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To Win the Heart of a Fey – SFW – Ch.3

“So what do you feel like eating Deku?”

“You don’t have to feed me and my name isn’t Deku.” Izuku replied weakly. He coughed a few times, a dry hacking cough, and pulled up the blanket. 

“You saved me I save you end of story. Now what the fuck do you want to eat DEKU.” 

“What are my options? I don’t know what Fey uses for nutrients.”

“I have enough to make porridge.”

“I would enjoy porridge… you really don’t have-”

“If you tell me to leave again I will kill you myself!” 

“I see. Then I will let you nurse me to health.” 

“Not to health bucko. I’ll get you strong enough to return home and then you’re on your own.”

“Oh I see. Guess saving you from the wolves to the point you didn’t receive a scratch wasn’t good enough.”

Katsuki’s jaw dropped. He turned around and saw the man fighting a smile. “You fucker you’re toying with me!”

“Oh am I?”

Katsuki fought a smile as well. 

“If you’re trying to get me to stay longer it isn’t working.”

“How about if I say please?”

Katsuki looked over and saw a soft smile on the bandaged face of the hunter. If he was so soft then why did he become a hunter? No, he knew the answer. For some reason he thought the Fey killed his family, humans actually killed him and you don’t see Fey massacring humans.

His rough hand gripped Katsuki’s shirt. 

“Just a joke, sorry. I don’t want to keep you from your family any longer that I have too.” 

“They know I’m alive. I wouldn’t be killed by a mere human.”

“Ah I see.”

Awkward silence.

“So you still haven’t told me your name.”

“And I ain’t telling you.”

“But you know my name, that isn’t fair.”

He was playing again. This fucking human. A week ago he was dragging him down the mountain with a cold expression and now he’s toying with him. “Katsuki, but you can’t call me that. Names are important to Fey.”

“How about Kacchan?”

“The fuck?”

“I like it.” 

“Of course you fucking do.” 

Izuku chuckled making himself wince. Katsuki frowned and looked at the wound on his side. It opened up again. 

“Fuck Deku what happened?”

“I’m not sure, I usually heal a lot faster than this.” 

“Fey medicine might not work so well… we need a healer but you aren’t in any place to move…” 

“Could you go get medicine and return?”

“No you don’t understand, we need a healer.”

“It’ll be hard to find a healer willing to heal a human.”


“I will be fine, I want you to go to your family.”

“I know someone, she’s a healer and she wouldn’t have an issue being a human but she is in the main land, a day trip away. It would be at least three days before I could come back, and somehow convince my family I am fine and then leave again.”

“I can be alone that long, just leave my rations within reach.”

“I’m going hunting and I will leave at nightfall.”

He felt a grip on his wrist and turned around to see a pair of watering eyes. “What’s wrong.”

“Be careful.”

He chuckled. “Are you afraid I won’t come back?”

“I’m afraid I won’t be able to protect you again.” 

What an embarrassing human. Which one of these faces was the real one he wonders. If he had to guess the fever was making him vulnerable and his true self was revealing. Before he realized it he was stroking his sweaty face to check his temperature. Izuku leaned into his hand. 

This stoic bloodthirsty monster was like a lonely child. It was laughable. Fuck. He would do anything for this human. One week and he was sure of it. Fuuuck 

He prepared all the food for the three days for Deku and two days for himself and as  nightfall came, he grew more and more nervous.

Will Deku be ok for three days? What if he comes back and he’s gone? What if his tribe won’t let him leave? 


He looked over to see Deku reaching for him. 

He walked over and put his hands on his forehead to check his temperature. It wasn’t any better. There is a high chance he comes back and he could be…

“Be careful Kacchan, come back to me.”

“Go to bed Deku, I’ll be back.” 

Walking away from the Dormitory made his heart clench. Fuck this human, fuck him for making him feel something for a human after a meer week. 

“I’ll come back Deku, I swear it.”

Not in Love – EraserMight – NSFW

This is a commission for my dear friend. Remember, you can commission me anytime, my prices are on the home and support me page.

Shota Aizawa was a busy, tired, man. He spent all day with his students and all night either grading or making sure they weren’t escaping or being kidnapped. 

Then there’s the hero work. He was still called upon for big projects. So no sleep, no release, nothing. 

But he needed some stress relief. There was really only one place he liked to get it. Well, define like. It was 100% consensual, he kept coming back, he orgasmed of course, but was it something he liked to do?

Maybe something more along the lines of something he needed to do to take off the edge and just so happened to occasionally enjoy it. 

He texted his fuck buddy… fuck acquaintance, letting him know it was time. He got a message back immediately, of course, and made his way to the annoying man’s house. It didn’t look like the home of a pro hero, certainly not this pro hero. But sometimes he surprised him with his likes and dislikes. Sometimes he was forced to remember this loud-mouthed show off was still just a human. Sometimes that thought forced him to realize that any minute he could vanish like many other heroes. 

Great now he lost his edge, he wasn’t even horny anymore. But he already texted him so he might as well. 

He walked up to his small home and he was already waiting for him. The thin man with a guant face stood by an open door.“Welcome Aizawa, do you want some tea?”

“Sure, green is fine.” 

He sat on the couch and waited for him to bring the tea before they both sat on opposite sides of the couch and exchanged small talk like they weren’t about to break his bed again. He said he modified it so it wouldn’t happen again, but everyone knows how vigarious he is about everything, lovemaking being one of them. 

“How is teaching going are you getting the hang of it?”

“I would if the students weren’t so lazy and illdisciplined.” 

The fond chuckle that came from Toshinori’s mouth shook him slightly. He tapped his thumb on his hand to clear the thought. 

“Oh Aizawa, the whole point of teaching is to mend their ways, is it not?”

Shota shook his head. “Some minds can’t be mended.” 

“You know that isn’t true.” 

An involuntary smile spread on his face. He immediately lost it and decided the time for small talk was over. 

He walked over to him and put one hand by his shoulder and the other on Toshinori’s chest. “Maybe you should convince me.” 

Toshinori siled and gave him a small kiss. “Oh should I?”

“What do you think?” 

“I think I should.” He grabbed the back of his neck and pulled him into a passionate kiss full of tongue and teeth. For someone of his age he had lots of vigour. They pushed back and forth until Shota was lying on the couch with his arms above his head getting his neck attacked by kisses. “No marks, I don’t feel like explaining that to anyone.”

“Oh, but you wear a scarf,” he said before giving a dangerous bite. 

“Toshi, no.” 

“Very well,” he said switching to light kisses. His thin fingers brushed on his hole, damp with lube, before intering slowly. Shota tightened on his fingers and threw his head back with a groan. 

“Relax,” he cooed. 

Shota did as he was told and allowed the probing fingers to enter him completely. He pumped them in and out, swirling around and teasing his prostate. Shota fully relaxed and moaned at the gentle treatment. His chest was warm in a way he wasn’t completely used to. He spread his legs instinctively ready for more. 

“So eager,” he heard closer to his ear than he was expecting. 

“Please,” he muttered. “I’m ready.” 

He felt like he was falling apart in his arms, so vulnerable, so open and willing. It almost scared him… almost. 

Even in his smaller form this man had an impressive length. So every time he entered him he felt a great strain on his body. He opened his legs further hoping the change in position would make him feel better. He felt a soft genuine kiss on his temple. “Can I move?”

Shota nodded, giving him permission to take. He thrust into him gentle at first but soon the pace was relentless. He pounded into him at a speed such a skinny frame shouldn’t be able to give. Shota held onto the couch like a lifeline, losing himself to the motions. He felt an orgasm rolling out of him like a wave. He gasped and came on both of their stomachs whil Toshinori pulled out as well coming onto Shota’s stomach. 

They both panted out of breath before Toshinori kissed his temple again, a soft gesture that confused Shota. He couldn’t stay here. He made an excuse, cleaned up, and left leaving a confused and saddened Toshinori. 

They both didn’t speak a word to the other until one day Shota was flipping through channels and saw: 

NEWS ALERT: All Might injured in battle this morning, condition unknown!!! 

He ran out the door, barely remembering to lock the door and sprinted to the Hero Hospital. The location is unknown for the general pubic, but he is not the general public. He opened the door and ran to the front welcome center flashing his Hero License and said. “I need to go to Toshinori’s room.” 

“Ah yes, not a problem he is in the lower level B5.” 

“Thank you.” 

He rushed down the stairs not having the patience for an elevator and opened the door to see a perfectly healthy Toshinori with a few bandages on in a hospital bed. 

“Sho- Aizawa I wasn’t expecting to see you.”

“You look fine.” 


