God damn fucking muttering. 

Why was that all this shitty human could do?

He dragged the human to an abandoned Fey school knowing that he wouldn’t live if he made it to his family. His family would probably kill him too when they saw that he tried to kidnap him. 

“You deserve to be free. I should have never taken you captive.” 

“I’m sorry I have to do this”

Both times he spoke, he was crying. Why would this human be in tears if he was trying to send him to a prison. Also maybe this human could take him to the prison when he was healed. That was going to be a while, however. The wolves did a lot of damage to this fool. 

Why did he fight so hard to protect him? Why did he care if a Fey died? Especially if he lost people too. Fey don’t kill for no reason like humans do, so he can’t imagine who killed his mother and whoever else this nerd cared about. 

Maybe that was a lie. No, this loser couldn’t lie. His eyes are too honest. His eyes bled fury when he said those words… mine too. 

So obviously that’s why he hated Fey, speciest bastard. But that doesn’t explain why he took on a pack of wolves, fighting to the point that Katsuki didn’t get a single injury. He didn’t seem to mind burning him with the iron, so why. 

“Mom,” the cracked voice muttered. 

He looked over at the nameless loser. He was soaked in sweat, his wounds were infected despite how well he cleaned them. He got some medicinal herbs so they would just have to wait this fever out. 

They were staying in a dormitory’s room. It had a bed, a chair, a desk, and a few blankets. He had to dig through the whole school to find some medical supplies. It was day three and he was still sweating through the blankets and out cold. 

But somehow he had to keep muttering. 



“‘M sorry.” 

“I’m so sorry.”

He concluded a few things from his muttering. He lost people at the hands of what he thinks is Fae. Since then he became a hunter he’s felt nothing but resentment to himself, and the most worrying, he kept calling for the leader of the Fey. All Might. He has lost considerable strength so they’ve hidden him from the humans and somehow he knows about him. He needs to find a way to ask how he knows that name without giving anything away. 

The loser was kind of beautiful ,he had to admit. His freckles shined on his pale face. His hair reminded him of Fey magic. Maybe if he was Fey they could have grown up together and he would be on their side. He wondered what his name was, but only a little. He was mostly peeved he had to watch after this asshole. He wasn’t going to let him die. 

He changed the cold rag on his forehead and the leaves on his wounds when the nerd cracked open his eyes. 

“Finally, you’re awake.” 

“You’re…  you’re saving me?”

“You saved me, just returning the favor. That is all. The second you can walk again I’m out of here.” 

For the first time since he’s seen this bastard, he smiled. It almost looked foreign on his face, like he hadn’t smiled in years. 

“Thank you,” he scratched out. 

He could tell he was falling back asleep so he said, “What’s your name?”


“Deku it is.”

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