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Blood Bank – SFW (for now) – Chapter 2

CW: Blood… duh Midoriya told his work friends Todoroki was going to let him live with him while he worked some things out and no one questioned it. Todoroki had plenty of room. Bakugou muttered something under his breath about not going in his room when he’s sleeping. He didn’t have many belongings and the antique room really wasn’t his style but he didn’t … Read More Blood Bank – SFW (for now) – Chapter 2

Blood Bank – SFW – Chapter 1

Izuku looked out the window at the clinic. The light cascaded in brightening his mood, but only a little. His polycythemia vera disease was getting worse. He got his first blood clot when he was a kid. He had unbearable pain in his leg, his mom was scared he broke it. But in reality, he had a rare blood disease where his body produces … Read More Blood Bank – SFW – Chapter 1