“The news said your condition was unknown but you look fine.” His voice was unreadable, both empty and full of emotion. 

“Ah yes, we haven’t made an official report so I could have some more time to rest. We planned to make it tomorrow.” 

He kneeled on the ground and gave a long sigh. “You idiot, I was worried about you.” 

The nurse in the room slowly walked out shutting the blinds as she left to insure they have privacy. 

“Come here.” He held his hand out to him and Shota complied. He walked into Toshinori’s arms and rested his head on his shoulder. Why does he care about htis idiot?

“Why were you worried.” 

“It said condition unknown and I didn’t know whether or not you were on the brink of death or…” 

Toshinori stroked his hand and brought it to his lips. “I will not worry you again.” 

“You can’t promise that.” 

“I suppose I can’t. Then I swear on my life, I will do everything in my power not to worry you again.” 

“I’ll take it.”

Their lips met naturally, as if that is what they were made for. Their tongues mixed in a playful dance that soon turned much more passionate and powerful. Toshinori reached for his face but winced as he moved the IV. Shota climbed on top of the hosital bed and pulled up his hospital robe happy to see his length was already hardened. He gave him lazy strokes while leaning over to give long kisses. Toshinori came on his hand with a groan and Shota used it to lubricate his entrance. As soon as he felt himself wet enough he sat down on Toshinori’s thick cock. 

The overwhelming feeling only just surmounting the previous one. He lifted and lowered his hips almost unable to keep the rythmn from the sheer amount of pleasure he felt. Toshinori helped by holding onto his hips and thrusting up into them. 

“Fuck,” he groan dropping down hard, his prostate’s abuse making itself known. Toshinori clenched his teeth and fucked up into him again. “Sho-” 

Shota’s eyes opened wide. 

“Aizawa,” Toshinori corrected. 

“No, say it.” 

“Shota.” He grabbed his cheeks and pulled him down for a long kiss. “Shota,” he said again thrusting into him. 

Shota came onto thier stomachs and collaped onto his chest. They both panted out of breath before sharing another kiss. 

“Remind me to get injured more often.” 

“Purposefully get injured and I will end you.” 

Toshinori chuckled and Shota couldn’t help but chuckle too. 

“We better clean up before the nurse comes back in here,” Toshinori chuckled.

Shota looked down at his come stained shirt and chuckled as well. “And get me a new shirt.”

Far Out of Reach – NSFW (torture) – bakudeku

CW: brief torture

“Don’t touch him!! I’ll kill you I’ll fucking kill you!” Katsuki pulled at his restraints will all his strength, droplets of blood dripping from his wrists. 

Deku’s screams are etched into his mind. The last ten hours of them trapped here will weigh on his soul for the rest of his life. He knows he isn’t dying here, not without being the number one hero. Not being forced to watch the life drain from once happy green eyes. 

Deku leaned against the floor, panting, with his back torn to shreds. 

“Fucking HURT ME!!! HURT ME INSTEAD!!!” 

The villain swung his whip in a circle humming. “Oh but I am! It hurts you much more to be useless, Shonen.” 

“It’s ok… Kacchan it’s ok,” a weak voice said. 

He more heard the snap of the whip than saw it when fresh blood splattered against the wall. Deku grimaced but stayed brave. The fact that pain never stopped Deku made him feel slightly better, but Deku was still over there in shambles while Katsuki had barely but a black eye. 

He pissed this villain off. He humiliated him in front of the other villains by mocking him after a defeat, so now he had to prove that he was worthy of villainous respect by destroying the one fucker that did nothing wrong slowly in front of him. It was their last year, and this fucking happens. 

His head was tied so that he was forced to look at Deku’s destroyed naked body and pretend he felt nothing. 

“You fucker, I’ll kill you! Leave him alone, he didn’t do anything wrong!!!” 

He grabbed his club and bashed Deku’s ribs. He heard a whistle in his whimper and knew his lung was punctured. 

Was Deku going to die? 

“Please… Please don’t hurt him. I’ll do anything.” Unwilling tears slipped down his cheeks. “Please.” 

“No… Kacchan don’t,” he said between wheezes. 

“Oh so you do have a heart. Very interesting.” 

“You fucker,” he growled. 

“Ah ah ah! You need to be careful or I might have to see how easy it is to remove skin!”

Deku let out a quiet sob, certainly knowing how dire this situation was. 

Katsuki wanted to spit in his face but he didn’t. He made eye contact with Deku who looked up at him with determination despite the running tears. 

“Well no time like the present!” 

“NO!” Katsuki shouted. 

Suddenly three shots rang in the air and the villain fell to the ground.

Katsuki tried to look over but his head was forced to look forward. He saw light in Deku’s eyes and knew it was a hero that found them.

“You alright boy?” Snipe said, releasing him. 

Sun Eater knelt by Deku’s side and suddenly he was pulled from the feeling of relief of being rescued and sprinted to Deku’s side throwing Sun Eater away and covering Deku’s mangled body with his own.

He looked like a savage dog protecting his mate. “Don’t touch him!” He spat.

“Easy, we’re heroes, remember?” 

“Kacchan?” Deku whispered. 

More heroes came in and he cradled Deku into his chest. He lost consciousness slowly, a small smile on his face. 

His heart was beating so strong he couldn’t hear the heroes around him debating what to do, calling out to him. 

No, he only cared about the limp body in his arms. 

Suddenly he felt a sharp pinch and fell off to the side of his Deku. He reached out blindly for him while they took him away. 

He awoke in a flash with no dreams in a hospital bed. His only thought was ‘Deku.’ 

Yanking out his IV he crept through the hospital, checking every room until he found him. He was covered in bandages lying weakly on the bed, asleep. 

Katsuki scanned the room, seeing no one else. He opened the door and walked up to his… friend? Rival? 

Walked up to his Deku and brushed a sweaty curl from out of his face. He looked better, but not completely healed. Without hesitation, he crawled into his bed and pulled him against his chest back facing the door. Deku smiled in his sleep and Katsuki stroked his hair. 

“It’s alright,” he said gruffly. “I’m here.” 


When Izuku awoke he was amazed to see Kacchan asleep next to him. He must have died, there’s no way this isn’t heaven. Kacchan’s eyes fluttered open and he made a dark concerned expression. 


He grunted in response. 

“Why are you in my bed?”

“Just in case some extra thinks they can kidnap you again.” 

Izuku’s eyes watered immediately and Kacchan pinched his nose. 


“Don’t cry.” 

Izuku nodded. Wow, Kacchan was in his bed and holding him.

“…go back to bed Deku.” 

“Hm, ok.” He snuggled into his chest with a smile. 

But something odd was happening after that. It was like Katsuki was ‘on guard.’ As if he couldn’t let Izuku out of his watch. He glared at anyone that got close to him, he even slept in his room.

Izuku had been longing for his attention for months but this kind of attention was too much. He felt like Kacchan didn’t think he could take care of himself anymore and that wasn’t acceptable. 

The hardest part, he was right next to him but felt so far away. He sat by the door in his room like a watchdog, he refused to let anyone touch him, he was lonely despite the fact he never left him alone. 

He wanted his old Kacchan back. 

One day he slipped to the bathroom without telling anyone after dinner and took a long shower. He walked out and Uraraka shouted, “There you are! Hurry, Bakugou is going crazy!” 

He felt the dread set in and he followed Uraraka to the main hall where Kacchan was snarling like a monster. “Where is he?!”

“For the last time, we don’t know. Now sit down Bakugou or I’ll make you.” Todoroki pressed an icy finger in his chest. 

Right as Kacchan was taking an inhale to yell Izuku shouted, “Kacchan!” 

He turned around and the pure relief on his face melted Izuku’s dread. He was just scared. Suddenly without warning, he rushed into his arms holding him close and cradling his head. “You fucker!” 

The whole class watched in shock as Izuku pat his spikey hair and said in a meek voice, “I’m sorry for worrying you.” 

Katsuki shook slightly in his arms. “Kacchan? Let’s go talk.”


They left the room and headed to Izuku’s room where they sat on the bed, Kacchan’s head hung low. 

“Kacchan, I’m a hero you know.” 

“You ain’t graduated.” 

“Hai hai, but I will be one, something like… that, will happen again.” 


“So I need to know if you’re going to fight besides me, or if you’ll be treating me like I can’t defend myself.” 

“Oi!” Katsuki said, looking up with fury in his eyes. “I’m not doing that.” 

“It feels that way…” 

Katsuki rubbed his neck and growled. “Look, you don’t know what it was like to be trapped, unable to help you, save you…” 

Izuku frowned softly and nodded. He grabbed Katsuki’s hands, noticing how sweaty his palms were. He played with his crooked fingers in silence for a few moments. “Kacchan, you did save me.” 


