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Feeling Flirty – NSFW – bakudeku

This is a commission for LyrioBit on twitter. You can commission me too! Check out my prices on the home page and support me page. Bakugou Katsuki was a man that all together didn’t seem interested in that many people. He cares enough about them he worries when they don’t check in during a mission or makes them soup when they’re sick. But whether … Read More Feeling Flirty – NSFW – bakudeku

Welcome to my fan fiction cove

I write smut, yes, but I also write with my burning romantic heart of sweet dates, hand holding, and plowing Deku into the carpet. Yes, with all smut must come feels, and fluff, and maybe some angst. I started this website to share what I have written and to help myself eventually move out of my mother’s house. I love fluff but I am … Read More Welcome to my fan fiction cove