Below you will find the list of NSFW fics on my page so you can search of them if you don’t want to scroll. They each will have a brief summary for those who aren’t subscribed to see what kind of things are posted. Enjoy!

  1. The Heat in the Rain – Alpha wolf Bakugou is lost in the woods trying to find his pack. But isntead of his pack he finds an Omega rabbit about to have his heat.
  2. Sex Pollen – Izuku gets hit by a vine villain giving him such intense libido he has a fever that could cause permanent brain damage, unless he has sex with Class 1A
  3. The Samurai and the Prostitute – Katsuki Bakugou is a feared samurai with an iron fist and a soft spot for a certain prostitute with beautiful freckles and green hair.
  4. My Favorite Students – two chapter fic about Izuku’s hopeless crush on his teacher and his childhood friend
  5. Roommates – three chapter fic about roommates Kirideku who are hopelessly pining for each other
  6. Rare Trio – Shinkamideku shenanigans
  7. Something’s Fishy – Izuku is a surfer who stumbles upon a merman who insists he’s his husband
  8. Hurt Me good – during an intimate moment Izuku discovers a new kink
  9. Behind the Scenes – Hitoshi Shinso needs help learning to dance for a roll in a movie he’s starring in. Little does he know his dance instruction is so easy to fall for (shindeku)
  10. Hold it In – this is a piss kink fic, be warned.
  11. Enemies with benefits – someway, somehow, a certain agreement was made with a villain that sometimes they could have rough sex despite being on opposite sides of a war
  12. Office Space – Katsuki Bakugou is the CEO of a thriving business and gets his kicks teasing the IT head downstairs.
  13. Lightning and the Thunder – two chapter fic about the rare pair kamideku
  14. Before the scene – actor Omega Deku has a secret admirer, Alpha Shinso
  15. Feeling flirty – Katsuki discovers he can have fun teasing Deku with innuendos.
  16. English and Virginity – Hitoshi Shinso needs to focus on studying but he cant when his boyfriend Denki is on his mind
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