“You saved me by being there, by being here.” 

He could tell by his eyes that he didn’t understand. 

“Knowing that if I was going to die it wouldn’t be alone, and now that you are with me, that’s how you saved me.” 

Katsuki shook his head and smiled. “You’re so weird Deku.” 

Izuku chuckled too. 

“But you’re right I guess.” 

Kacchan admitted I was right! 

“So don’t go get kidnapped again. I’ll leave you alone.” He stood up to leave and Izuku grabbed his sleeve. 

“Please stay.” 


Katsuki sat back down on the bed and Izuku held onto his sleeve, rubbing it between his fingers. “Ne, Kacchan? Can you um…” 

“Shut up Deku.” Katsuki grabbed his chin and pointed it upwards before pressing a soft gentle kiss on his mouth. Izuku looked up at him with stars in his eyes and he kissed him once more. Izuku kissed under his jaw and cuddled into his chest. 

“Don’t go.” Katsuki said. 

“I won’t.” 



“Good, now fucking go to bed.” 

Grow Down – Chapter 2 – SFW – bakudeku

Katsuki growled and shouted into the phone, “Where is he?!” 

“I don’t know I haven’t gotten there yet, just hurry!” 

He knew he couldn’t trust any of these losers with someone so important! Dammit! The League could very easily kill him in this state and then One for All would be lost forever. Not like they knew that but still. 

He blasted past all of the heroes and landed in Glasses’ front lawn. It was crawling with Villains. He blew past them all, some of them even diving out of the way to avoid his wrath. He kicked down the bedroom door and saw Glasses on the ground with his head underneath Dabi’s foot. 

“Oi oi oi!” Katsuki chided. “You better fucking leave before I kill you all.” 

“Ah once again a hero uses a threat of force,” Shigaraki said darkly. 

“Says the one whose friend has a boot on an innocent’s face.”

“No one is innocent in this war.” 

“Says the one that wants to off a kid.” 

“One that is conveniently missing.” 

Missing? Thank god. 

“So you’re going to tell us where he is. We couldn’t get an answer out of him,” Shigaraki said gesturing towards Iida on the floor unconscious. He found a new respect for Iida then. Even being beaten he didn’t tell them where Deku was. This was good for Katsuki because they could use a quirk to force him to tell the truth, but he still wouldn’t know where Deku was. But they would have a hard of a fuck time even getting him to that point. He counted his enemies. He was inside, so AP shot only. He couldn’t just destroy the room, he had a hunch Deku was hidden somewhere inside. There was burnt fucker, stab bitch, crusted dick-in-charge, and even Stain wanna-be. That was too many to take in such a confined area. He would have to rely on his physical strength. 

Stab Bitch came at him first, attempting to slice his shoulder. He pushed her out of the way and tackled Burnt Fucker to the ground to keep him from suffocating Iida to death. But now he was on the ground and that was a horrible place to be when against high numbers. Where the fuck was his back up. 

“If you’re wondering where your help is, we got a low lifer to make a shield for us, it’ll last who knows how long!” 

Then he was going to take them down himself. 

Lizard came at him and he dodged out of the way. His strength and years of training were evident. Shigaraki watched as they all came at him at once. He blasted Dabi into the wall but he bounced back in record speed and seared his shoulder making him scream in pain. Distracted by his burnt flesh Toga stabbed her knife into his shoulder. He screamed again but refused to go down. He blasted her out the window but Shigaraki grabbed his wrist in a four-finger hold. 

“Ah ah ah, not so fast. Let’s be candid here. Tell me where he is, or I will take away your precious hands. I’ve done it before I’ll do it again.”

“Don’t hurt Kacchan!” a small voice said from the closet. Dread filled every inch of Katsuki’s stomach. No. 

Shigaraki kept his hold and gestured to the closet. Spinner opened the door with his tail and inside was a tear-stained middle-schooler. 

“Deku! Don’t be a dumbass!” 

“I’ll come with you,” he sniffled. “So please don’t hurt Kacchan anymore!” 

“Spinner, get the kid.” 

He was not about to get fucking saved by a middle schooler again. “Deku don’t do this!!” 

“It’s ok Kacchan,” he said calming his tears. “You just looked like you needed saving.” 

Not again. NOT AGAIN! This can’t be happening. 

“Not a muscle.” Shigaraki brushed his wrist with his ring finger, the pinkie finger getting closer. 

He looked desperately at Deku to see a glint in his eye, a challenge. Using One for All Izuku threw Spinner onto Shigaraki who instinctively released his wrist to catch himself from falling. Katsuki spun around and blasted Shigaraki into the ground knocking him unconscious. 

“Shit!” Toga shouted. 

“We’re getting out of here.” Dabi grabbed his unconscious leader and they all fled. Izuku looked at his broken arm and fell to his knees. Katsuki rushed up and grabbed his head, cradling it against his stomach. 

“You did really good Deku, fooled me for a moment there.” 

“Kacchan…” he whimpered. 

He very hesitantly rubbed his back while they waited for the shield to go down. Izuku was sent to the hospital and they held him until he had returned to his adult size. Iida was healed by Recovery girl and returned to duty immediately. 

Katsuki never talked to Deku about the time they spent together, he wasn’t sure if he even remembered it. 

Katsuki looked across the room at Deku and his friends. Deku looked tired. He shrugged before leaving the lunchroom. 

“Ne, Kacchan?”

Katsuki looked over and gave a noncommittal grunt. 

“I um…” 


“I um- I… never mind.” 

“Say it.” 

“Can I um…can I sleep in your room tonight?”

“Excuse me?”

“It was ok when I was smaller…” 


Deku straightened his whole body like a ruler. “Ne… never mind….”  He walked away like a robot. Katsuki grabbed his wrist snapping him back and into his chest. Izuku splayed his hands on his chest with wide eyes for a moment before pulling his hands back as if he burned them. 


“Wha- really?!”

“But you have to lay on your back or on your side no fucking starfishing.” 


The two of them stood in front of each other for a few seconds awkwardly before Katsuki said, “come over later then I guess.” 

“Ah um, yes!” 

“Later loser.” 

“Bye Kacchan.” 

Both split ways but who’s face was redder no one knows.  

To Win the Heart of a Fey – bkdk – SFW – Chapter 2


God damn fucking muttering. 

Why was that all this shitty human could do?

He dragged the human to an abandoned Fey school knowing that he wouldn’t live if he made it to his family. His family would probably kill him too when they saw that he tried to kidnap him. 

“You deserve to be free. I should have never taken you captive.” 

“I’m sorry I have to do this”

Both times he spoke, he was crying. Why would this human be in tears if he was trying to send him to a prison. Also maybe this human could take him to the prison when he was healed. That was going to be a while, however. The wolves did a lot of damage to this fool. 

Why did he fight so hard to protect him? Why did he care if a Fey died? Especially if he lost people too. Fey don’t kill for no reason like humans do, so he can’t imagine who killed his mother and whoever else this nerd cared about. 

Maybe that was a lie. No, this loser couldn’t lie. His eyes are too honest. His eyes bled fury when he said those words… mine too. 

So obviously that’s why he hated Fey, speciest bastard. But that doesn’t explain why he took on a pack of wolves, fighting to the point that Katsuki didn’t get a single injury. He didn’t seem to mind burning him with the iron, so why. 

“Mom,” the cracked voice muttered. 

He looked over at the nameless loser. He was soaked in sweat, his wounds were infected despite how well he cleaned them. He got some medicinal herbs so they would just have to wait this fever out. 

They were staying in a dormitory’s room. It had a bed, a chair, a desk, and a few blankets. He had to dig through the whole school to find some medical supplies. It was day three and he was still sweating through the blankets and out cold. 

But somehow he had to keep muttering. 



“‘M sorry.” 

“I’m so sorry.”

He concluded a few things from his muttering. He lost people at the hands of what he thinks is Fae. Since then he became a hunter he’s felt nothing but resentment to himself, and the most worrying, he kept calling for the leader of the Fey. All Might. He has lost considerable strength so they’ve hidden him from the humans and somehow he knows about him. He needs to find a way to ask how he knows that name without giving anything away. 

The loser was kind of beautiful ,he had to admit. His freckles shined on his pale face. His hair reminded him of Fey magic. Maybe if he was Fey they could have grown up together and he would be on their side. He wondered what his name was, but only a little. He was mostly peeved he had to watch after this asshole. He wasn’t going to let him die. 

He changed the cold rag on his forehead and the leaves on his wounds when the nerd cracked open his eyes. 

“Finally, you’re awake.” 

