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English and Virginity – NSFW – ShinKami

First time with HitDenki  For Ashley Hitoshi Shinso had a very important night in front of him. He had a test, he met with Aizawa for training, and most importantly he had a date that afternoon. Not just a date, the date. The date they would finally take the final step and be one.  There had been months of kisses building up to careful … Read More English and Virginity – NSFW – ShinKami

Before the Scene – NSFW – shindeku

“Is that what I am to you?”  A green-haired omega with a face of makeup, fluffy curls, and a fancy suit stood two arms away from a tall man with blonde hair in equally formal wear. The man had on a face of torment he reached for the Omega and cried out, “You are my world!”  “Then how could you cheat on me?” The … Read More Before the Scene – NSFW – shindeku

Lightning and the Thunder – NSFW – kamideku

“Remind me why I’m here?” Katsuki’s annoyed tone was easy to hear. He was leaning against the wall while Izuku attempted to tie his kimono. Izuku fiddled with the band and Katsuki rolled his eyes and came over tying his kimono properly.  “Kacchan you said you would help me get ready.” “Why do you need my help.” Izuku looked him in the eye and … Read More Lightning and the Thunder – NSFW – kamideku

Cranky Barista – SFW – kiribakudeku

It was a cold day the day the three of them met. They had never been to this coffee shop before and he wasn’t working his regular shift. Really the chances they were going to meet were slim to none.  But they did and if they had to repeat that day a thousand times they would do every second the same way. The snow … Read More Cranky Barista – SFW – kiribakudeku

Rare Trio – NSFW – shinkamideku

“I’m home,” Izuku called out.  No response.  Izuku narrowed his eyes, usually both of his partners greeted him at the door. But today he vaguely heard the TV playing. Why didn’t they answer, were they ok?? The off duty hero burst into the living room to see Studio Ghibli playing on the TV and both of his partners lying over each other. The electric … Read More Rare Trio – NSFW – shinkamideku