“So what do you feel like eating Deku?”

“You don’t have to feed me and my name isn’t Deku.” Izuku replied weakly. He coughed a few times, a dry hacking cough, and pulled up the blanket. 

“You saved me I save you end of story. Now what the fuck do you want to eat DEKU.” 

“What are my options? I don’t know what Fey uses for nutrients.”

“I have enough to make porridge.”

“I would enjoy porridge… you really don’t have-”

“If you tell me to leave again I will kill you myself!” 

“I see. Then I will let you nurse me to health.” 

“Not to health bucko. I’ll get you strong enough to return home and then you’re on your own.”

“Oh I see. Guess saving you from the wolves to the point you didn’t receive a scratch wasn’t good enough.”

Katsuki’s jaw dropped. He turned around and saw the man fighting a smile. “You fucker you’re toying with me!”

“Oh am I?”

Katsuki fought a smile as well. 

“If you’re trying to get me to stay longer it isn’t working.”

“How about if I say please?”

Katsuki looked over and saw a soft smile on the bandaged face of the hunter. If he was so soft then why did he become a hunter? No, he knew the answer. For some reason he thought the Fey killed his family, humans actually killed him and you don’t see Fey massacring humans.

His rough hand gripped Katsuki’s shirt. 

“Just a joke, sorry. I don’t want to keep you from your family any longer that I have too.” 

“They know I’m alive. I wouldn’t be killed by a mere human.”

“Ah I see.”

Awkward silence.

“So you still haven’t told me your name.”

“And I ain’t telling you.”

“But you know my name, that isn’t fair.”

He was playing again. This fucking human. A week ago he was dragging him down the mountain with a cold expression and now he’s toying with him. “Katsuki, but you can’t call me that. Names are important to Fey.”

“How about Kacchan?”

“The fuck?”

“I like it.” 

“Of course you fucking do.” 

Izuku chuckled making himself wince. Katsuki frowned and looked at the wound on his side. It opened up again. 

“Fuck Deku what happened?”

“I’m not sure, I usually heal a lot faster than this.” 

“Fey medicine might not work so well… we need a healer but you aren’t in any place to move…” 

“Could you go get medicine and return?”

“No you don’t understand, we need a healer.”

“It’ll be hard to find a healer willing to heal a human.”


“I will be fine, I want you to go to your family.”

“I know someone, she’s a healer and she wouldn’t have an issue being a human but she is in the main land, a day trip away. It would be at least three days before I could come back, and somehow convince my family I am fine and then leave again.”

“I can be alone that long, just leave my rations within reach.”

“I’m going hunting and I will leave at nightfall.”

He felt a grip on his wrist and turned around to see a pair of watering eyes. “What’s wrong.”

“Be careful.”

He chuckled. “Are you afraid I won’t come back?”

“I’m afraid I won’t be able to protect you again.” 

What an embarrassing human. Which one of these faces was the real one he wonders. If he had to guess the fever was making him vulnerable and his true self was revealing. Before he realized it he was stroking his sweaty face to check his temperature. Izuku leaned into his hand. 

This stoic bloodthirsty monster was like a lonely child. It was laughable. Fuck. He would do anything for this human. One week and he was sure of it. Fuuuck 

He prepared all the food for the three days for Deku and two days for himself and as  nightfall came, he grew more and more nervous.

Will Deku be ok for three days? What if he comes back and he’s gone? What if his tribe won’t let him leave? 


He looked over to see Deku reaching for him. 

He walked over and put his hands on his forehead to check his temperature. It wasn’t any better. There is a high chance he comes back and he could be…

“Be careful Kacchan, come back to me.”

“Go to bed Deku, I’ll be back.” 

Walking away from the Dormitory made his heart clench. Fuck this human, fuck him for making him feel something for a human after a meer week. 

“I’ll come back Deku, I swear it.”

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