“You’re…  you’re saving me?”

“You saved me, just returning the favor. That is all. The second you can walk again I’m out of here.” 

For the first time since he’s seen this bastard, he smiled. It almost looked foreign on his face, like he hadn’t smiled in years. 

“Thank you,” he scratched out. 

He could tell he was falling back asleep so he said, “What’s your name?”


“Deku it is.”

Grow down – SFW – Bakudeku

“Deku turned into a WHAT?!”

Kirishima held the sobbing kindergartener in one arm the other holding the phone. “Kindergartener… I think.” 

“Explain to me again how the fuck this happened.”

“Well today I had a grapefruit for lunch.” 

“I don’t give a fuck about your breakfast! Tell me why Deku is suddenly a mini nerd again!”

“The grapefruit part is important. Anyways, I had only a grapefruit for lunch so I was a little woozy during our practice. We had a new intern who was learning how to control her power and accidentally stumbled. I went to catch her but I was too dizzy so Midoriya did and well…”

“Lemme guess, her quirk is age regression?”


“Is he a child on the inside too?”

“Um, most likely.” 

“I’ll be right there.” 

The whole drive to Mirku’s Agency where dumbass shitty hair and his boyfriend were. Kindergarten… would he recognize him he wondered. That was a time in their lives he wished he could redo. He was one of the only people he ever wanted to be around, he made him feel better, stronger. But by doing so it gave him easy access to put him down. So he did. He was an easy kid to tease, so he did. 

It was fun to push him around, he ignored the tight feeling in his chest when he got back up. He could never make him stop coming back to him. 

Maybe this was his chance to make it right. 

He had long since been forgiven, but that didn’t change the fact that he hurt him, that he hurt him for years. Years of loving kisses and affirmations will never undo that damage. But maybe this could help. He had a chance to be with his younger self and make him understand things aren’t that way anymore. 

And they never will again. 

He arrived at the training center to hear a familiar wail. He opened the door to the training center and saw kirishima holding a tiny Izuku and a big T-shirt with a knot at the bottom. He looked over and his eyes lit up. “Kacchan got big!!” 

“Come here you brat.” He held his hands up and Izuku wiggled out of Kirishima’s hold to get into his arms. 

Katsuki picked him up and set him on his hip. “Shitty hair I’m blaming you.” 

“Noo, it wasn’t Mr.Kiritima’s fault.” 

All the girls awed and Kirishima’s face grew a bright smile. 

“He was always really bad at pronunciation.” 

Izuku looked down with a soft frown on his face. Katsuki rolled his eyes. “Quit crying you big baby.” 

Izuku started sniffling and tears dripped down his face. Everyone gasped and looked at Katsuki like he kicked a puppy. 

“Ease up, short stack. You’re making me look bad.” 

“Sowwy…” he sniffled and wiped his nose on his wrist. 

“Oi, we wipe our noses in tissues.” He grabbed a tissue paper and pinched it over his nose. “Blow.” 

Izuku blew his nose into the tissue and then Katsuki incinerated the paper. “There, was that so hard?” He asked. Izuku shook his head no. Katsuki ruffled his hair and he giggled in return. 

The smiled at the kid and looked up to see the entire team looking at him with wide eyes. “Didn’t know you were good with kids,” Kirishima said. 

“I’m fucking not.” 

Izuku’s mouth made an ‘o’ and he gasped saying, “Kacchan said a bad word!” 

“I’m full of them, so tell me what the plan is on getting him back to normal?”

“We need to take him to Recovery Girl,” Kirishima stated. 

“Then stop the yackin and get packin!” Mirku interjected from who knows where. Mirku immediately started howling in laughter at her bad pun. “He’s my best employee, I want him back and working pronto.” 

“Yeah yeah, whatever, let’s go Deku.” He left with Izuku in his arms wearing a pleased little smile and holding onto Katsuki’s shirt. It was his day off. Or at least it was going to be until Shitty Hair fucked it up. He had a whole week’s worth of cooking to do in one day and Shitty Hair fucked. It. up. 

But the little child nestled into his chest was making it feel a little better. Maybe he can put up with this for just today. 

But when they finally got to Recovery Girl,

“It could be several weeks before he is back to normal.” 

Katsuki’s eyes grew incredibly wide, he turned to look at Kirishima and the Intern and bit his tongue to avoid chewing them both the fuck out. He looked at the bundle in his arms and shook his head. 

“I’ll make it work.” 

Little Izuku looked up with shining eyes. “Thank you Kacchan!” He said hugging him tighter 

He rubbed his head before shrugging it off. This wasn’t going to be a big deal. He could handle this. 

He lay on his back staring at the celining while tiny Izuku starfished over his body. He couldn’t take weeks of this. 


“So who’s turn is it to take Deku?” Katsuki said with a middle school Deku clinging tightly to his leg.”

“I believe it is my turn!” Iida said chopping the air. 

Izuku hid behind Katsuki who rolled his eyes and pushed him in front of his legs. “Deku, I have hero work to do. Stay with glasses, got it?”

He nodded with sad eyes. 

Katsuki kneeled and ruffled his hair. “Deku. It’ll be fine. I’ll come back I promise.” 

Izuku smiled and nodded, holding the spot where his hand was as Katsuki left. Despite not wanting to, he thought about the nerd all day. He wanted him to go back to normal but he can’t say he wasn’t liking the fact Deku only wanted to be with him. But something was giving him a bad vibe. 

“Bakugou!!” His walkie shouted. 

“Jesus Christ, don’t just start a conversation by yelling!!” He snapped back. 

“Iida’s house, it’s been attacked!!”

To be continued…

English and Virginity – NSFW – ShinKami

First time with HitDenki 

For Ashley

Hitoshi Shinso had a very important night in front of him. He had a test, he met with Aizawa for training, and most importantly he had a date that afternoon. Not just a date, the date. The date they would finally take the final step and be one. 

There had been months of kisses building up to careful touches building up to what was going to happen tonight. They were both virgins but they agreed Hitoshi could top this time. Probably most of the time if they are being honest with themselves. 

Hitoshi has done a ton of research. He was going to figure this out. He was going to give him a night of pleasure, he wasn’t going to hurt him, and they were going to fall in love. 

The first thing first he needed to do was study for his exam. It was in English prepositions. He was never a fan of English. He was planning on staying in Japan his whole life so he didn’t get why he had to bust his ass to learn the hardest language on the planet. But no, he needed to learn lots of languages to be a good hero. You never know when the villain you are tracking will flee the country and all the sudden you have to be able to live in a new nation and speak a new language. So english is a good start. 

Doesn’t mean he has to like it though. 

Somehow the loud mouth teacher was the one most fluent in English. That never really made sense to him. Why did Mic act like an idiot if he was so smart? Aizawa always said that book smart is not the same as common sense. He smiled to himself as he remembered his mentor. He would have never gotten anywhere close to the hero course without him. He would have never met the love of his life without him either. 

Denki, he was quite the enigma. He seemed stupid like Mic does but he could come up with intricate plans, and he had an excellent vocabulary. He often thinks it might be his quirk doing the damage. The more he overuses it the more taxing it is to his brain’s receptors. What will happen if he never quite learns how to avoid hurting himself when he overuses his quirk. 

The thought sends a slight twinge of pain in his chest. He really did see a future with him. Was he going to lose himself to the fog inside his mind? Slowly lose the ability to remember to do anything and leave Hitoshi behind. 

Miraculously the very person he was having horrible daydreams about texted him. 

>>>>Denki: Hey baby 

>>> I have a present waiting for you tonight

Hitoshi chuckled. 

<<<< And what would that be

>>>> Denki: If I told you it wouldn’t be a surprise. 

>>> I know you’ll like it

Hitoshi’s previous worries melted away as he smiled at his phone. He looked through his phone and hummed as he looked at all the photos they have of each other. One where they were at the zoo, one where they were stargazing. Denki had food all over his face in that photo. Oh boy was he deep in love. 

He couldn’t wait until tonight. He needed to see him sooner. 

He gave up on studying and walked straight into Denki’s dorm room. Now that he was a part of the hero course he was staying in the dorms as well. He knocked on his door and the bright happy blonde opened the door and smiled brightly. “Toshi! It’s you. I thought you had to study?” 

“I wanted to see you.” 

Denki blushed and bit his lower lip. “Well big surprise here, I want to see you too.” 

Their lips met so naturally, it was as easy as breathing. They cuddled up together in a tight hug, Denki nuzzling in his neck. “Come in.” 

