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Good Boy – SFW (for now) – Chaper 5

Katsuki looked at the bedroom at his snoring owner. Maybe he could make breakfast today. Yeah, he makes it look so easy when Deku makes dinner. He can pull this off easily. He peaked back in their shared bedroom.  Deku had a nightmare last night. He didn’t tell him but he could figure it out. The crying, the shaking, holding his scars. It made … Read More Good Boy – SFW (for now) – Chaper 5

Goodboy – SFW – Chapter 4

CW: domestic abuse, hybrid baiting Midoriya heard his phone buzz. He looked over to see Chizome still asleep. Good he didn’t want to have to explain anything.  >>>>Toshinori-sensei: I’m in town, do you want to meet up? – He looked over at his boyfriend. Still asleep.  <<<<When? >>>>Toshinori-sensei: I’m at the coffee shop by the school, you did say you still live in town?  … Read More Goodboy – SFW – Chapter 4

Goodboy – SFW – Chapter 3

“Oh, Kacchan I’m so sorry!”  Bakugou plugged in his phone and looked over at his Human.  He was in his pajamas and looked mildly upset. Which was adorable because he was wearing All Might pajama pants and an All Might short sleeve top.  “What’s wrong Deku?” “I didn’t get you a bed!! I mean, I don’t know where we would put it…” he tapped … Read More Goodboy – SFW – Chapter 3

Good Boy – SFW – Chapter 2

Bakugou woke up feeling warm and significantly less hungry than yesterday.  He sniffed the air. What was this scent? It was like someone just put his favorite cookies in the oven; it was warm and inviting, like the home he always wanted but never had.  He sat up and looked around the room. It was completely foreign but somehow he felt at home. The … Read More Good Boy – SFW – Chapter 2

Good Boy – SFW – Chapter 1

Midoriya was beyond exhausted that night. His dream of being the best boxer in Japan did not pay the bills. He won plenty of fights, but when he got hurt, it took a while to recover. He had to answer 350 surveys a month to live above the poverty level. He did favors for neighbors for a little extra cash. But the majority of … Read More Good Boy – SFW – Chapter 1