Sometimes smut is not what the heart needs, it’s fluff. Whether it be class 1-A hijinks or LOV shenanigans I have it all. While I have plenty of NSFW I also have plenty of SFW. Join me and feel the feels of fluff and first kisses. Looking at you bakudeku. Below I have a list of the SFW fics on the home page so you can search for one if you don’t want to scroll.

  1. Not too Bad – the League of Villains captures Deku, but they find he’s actually fun to be around.
  2. Izuku for Two – Izuku has a crush on Todoroki and Kacchan. But do they have a crush on him too?
  3. Flower Petals – Omega Izuku gets some bad news at the doctor that makes him decide to not have a romance. But why does his chest hurt so bad?
  4. Proposal in Rice Pudding – a special day goes awry.
  5. Slowdance – Kirideku fluff
  6. Reverse Quirk – Izuku gets turned into a baby and somehow the only one he wants to hold him is Bakugou
  7. Change in the Routine – busy barista meets a hero (mirideku)
  8. Cranky Barista – asshole barista vs two salary workers (kiribakudeku)
  9. Not a Villain, Not a Hero – Ground Zero finds a captive villain, and he looks awfully familiar
  10. Start my Snarl – Katsuki likes to rile up his Omega, but he goes a touch too far.
  11. Cigarettes and Sunflowers – A+ Student Bakugou has a curiosity about an older delinquent.
  12. College Parties Suck – Katsuki Bakugou can smell his soulmate, too bad he’s wasted

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