The two of them shuffled around the room as they gave lazy open mouth kisses. Hitoshi leads him to the bed and Denki didn’t fight it one bit. They both landed on the cushion, Denki laying face up on the bed. He pinned his wrists and lavished him with kisses. Their tongues met like a dance, neither of them experienced but not minding a bit. Denki kissed with way too much tongue and Hitoshi with too much teeth but it was perfect. 

Going with the flow, Hitoshi tugged at Denki’s jeans and kissed at his neck. Denki helped them off and tilted his head back giving him more access to his neck. Hitoshi took advantage of both gestures and stroked him off slowly while sucking hickeys into his neck. Denki wrapped his arms around his neck and moaned loudly. Hitoshi kissed him to silence him and continued to jerk him off. 

Denki arched his back off the bed with a gasp as he came onto Hitoshi’s hand. Hitoshi kissed him soundly and then licked the fluid off his fingers. “So soon?”

Denki hit him with a pillow. “Shut up. 

Hitoshi started to pull his jeans back up when Denki shook his head no. He kicked them off completely and said, “I want to go all the way.” 

Hitoshi didn’t question him for a second. All his doubt went out the window at the seductive look in the teen’s eyes. He kissed down his stomach and snatched the lotion by the table. He looked this up, he wasn’t going to hurt him. He dribbled lotion on his fingers and pressed his fingers inside. Only two at first. Denki clenched around his fingers and gasped at the intrusion. “Weird,” he mumbled. 


“Feels, hah, feels weird.” 

“Well, soon it’s going to feel good.” He said kissing his inner thigh. Denki nodded with a slightly worried expression. Hitoshi wasn’t going to hurt him, he could calm down. 

Hitoshi pressed around his inner walls looking for what the internet described as a blub-like organ that he needed to press on. Denki bit on his lower lip and watched as Hitoshi searched around with a surgeon level of concentration. His fingers brushed past a small indent and Denki clenched around his fingers and gasped. There it is. He pressed on it again making him give pleased moans and whimpers. 

“Please Toshi, I’m ready.” 

Hitoshi couldn’t ignore the calls of his lover and he slipped on the condom he kept in his wallet and pressed inside. Denki immediately tensed up and made a pained sound. Hitoshi pulled out and then he made a disappointed sound. 

“Let’s try a different position,” Hitoshi said. 

He leads Denki so he was ass up head down on the bed eagerly awaiting another try. He entered this time and it was much looser. Denki sighed still feeling a little painful stretch as Hitoshi moved in and out of him. He moved painfully slow making Denki sexually frustrated. 

“Go faster babe, I can take it.” 

“I don’t want to hurt you” 

“You’re not hurting me. I promise.” 

He thrust in and out of him in a slightly faster pace, still making Denki a little frustrated “Take me dammit!” He yelled. 

Hitoshi shook his head and turned the pace for slow to unforgiving in a manner of seconds. He held onto his hips and thrust into him at such a fast speed that Denki could barely even moan. The pain was there alright was the pleasure was insurmountable. He all but screamed into the pillow crying out at every thrust burying his face to make sure the whole dorm didn’t hear them. Oh, this was going to be the talk of the town for sure. 

Hitoshi started jerking him off with an aggressive pace from behind making Denki curse and bite his pillow. “Please, Toshi.” He whispered. 

“Come,” Hitoshi demanded. Denki came obediently onto the sheets and collapsed onto his side. He panted out of breath they both did. 

“Think you can make it to class?” Hitoshi asked cautiously. 

“Never,” he whimpered.

To Win the Heart of a Fey – bkdk – SFW – Chapter 1

There is a man that goes by no name but the hunter. His long hair braided down his back, as green as the forest he hunts in. His eyes are cloaked in a black substance with pale skin underneath. Many scars adorn his skin from the fights he has with his prey. He hunts Fey. 

Fey are creatures of the forest and mountains that hold magical powers making them a threat to human kind. Humans don’t stand a chance against a group of Fey, they can kill humans in seconds flat thanks to their magical powers. Well, most humans. Groups of people are hunters. They take down Fey to cleanse the forest and keep the humans safe. The biggest group of hunters is the League of Hunters. This man is not a part of that league. He despises the fact that they kill the Fey they capture. He is by no means a gentle man but he prefers to move them to the island away from the humans so they can’t hurt any humans anymore. 

But the way he captures them is far from painless. He traps them in a painful net made of metal that sears at their flesh and then drags them to the boat that will take them to their new home. He pities them, but rarely. If he even hesitates for a second they will kill him so he doesn’t get to have those kinds of thoughts. 

He walked into the guild hall where he gets his bounty from. He donates almost all the money he makes, but he knows that doesn’t make him a good person. No, he will never be a good person. Even if he is protecting humans, he is still causing harm, and he acknowledges that evil. 

He’s not an evil person, but he lost the ability to say he was good long ago. He isn’t even a shadow of the man he used to be. That would mean he at least held the same form. No, ever since he lost All Might, he hasn’t even smiled once. 

Today in the guild he spotted some usual people, spinner, twice, Muscular, and couldn’t care less. He had three things he could say he cared about. 

  1. His mother
  2. All Might 
  3. Humanity 

Nothing and no one else. The fact of the matter is two of those things were nothing but a memory. All he had left was humanity, and he wouldn’t let them down. 

“I see you finished your quest early.” A dark mysterious man who is always cast in the shadows peered his piercing eyes at the hunter.

“Call it what it is, a kidnapping,” the hunter spat. 

“Fine. I see you finished your kidnapping early.” 

“Yes, I’m ready for more.” 

“We have a Fey no one has been able to catch for months since he claimed one of our own.”

“He killed someone?” The hunter clenched his teeth. 

“No, but they can’t be a hunter anymore.” 

He relaxed briefly. “So who is this Fey?”

“Katsuki, he’s a fire type, explosion class.” 

“That explains the escape of capture.” The hunter tapped his scarred knuckle to his chin. “I’ll take it.” 

“Very well, you know the routine.” 

“Yes, I will capture him and sent him to the island.” 

“It would be easier to kill the Fey.” 

“I would rather die than kill someone, even a Fey.” 

“Very well. You’ll be paid in full with proof of his capture and departure.” 

“Fine. Give me yesterday’s earnings. I had to spend quite the coin on my health from her sharp vines.” 

“Yes, my apologies.” 

He handed a bag of coin to the hunter who grasped it in his freckled hands before pocketing it. Time to do the dirty work. He went to his hut and grabbed some more iron rope, he grabbed a shield and enough food to last two weeks. He didn’t think it would take that long but he usually offers food to the Fey, most don’t take it. 

Yes, most are hissing and fighting and would rather die than eat his food. They are all brave, he will give them that. They are nobel beasts and he wished they could live peacefully. But he knows that is impossible. 

The trek to find Katsuki was easy. There was evidence of explosions in the trees. He followed the trail, only having to make camp once. He enjoyed camping, just him and the stars. Somehow he felt less alone when looking in the eyes of the universe. 

That morning he finished his breakfast, a roll with honey, and continued pursuit of Katsuki. He had prepared some alchemy for this battle, he knew it wouldn’t be easy. This Fey had laughed in the faces of some of the most feared hunters he knew, so there was no way he would go with him willingly. 

The signs became clear that Katsuki was close, so he pulled his hood up and walked through the brush quietly. Each step took about 30 seconds, so he was by no means trying to go quickly. He quickly scanned the area as he snuck through the leaves. There were a thousand places he could be and not a single one of them would be expected, he could tell. Suddenly he spotted him, he was lying under the raised roots of a tree, injured, and sleeping. 

His hands were wrapped in leaves, most likely used as bandages. He must have hurt his hands in the last fight. That would make this much safer for him. But when he got closer he didn’t grab his weapons, he didn’t prepare for the battle, no. He could only admire his beauty. 

His skin was a light shade but darker than his own. He had been tanned by the sun, he most likely spent a lot of time outside. His eyelashes were blonde, like his explosive hair. Muscular arms were strangely relaxed, his palms were face down on his stomach and one leg was crossed over the other. 

How has he not awoken? His face was still peaceful, but exhausted. He didn’t want to fight him!

The Fey opened his eyes quickly and made a furious face before rolling over backward and attempting to blast the hunter in the face. But he just made a pained noise and gripped his palms. Every ounce of his posture said he wanted to fight but the hunter knew he was going to run. 

The Fey sprinted towards the mountains. That was most likely where his family was and if he got closer to them he was dead. 

He chased after the Fey, his head pounding and his whole being wanting nothing more than to leave the creature alone. He grabbed his metal lasso and caught his ankle. The Fey hissed and tears dripped down the hunters face. 

He didn’t want to hurt him. But he made a promise he would stop this war. He tugged the Fey towards himself and tossed the net around him. The Fey screamed and wriggled around making the hunter cry even more. 

