Katsuki growled and shouted into the phone, “Where is he?!” 

“I don’t know I haven’t gotten there yet, just hurry!” 

He knew he couldn’t trust any of these losers with someone so important! Dammit! The League could very easily kill him in this state and then One for All would be lost forever. Not like they knew that but still. 

He blasted past all of the heroes and landed in Glasses’ front lawn. It was crawling with Villains. He blew past them all, some of them even diving out of the way to avoid his wrath. He kicked down the bedroom door and saw Glasses on the ground with his head underneath Dabi’s foot. 

“Oi oi oi!” Katsuki chided. “You better fucking leave before I kill you all.” 

“Ah once again a hero uses a threat of force,” Shigaraki said darkly. 

“Says the one whose friend has a boot on an innocent’s face.”

“No one is innocent in this war.” 

“Says the one that wants to off a kid.” 

“One that is conveniently missing.” 

Missing? Thank god. 

“So you’re going to tell us where he is. We couldn’t get an answer out of him,” Shigaraki said gesturing towards Iida on the floor unconscious. He found a new respect for Iida then. Even being beaten he didn’t tell them where Deku was. This was good for Katsuki because they could use a quirk to force him to tell the truth, but he still wouldn’t know where Deku was. But they would have a hard of a fuck time even getting him to that point. He counted his enemies. He was inside, so AP shot only. He couldn’t just destroy the room, he had a hunch Deku was hidden somewhere inside. There was burnt fucker, stab bitch, crusted dick-in-charge, and even Stain wanna-be. That was too many to take in such a confined area. He would have to rely on his physical strength. 

Stab Bitch came at him first, attempting to slice his shoulder. He pushed her out of the way and tackled Burnt Fucker to the ground to keep him from suffocating Iida to death. But now he was on the ground and that was a horrible place to be when against high numbers. Where the fuck was his back up. 

“If you’re wondering where your help is, we got a low lifer to make a shield for us, it’ll last who knows how long!” 

Then he was going to take them down himself. 

Lizard came at him and he dodged out of the way. His strength and years of training were evident. Shigaraki watched as they all came at him at once. He blasted Dabi into the wall but he bounced back in record speed and seared his shoulder making him scream in pain. Distracted by his burnt flesh Toga stabbed her knife into his shoulder. He screamed again but refused to go down. He blasted her out the window but Shigaraki grabbed his wrist in a four-finger hold. 

“Ah ah ah, not so fast. Let’s be candid here. Tell me where he is, or I will take away your precious hands. I’ve done it before I’ll do it again.”

“Don’t hurt Kacchan!” a small voice said from the closet. Dread filled every inch of Katsuki’s stomach. No. 

Shigaraki kept his hold and gestured to the closet. Spinner opened the door with his tail and inside was a tear-stained middle-schooler. 

“Deku! Don’t be a dumbass!” 

“I’ll come with you,” he sniffled. “So please don’t hurt Kacchan anymore!” 

“Spinner, get the kid.” 

He was not about to get fucking saved by a middle schooler again. “Deku don’t do this!!” 

“It’s ok Kacchan,” he said calming his tears. “You just looked like you needed saving.” 

Not again. NOT AGAIN! This can’t be happening. 

“Not a muscle.” Shigaraki brushed his wrist with his ring finger, the pinkie finger getting closer. 

He looked desperately at Deku to see a glint in his eye, a challenge. Using One for All Izuku threw Spinner onto Shigaraki who instinctively released his wrist to catch himself from falling. Katsuki spun around and blasted Shigaraki into the ground knocking him unconscious. 

“Shit!” Toga shouted. 

“We’re getting out of here.” Dabi grabbed his unconscious leader and they all fled. Izuku looked at his broken arm and fell to his knees. Katsuki rushed up and grabbed his head, cradling it against his stomach. 

“You did really good Deku, fooled me for a moment there.” 

“Kacchan…” he whimpered. 

He very hesitantly rubbed his back while they waited for the shield to go down. Izuku was sent to the hospital and they held him until he had returned to his adult size. Iida was healed by Recovery girl and returned to duty immediately. 

Katsuki never talked to Deku about the time they spent together, he wasn’t sure if he even remembered it. 

Katsuki looked across the room at Deku and his friends. Deku looked tired. He shrugged before leaving the lunchroom. 

“Ne, Kacchan?”

Katsuki looked over and gave a noncommittal grunt. 

“I um…” 


“I um- I… never mind.” 

“Say it.” 

“Can I um…can I sleep in your room tonight?”

“Excuse me?”

“It was ok when I was smaller…” 


Deku straightened his whole body like a ruler. “Ne… never mind….”  He walked away like a robot. Katsuki grabbed his wrist snapping him back and into his chest. Izuku splayed his hands on his chest with wide eyes for a moment before pulling his hands back as if he burned them. 


“Wha- really?!”

“But you have to lay on your back or on your side no fucking starfishing.” 


The two of them stood in front of each other for a few seconds awkwardly before Katsuki said, “come over later then I guess.” 

“Ah um, yes!” 

“Later loser.” 

“Bye Kacchan.” 

Both split ways but who’s face was redder no one knows.  

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