Wincing at the sting from the iron. 

“What is it now?” The hunter grumbled. Even without shoes the Fey was taller than him and much stronger than him too. Tugging the unwilling participant was really getting tiring. But now he was laying face down on the ground. 

“My feet hurt. You have to carry me.” 

“The iron will hurt more if I carry you.” 

“Does it look like I care?”

The hunter groaned and then kneeled down, picked up the Fey and tossed him over his shoulder. Katsuki hissed again. The pain really was worse. But it wasn’t unmanageable. This would slow him down enough his hands could heal and he could escape. It would be close and he would have to go a long distance to get back to the others but it would work. 

They hiked in silence, uneasy silence for both of them. But suddenly the silence wasn’t so quiet. Growling surrounded them. The hunted unsheathed his sword and set Katsuki down. 

“Let me out!” Katsuki shouted as he saw a pack of wolves come out of hiding. 

“Not enough time… I will protect you!” 

Why, why was he protecting his prisoner? 

The wolves leapt at the Fae left and right but the hunter stopped them all. He cut through the pack with his sword, the wolves yelping and fighting back. One bit through his arm but he didn’t even bat an eye, instead he sliced it’s neck and threw it at the others. Every time they even looked at Katsuki he slayed them or let himself take the fall. The surviving wolves limped away, whimpering and licking their wounds. The second they were far enough away, the hunter fell to the ground. He looked over at the Fey. His eyes were confused, and terrified. Despite the pride and ego underneath, nothing about this made sense to Katsuki. 

The hunter, that stupid human, crawled over and pulled the iron net off of him. He coughed up blood and whimpered, “you deserve to be free. I should have never taken you captive.” 

This human saved him and now he was going to die as punishment! No, he refused to be indebted to a human’s sacrificial ghost!

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