“Why are you crying,” the Fey hissed. 

“I’m sorry, I have to do this.” 

“Don’t be a weak fuck! Kill me if you’re going to kill me!” 

“I’m not going to kill you, let’s go.” He wiped his tears on his sleeves, appalled by his behaviour. He had never done this before. He was better than this. He hardened his heart and grabbed the net pulling the Fae along with him. The Fae hissed. 

“Where are you taking me?!” 

“There’s an island for your kind.” 

“A prison?” His voice suddenly grew serious. He was no longer fighting a battle he wouldn’t win, he was getting intel. 

“No, an island. We send violent Fae there.” 

“We wouldn’t be violent if you would stop killing us!” 

“You first.” The hunter remembered his past and his heart returned to his hardened shelf. He pulled the Fey along who hissed at the metal burning his skin. 

“You know that you’re breaking up families!” 


The Fey growled. “You humans started this war!” 


“The Fey did nothing wr-” 

“Fey killed the only people I ever loved so you better watch your tongue.” 

He didn’t pretend not to notice the tinge of sadness in the eyes of his captive. But it was immediately overtaken with anger. “I lost people too pal, to humans.” 

He stopped tugging the Fey along. He knew they were tricky, he was probably trying to find a weak point so he could escape. But with his hands the way they were he could ask a few questions. “Who?”

“My mother, my best friend.” 

Don’t show weakness. Don’t.

“Mine too… now let’s move. There are more Fey where you’re heading… you won’t be alone.” Like I am. 

“I don’t want to go to your Fey prison! LET ME GO!!!” 

Saying nothing he tugged him along. The Fey fought him for hours but eventually gave up temporarily and let himself be pulled closer to the humans, desperately trying to come up with something, anything he could do to save himself. 

His hands were raw from fighting off those three humans. He couldn’t be healed enough to use his magic for a day… that’s it! 

The fey flopped onto the ground. Wincing at the sting from the iron. 

“What is it now?” The hunter grumbled. Even without shoes the Fey was taller than him and much stronger than him too. Tugging the unwilling participant was really getting tiring. But now he was laying face down on the ground. 

“My feet hurt. You have to carry me.” 

“The iron will hurt more if I carry you.” 

“Does it look like I care?”

The hunter groaned and then kneeled down, picked up the Fey and tossed him over his shoulder. Katsuki hissed again. The pain really was worse. But it wasn’t unmanageable. This would slow him down enough his hands could heal and he could escape. It would be close and he would have to go a long distance to get back to the others but it would work. 

They hiked in silence, uneasy silence for both of them. But suddenly the silence wasn’t so quiet. Growling surrounded them. The hunted unsheathed his sword and set Katsuki down. 

“Let me out!” Katsuki shouted as he saw a pack of wolves come out of hiding. 

“Not enough time… I will protect you!” 

Why, why was he protecting his prisoner? 

The wolves leapt at the Fae left and right but the hunter stopped them all. He cut through the pack with his sword, the wolves yelping and fighting back. One bit through his arm but he didn’t even bat an eye, instead he sliced it’s neck and threw it at the others. Every time they even looked at Katsuki he slayed them or let himself take the fall. The surviving wolves limped away, whimpering and licking their wounds. The second they were far enough away, the hunter fell to the ground. He looked over at the Fey. His eyes were confused, and terrified. Despite the pride and ego underneath, nothing about this made sense to Katsuki. 

The hunter, that stupid human, crawled over and pulled the iron net off of him. He coughed up blood and whimpered, “you deserve to be free. I should have never taken you captive.” 

This human saved him and now he was going to die as punishment! No, he refused to be indebted to a human’s sacrificial ghost!

Feeling Flirty – NSFW – bakudeku

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Bakugou Katsuki was a man that all together didn’t seem interested in that many people. He cares enough about them he worries when they don’t check in during a mission or makes them soup when they’re sick. But whether or not they are dating anyone is just not something he cares about. 

Except for Deku. 

Deku had somehow wormed his way into his heart and his aggressive obsession had turned into something else, something better. But then that pure fluffy romantic feeling he had towards him made a sudden and severe change in a single day. 

He was eating lunch with the loser and he was talking and talking about who knows what when Katsuki got some honey on his hand. He licked it off his finger and the nerd stopped talking and simply stared. 

“Um, Kacchan?  Wha- what are you doing?”

“I got honey on my hand what’s it to ya?” 

He sighed as if relieved and awkwardly chuckled, his face bright red, “oh never mind Kacchan.”

Well, that was weird. 

But then a few days later it clicked in. 

He was on a mission with the nerd as they were third years and were basically heroes. He was sitting on the bed while Deku looked out the window. It was Katsuki’s turn to sleep but he wasn’t tired so he barked, “oi, Deku. Come up here.” 

“Wha?!” He gasped. “You want me to lay on the b-bed?”

“Yeah hurry up.” 

The obedient thing that he was blushed like a mad man and sat on the opposite side of the bed blushing like a virgin, that he probably was. 

“Go ahead and sleep, I’m going to take first watch.” 

Understanding lit upon his eyes and his mouth made an ‘o’ as he nodded and his face resumed the normal color. 

The fuck was that all about?

All at once, he understood. The nerd thought he was inviting him to the bed, and he was going to do it! No fucking questions asked. This opened a whole new door of thought. Could he fuck the nerd? Was that an option? 

He was pretty hot, but still a nerd. He had toned muscles and a good ass. He seemed to be a bottom which was ideal for Katsuki. Maybe this could work!

So he upped the ante and started purposefully flirting with him instead of whatever the fuck he was doing before. 

“Oi Deku,” he called out from across the training floor. 

“Yes Kacchan?”

“Why don’t come train with me later.” 

“Oh, I would love to!” 

“Yeah, we can do the training in my dorm.” 

“Um like studying?”


Izuku blushed all the way to his ears and walked away mumbling to himself. 

This was going to be fun. The rest of the class watched in awe as Katsuki blatantly and sexually flirted with him. 

He sent him notes with sexual innuedos like, 

This class is boring, want to take a bathroom break and make it less boring?

I’m kinda hungry, I think a fucking nerd will take the edge off, or maybe fucking a nerd. 

Deku was blushing and stuttering way more than usual. As entertaining as it was, he really started to get feelings for the nerd. It was getting more and more obvious that this was more than just a fling for him. He didn’t just want his body, he wanted his heart. But he did really want his body. 

One day his loser friends cornered him and said “are you messing with Deku or do you really like him?”

“None of your fucking business.” 

“It is our business if you’re just toying with my friend,” Halfnhalf said in a blank voice with stern eyes. 

“Oi! Don’t go making your own conclusions, I love the fucker, you got that?! He’s going to be mine.” 

Halfnhalf sighed and said, “he’s always been yours, take responsibility.” 

“I’m rooting for you Bakugou!” Uraraka cooed. 

Did he just say he loves him? God, he’s so in over his head. There’s only one thing to do. 

He walked into the classroom to see Deku just sitting at his desk. Katsuki shouted, “Oi Deku!” 

He jumped and looked over with big eyes. “Yes Kacchan?” 

Katsuki grabbed his chubby cheeks and pressed a long rough closed mouth kiss on his unexpecting mouth. The whole class gasped and Mina whistled. 

He pulled back and Deku touched his lips looking up at him with big eyes and red cheeks. “Kacchan… 

“I’ll see you in my dorm room at 7 pm, be there.” 

The whole class stared in silence as Katsuki took his seat like he didn’t just kiss his classmate in front of the whole class. 

He sat in his room at 6:45 with nervous energy about him. What if he doesn’t come? He will… but what if he doesn’t?  

At exactly 7 he heard a knock on his door. He opened it to see a red-faced Deku practically vibrating in place. “Hi Ka-” 

He pulled him in the room and against his chest, pressing a messy kiss on his mouth. It was obvious Deku was inexperienced. Katsuki pulled back and said, “open your mouth.” 

Obedient as he was he opened his mouth and Katsuki swirled his tongue inside, absolutely devouring him. The minutes went by rapidly as Katsuki licked under his tongue and sucked on his lower lip. When he pulled back Deku had a dreamy look on his face and kiss swollen lips. 

“Ready for more Deku?”

Deku was zoning out a little and nodded. Katuski looked down to see his tented pants. Wow, just a kiss and he was ready to fuck. Katsuki grabbed his ass and pulled him close to his chest, grinding their crotches together. Deku moaned beautifully a noise he had never heard but was eager to hear again. He grabbed his other ass cheek and picked him up pinning him against the wall. He was heavier than he was expecting but he managed just fine. 

