“Deku turned into a WHAT?!”

Kirishima held the sobbing kindergartener in one arm the other holding the phone. “Kindergartener… I think.” 

“Explain to me again how the fuck this happened.”

“Well today I had a grapefruit for lunch.” 

“I don’t give a fuck about your breakfast! Tell me why Deku is suddenly a mini nerd again!”

“The grapefruit part is important. Anyways, I had only a grapefruit for lunch so I was a little woozy during our practice. We had a new intern who was learning how to control her power and accidentally stumbled. I went to catch her but I was too dizzy so Midoriya did and well…”

“Lemme guess, her quirk is age regression?”


“Is he a child on the inside too?”

“Um, most likely.” 

“I’ll be right there.” 

The whole drive to Mirku’s Agency where dumbass shitty hair and his boyfriend were. Kindergarten… would he recognize him he wondered. That was a time in their lives he wished he could redo. He was one of the only people he ever wanted to be around, he made him feel better, stronger. But by doing so it gave him easy access to put him down. So he did. He was an easy kid to tease, so he did. 

It was fun to push him around, he ignored the tight feeling in his chest when he got back up. He could never make him stop coming back to him. 

Maybe this was his chance to make it right. 

He had long since been forgiven, but that didn’t change the fact that he hurt him, that he hurt him for years. Years of loving kisses and affirmations will never undo that damage. But maybe this could help. He had a chance to be with his younger self and make him understand things aren’t that way anymore. 

And they never will again. 

He arrived at the training center to hear a familiar wail. He opened the door to the training center and saw kirishima holding a tiny Izuku and a big T-shirt with a knot at the bottom. He looked over and his eyes lit up. “Kacchan got big!!” 

“Come here you brat.” He held his hands up and Izuku wiggled out of Kirishima’s hold to get into his arms. 

Katsuki picked him up and set him on his hip. “Shitty hair I’m blaming you.” 

“Noo, it wasn’t Mr.Kiritima’s fault.” 

All the girls awed and Kirishima’s face grew a bright smile. 

“He was always really bad at pronunciation.” 

Izuku looked down with a soft frown on his face. Katsuki rolled his eyes. “Quit crying you big baby.” 

Izuku started sniffling and tears dripped down his face. Everyone gasped and looked at Katsuki like he kicked a puppy. 

“Ease up, short stack. You’re making me look bad.” 

“Sowwy…” he sniffled and wiped his nose on his wrist. 

“Oi, we wipe our noses in tissues.” He grabbed a tissue paper and pinched it over his nose. “Blow.” 

Izuku blew his nose into the tissue and then Katsuki incinerated the paper. “There, was that so hard?” He asked. Izuku shook his head no. Katsuki ruffled his hair and he giggled in return. 

The smiled at the kid and looked up to see the entire team looking at him with wide eyes. “Didn’t know you were good with kids,” Kirishima said. 

“I’m fucking not.” 

Izuku’s mouth made an ‘o’ and he gasped saying, “Kacchan said a bad word!” 

“I’m full of them, so tell me what the plan is on getting him back to normal?”

“We need to take him to Recovery Girl,” Kirishima stated. 

“Then stop the yackin and get packin!” Mirku interjected from who knows where. Mirku immediately started howling in laughter at her bad pun. “He’s my best employee, I want him back and working pronto.” 

“Yeah yeah, whatever, let’s go Deku.” He left with Izuku in his arms wearing a pleased little smile and holding onto Katsuki’s shirt. It was his day off. Or at least it was going to be until Shitty Hair fucked it up. He had a whole week’s worth of cooking to do in one day and Shitty Hair fucked. It. up. 

But the little child nestled into his chest was making it feel a little better. Maybe he can put up with this for just today. 

But when they finally got to Recovery Girl,

“It could be several weeks before he is back to normal.” 

Katsuki’s eyes grew incredibly wide, he turned to look at Kirishima and the Intern and bit his tongue to avoid chewing them both the fuck out. He looked at the bundle in his arms and shook his head. 

“I’ll make it work.” 

Little Izuku looked up with shining eyes. “Thank you Kacchan!” He said hugging him tighter 

He rubbed his head before shrugging it off. This wasn’t going to be a big deal. He could handle this. 

He lay on his back staring at the celining while tiny Izuku starfished over his body. He couldn’t take weeks of this. 


“So who’s turn is it to take Deku?” Katsuki said with a middle school Deku clinging tightly to his leg.”

“I believe it is my turn!” Iida said chopping the air. 

Izuku hid behind Katsuki who rolled his eyes and pushed him in front of his legs. “Deku, I have hero work to do. Stay with glasses, got it?”

He nodded with sad eyes. 

Katsuki kneeled and ruffled his hair. “Deku. It’ll be fine. I’ll come back I promise.” 

Izuku smiled and nodded, holding the spot where his hand was as Katsuki left. Despite not wanting to, he thought about the nerd all day. He wanted him to go back to normal but he can’t say he wasn’t liking the fact Deku only wanted to be with him. But something was giving him a bad vibe. 

“Bakugou!!” His walkie shouted. 

“Jesus Christ, don’t just start a conversation by yelling!!” He snapped back. 

“Iida’s house, it’s been attacked!!”

To be continued…

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