He humped against him, grinning like a mad man as Deku gasped and moaned, wrapping his arms around his neck hugging him against his chest. Katsuki kissed and bit at his neck and he ground against him. 

“S-stop I’m gonna come!” 

Katsuki stopped and Deku’s rising orgasm simmered down. He panted completely out of breath. Katsuki refused to let that be the end of the night and tossed him on his bed. Deku sat up with wide eyes. “Kacchan?”

“I wanna fuck.” 

“Eep!” Deku squeaked as Katsuki joined him on the bed. 

“Can I fuck you Deku? I’m not doing it if you don’t say yes.”

Deku played with his fingers for a few moments and then nodded. 

Katsuki all but tackled him before yanking off all the clothing keeping them apart. Once he was bare he grabbed the lotion off the table and squirted it on his fingers and thrust into him. Deku hissed so he took away the third finger and opened him up with two. Deku grabbed the pillow and made delicious moans as he stretched him out. 

“Kacchan,” he whimpered. 

Katuski silenced him with a kiss then kissing his chest and his stomach before entering slowly. He was tight as hell so he stopped moving for a second and pet his thighs and his stomach until he relaxed enough to keep going. If it wasn’t obvious before it was now that he was a virgin. He gave it to him and that felt amazing. 

He thrust in and out slowly making sure he stayed relaxed. He looked at him and Izuku nodded, allowing him to move faster without saying any words. 

He moved faster rocking his hips into him making Izuku lose his mind. He guided his arms around his neck and spread his legs farther apart making Izuku cry out and dig his nails into his back. 

He gave up his reservations and fucked into him hard leaving Izuku with no other option than to hold on tight. Izuku came in spurts onto his stomach, but Katsuki wasn’t done. He rolled Izuku on his side and held both of his legs together as he thrust into his sloppy hole. Tears blubbered down Izuku’s face so he leaned forward and kissed them away. His orgasm was rising like a volcano about to erupt. He grabbed Izuku’s body and made him meet his dick halfway for a few moments before Izuku started doing it himself. 

“Deku, Deku, Izuku.” 

Izuku came again with a whimper and Katsuki pulled out coming all over his side. He grabbed tissues and cleaned him up kissing his wet cheeks again before pulling him into his chest. The nerd started mumbling very quietly and quickly but he picked up a few important words. 


“Likes me?”

“With benefits?”

Katsuki bit his shoulder shocking him out of his muttering. “Stop muttering. This is not a fling and we aren’t friends with benefits.”

“Then what are we Kacchan?”

“You’re mine.”

Izuku quirked his head. 

“And… and I’m yours.” 

Tears filled Izuku’s eyes. 

Katsuki pinched his nose. “Stop crying, let’s sleep.” He pulled the blanket over them both and kissed him goodnight both of them falling asleep with a smile on their faces.

Blood Bank – SFW (for now) – Chapter 2

CW: Blood… duh

Midoriya told his work friends Todoroki was going to let him live with him while he worked some things out and no one questioned it.

Todoroki had plenty of room. Bakugou muttered something under his breath about not going in his room when he’s sleeping.

He didn’t have many belongings and the antique room really wasn’t his style but he didn’t care in the slightest.

Time to check on his roommates! He walked into Bakugou’s room with a chipper “Hi Kacchan!”

The next second he was pinned to the floor, an inhuman grip pinning him to the floor.


“I did not die, leave my whole life behind to live in Icy-hot’s mansion, do nothing all fucking day and have my one momnet of peace, to be woken up by YOU.” 

“Kacchan I’m sorry, I’ll leave,” Izuku said, eyes watering. 

“Fuck, it’s whatever, I’m awake what did you want.” 

Izuku played with his fingers and frowned. I just can’t believe you’re alive… well sort of.” 

Bakugou groaned and put his head in his hands. “Deku…” 


Bakugou made a fist with his hand and hit his leg three times. “Nothing.” 

Izuku fiddled with his fingers. “I’m happy you’re back.” 

“Yeah yeah, how’s your blood.” 

“Thick as ever.” 

Katsuki frowned and then his eyes got a little bigger. 

“Maybe I can try to make it better.” He dragged Izuku next to the bed by his arm. He pulled at his sweater with a grin. “Todoroki doesn’t let me drink live humans, I have to drink pigs blood. Disgusting. I’d much rather have a nerd’s blood running down my throat.”

“Kacchan wait!”

“I’m waiting, Deku.” 

Izuku felt his hot breath on his neck and closed his eyes. He nodded giving silent approval. He sunk his teeth into his neck without a second thought.

Izuku felt a white hot heat spreading through his body. He went limp and made soft gasps as he was drained.

It felt fantastic.

He always pictured it to be like getting your blood drawn at a lab. But no, this was much different. His whole body was tingly and warm, he felt an ache for something. He wasn’t sure what.

He gripped Katsuki’s hands weakly. “Kacchan…”

Katsuki pulled back after licking the cut, healing it instantly. He licked his lips and leaned back to look at him. He wasn’t much paler than usual, his eyes were half lidded, and he was completely limp.

He wanted to plow him into the carpet. 

Oh shit. Where the fuck did that thought come from? He wanted to fuck the nerd??


He felt a little guilty, he was unsure why. So he picked him up and set him in his bed.

“I drank too much, get some rest.”

Didn’t have to tell Izuku twice. He closed his eyes and let the euphoria lull him to sleep. He left him in bed, brushing a curl behind his ear before he knew he had to leave before he did something he would regret. He couldn’t be there until he woke up, so he wandered around the estate. He missed Kirishima. If only he had been turned earlier, he would have had the strength to… oh god.

Bakugou threw his fists onto the ground. The occasional hook up with Icy Hot and the endless supply of books was not enough. He wanted love. Doesn’t sound like that’s something the nerd could bring him? Maybe Sho too?

An alarm went off of Izuku’s phone. His appointment to be bled was today! He had forgotten.

He rushed to the lab, Tokoyami was finishing up a patient and patted the seat beside him.

“How’s the new life at Todoroki’s? The nurses are very jealous.”

“I’m not sure yet, we’ll see. He’s nice enough it won’t be too bad.”

“Wow!” Tokowami looked at his report with wide eyes.


“We’re going to drain 1/4 less than usual!”

Was this because of Kacchan?

“You must be getting better!”

“Must be!” Izuku said scratching the back of his neck.

Midoriya rushed home and threw open the doors to see Bakugou and Todoroki eating fruit loops. They both stopped mid bite and stared at him.

“Won’t you throw up?” Izuku asked quirking his head to the side.

“Worth it,” Bakugou grumbled.

“I need you both to drink my blood!”

Todoroki did a spit take of fruit loop milk and looked at him confused.

“I have polycythemia vera disease. I produce too much red blood cells. If I don’t get drained occasionally I get blood clots, and if I get one in my lung or heart I’m as good as dead.”

“Midoriya do you know what you’re asking?”

“I get drained on Wednesday, you could have some of my blood and then when they get ready to drain it, it won’t be necessary!”

Bakugou and Todoroki looked at each other.

“Kacchan already drank some, is it going to be a problem?” Midoriya asked. 

Todoroki scowled at Bakugou. “Couldn’t he have more than a day here before you attack him?”

“He liked it!”

Todoroki looked at Midoriya for an answer, crossing his arms expectantly. 

“Uhhhh, yes?”

“Is that a question or an answer?”

“An answer?” 

Bakugou shook his head. “Don’t be a dumbass,” he said, fighting a smile. 

Todoroki shook his head. “If you’re asking then I’ll comply, but don’t go changing your mind.”

“I won’t!”

Blood Bank – SFW – Chapter 1

Izuku looked out the window at the clinic. The light cascaded in brightening his mood, but only a little.

His polycythemia vera disease was getting worse.

He got his first blood clot when he was a kid. He had unbearable pain in his leg, his mom was scared he broke it. But in reality, he had a rare blood disease where his body produces too much red blood cells causing a thickening of the blood.

The only way to prevent blood clots was to drain yourself of a liter of blood every few weeks.

Somehow Izuku was getting worse. He needed to be bled three times a week. Each time cost 45 dollars, he simply couldn’t afford it. He couldn’t sell his blood either, felt like a waste.

It used to be covered by insurance but only once he’s met the deductible. Today, it was January 1st. He usually didn’t make his deductible until August at the earliest because besides this, he was extremely healthy.

He used to get money from his mom however, she died in September. It was just him and his mom. He never imagined he would have to live without her.

Now Izuku isn’t a kid, he is 22 and just got hired as a nurse. But nurses are the least paid profession at the hospital that required a four-year degree.

He was broke, to put it lightly, and he didn’t know what to do.

He lived in a shitty apartment alone. His old apartment was too expensive for one person ever sense…

He closed his eyes and let the sun bask his face.

What was he going to do?

“Hey Midoriya,” the nurse said bandaging his arm. He had slicked-back black hair and an all-over emo kind of vibe.

“What’s up Tokoyami?”

“Are you going to Todoroki’s party?”

“Sure, I’ll never turn down free food.”

“See you there then?” He took off his gloves and threw them in the garbage.

“Yeah, maybe.”

Izuku found himself sitting at the Todoroki manor, carrying extra plates and napkins because he didn’t know how to come to a party empty-handed.

He came in the door cautiously, unsure how this night was going to go.

There wasn’t an excessive amount of people there, he noticed a large amount of alcohol and sighed.

People on blood thinners can’t drink alcohol.

He mingled a little, not really in the mood for small talk. He ate some sushi, and bread before excusing himself to look around.

Todoroki’s parents and siblings moved a long time ago, leaving him with their vast estate. One mansion, a few guest houses, a tennis court, a stable, and acres for the horses.

This was the first of many parties he had planned for this year.

Izuku traced his fingers along the ridges of the old wood as if committing them to memory. Why he’s unsure.

He knew he had strayed too far from the party, he had no reason to go this far into the mansion, but something drew him closer.

He heard movement in a nearby room. He tiptoed close and barely peeked in before seeing a familiar silhouette.

It looked just like Kacchan! They had been roommates after his mom died and one day went missing, it had been several years since then. His eyes were watering at the rare chance his best friend could still be alive. He always believed, he never gave up on him. He reposted his missing person posters every week for the last years. The longest years of his life.

“Kacchan!” He swung open the door covering the form with light.

His hair was a bright, yellow, and spiked all over as he remembered. But his skin was pale, and his gaze, ashen. His muscle mass remained but he looked like he hadn’t eaten in weeks.

“Deku?” He hissed at the light and covered his eyes. He grabbed him by the shirt and pulled him into the room and shut the door.

“Kacchan! Where hav-“

“Shut up!” Bakugou peeked around the door to see if anyone was looking. “Were you followed?”

“Who would follow me at a party? But Kacchan,” his mouth got all wobbly and his tears dripping down his chin. “Kacchan is it really you?”

“Shhh! Yes, it’s me, Deku be quiet!”

Izuku sobbed and wrapped his arms around Bakugou’s waist. “I missed you Kacchan! Please, please don’t go!”

Bakugou hesitated, and then returned the hug. “Deku you big cry baby.”

“Where did you go?” He sniffled.

“Ask him.” Bakugou gestured the figure in the doorway.

Izuku looked over and saw Todoroki the owner of the house he was totally snooping in. He stood up straight as an arrow and bowed at a 90-degree angle.

“I am very sorry for snooping! Please don’t kill me!!”

“Ease up Midoriya, I’m not here to fight.”

The door shut and Todoroki turned on the dim lights.

“I have an explanation if you’re willing to sit down and listen?”

Izuku sat in the ancient-looking chair. He wiped his teary eyes on his sleeve. “I’m listening.”

“I’m a vampire, we both are actually.”

Izuku’s expression didn’t change, he just nodded to signify he understood.

“Yo Deku, that means we’re undead.”

“Yes, I understand.”

“And you’re not surprised?” Todoroki asked.

“Well, I had a few theories. One was the decor. It’s all very old fashioned signifying either this place was old or you were. Kacchan’s appearance added the plausibility of a supernatural component. But I wasn’t-“

“Deku shut the fuck up for once,” Bakugou growled

“Oh sorry, continue.”

“Well I’m a born vampire, that means I was never bitten. And before you ask, I didn’t turn Bakugou.”

“If you did you would have devoured me by now.”

They both shook the image from their minds, very glad they only got boners when they wanted to.

“Ahem… anyway, Bakugou was turned by our rivals, they still drink non consensually and kill their victims. They turned Bakugou but when he learned they-“

Bakugou growled.

“…he went on a rampage, killing some of their secret members, publicly.”

“I’m not allowed outside for the rest of this century,” Bakugou grumbled.

“But your mom! Our friends!”

“Can’t know the truth, or the league of villains will come for them.”

“But I know the truth?”

“Yes, you’ll have to stay here until we can find somewhere safe for you to-“

Izuku laughed and hugged Todoroki’s cold stiff body. “My lease ends tomorrow! This is a dream come true!”

“Glad I could help?”

Bakugou shook his head fighting a grin.

Izuku grinned. Who knew snooping could have such good benefits?

College Parties Suck – SFW – Bakudeku

That scent, where… 

Where was that delicious scent coming from? It smelled like green tea, wafting into the air. With honey stirred in the drink, but also something a little earthy, a touch of cinnamon. He needed to find him, the Omega. 

Love at first scent. 

His friends called out to them but he ignored them. The alcohol was fogging his mind, he really did drink too much. But his senses were still sharp and he could find him, his soul mate.

Like a wolf looking for his mate he followed the scent until he found him. The Omega had green fluffy hair that looked like it had never been brushed. It was about the length to his neck and pulled into a mid bun with the shorter curls bouncing in all directions. He had freckles on every inch of his body, he wanted to kiss them all. But suddenly his scent soured. The sweetness poisoned to a spoiled leaf smell. 

He rubbed his eyes to get a clearer picture and his Omega and growled when he saw, and smelled, a sweaty alpha crowding his space. He immediately wanted to throw him onto the curb but when he saw a knife being pressed against his Omega’s skin he lost himself for a moment. He pushed him onto the curb and hissed. 

“You wanna fight?” the Alpha growled. 

“No,” He spat. “I want to win.” 

The Alpha tackled Katsuki onto the ground easily as he was quite drunk. Katsuki rolled him underneath his muscular arms and slammed the Alpha’s head into the concrete. The Alpha pushed him off and punched him in the face. Katsuki felt the whole world spinning. He picked up the smell of concern from his Omega and looked over at him with big eyes. 

“Look out!” The Omega shouted. 

A hammer fist barely missed the top of his head as he stumbled to the side. He decked the other Alpha in the face but the punch was too strong and he fell to the ground cracking his head on the curb. 

His vision was a blur but his Omega’s scent got closer, he couldn’t help but smile. 

“~~~ out of here.” 

He nodded weakly and then everything went black. 


This blanket is so soft. 

So soft 

A cool rag. 


Calloused hands

Back to sleep 



“Take this, it’ll help the pain.” 

Pill goes down with some water. 

Back to sleep


Throat hurts. 

Katsuki began to sit up, his eyes still closed, he blindly searched for the cup. 

“Here, let me help you,” an angelic voice said. His eyes slowly opened but the world was far too bright to see, his head ached something powerful. A strong hand held his back. A cold glass of water met at his lips. The cold water cured his dry raspy throat. 

“Where…” No words seemed like they wanted to come out. 

“You’re in my dorm room, now rest. I’ll take care of you.” He closed his eyes as calloused fingers threaded them through his hair. 

Back to sleep. 


Finally, Katsuki woke up for real. His head still ached but he could actually think. He slowly sat up and alerted his guardian aka the most beautiful Omega he’s ever seen. The Omega looked over and smiled, setting his book down. 

“How are you feeling?”

“Fine, how long have I been out.” 

“About four days.” 

“Four days!!” 

“Your friends watched you while I was in class. I wanted to take you to the hospital but your friends said you couldn’t afford it. And lucky you, I’m a med student.” 

“Shit I missed all my classes.” 

“Your friends got that part covered…” The Omega fiddled with his fingers. “Thank you.” 

“For what? Getting my ass kicked?”

He shook his head, his scent growing sweeter by the second. “No, you saved me. I could’ve handled that guy but once he brought out the knife I was so scared. I don’t know what I would’ve done if you hadn’t…” Tears pickled in his eyes and Katsuki instinctively grabbed his hands. 

“Don’t say anymore, I would do it again.” 

“Why?” The Omega said with tears in his eyes. 

“Because you’re my Omega.”

The omega’s eyes opened wide and he began to laugh. “I am, am I?” 


“Oh,” the Omega played with his fingers. “You’re serious. But you don’t even know my name?” 

“Don’t need one, Angel.” He pressed his palm on the nerd’s cheek and he leaned against it. 

“My name is Izuku.” 


He tugged Izuku until he sat on his lap and they looked deep into each other’s eyes. Izuku pressed a small kiss on his mouth and then hid in the crook of his neck. 

Katsuki gave him a gentle hug knowing his friends were going to give him shit for the rest of his life for this. 

But he was ok with that, as long as Izuku was his.