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Far Out of Reach – NSFW (torture) – bakudeku

CW: brief torture “Don’t touch him!! I’ll kill you I’ll fucking kill you!” Katsuki pulled at his restraints will all his strength, droplets of blood dripping from his wrists.  Deku’s screams are etched into his mind. The last ten hours of them trapped here will weigh on his soul for the rest of his life. He knows he isn’t dying here, not without being … Read More Far Out of Reach – NSFW (torture) – bakudeku

Grow Down – Chapter 2 – SFW – bakudeku

Katsuki growled and shouted into the phone, “Where is he?!”  “I don’t know I haven’t gotten there yet, just hurry!”  He knew he couldn’t trust any of these losers with someone so important! Dammit! The League could very easily kill him in this state and then One for All would be lost forever. Not like they knew that but still.  He blasted past all … Read More Grow Down – Chapter 2 – SFW – bakudeku

To Win the Heart of a Fey – bkdk – SFW – Chapter 2

Muttering.  God damn fucking muttering.  Why was that all this shitty human could do? He dragged the human to an abandoned Fey school knowing that he wouldn’t live if he made it to his family. His family would probably kill him too when they saw that he tried to kidnap him.  “You deserve to be free. I should have never taken you captive.”  “I’m … Read More To Win the Heart of a Fey – bkdk – SFW – Chapter 2

Grow down – SFW – Bakudeku

“Deku turned into a WHAT?!” Kirishima held the sobbing kindergartener in one arm the other holding the phone. “Kindergartener… I think.”  “Explain to me again how the fuck this happened.” “Well today I had a grapefruit for lunch.”  “I don’t give a fuck about your breakfast! Tell me why Deku is suddenly a mini nerd again!” “The grapefruit part is important. Anyways, I had … Read More Grow down – SFW – Bakudeku

To Win the Heart of a Fey – bkdk – SFW – Chapter 1

There is a man that goes by no name but the hunter. His long hair braided down his back, as green as the forest he hunts in. His eyes are cloaked in a black substance with pale skin underneath. Many scars adorn his skin from the fights he has with his prey. He hunts Fey.  Fey are creatures of the forest and mountains that … Read More To Win the Heart of a Fey – bkdk – SFW – Chapter 1

College Parties Suck – SFW – Bakudeku

That scent, where…  Where was that delicious scent coming from? It smelled like green tea, wafting into the air. With honey stirred in the drink, but also something a little earthy, a touch of cinnamon. He needed to find him, the Omega.  Love at first scent.  His friends called out to them but he ignored them. The alcohol was fogging his mind, he really … Read More College Parties Suck – SFW – Bakudeku

Start my Snarl – SFW – bakudeku

“Hey Kacchan? Where is my baking spatula?” Izuku searched through his cooking stuff desperately. It was his favorite spatula, a gift from his mom. He was going to be really sad if he lost it.  Suddenly Katsuki smacked him on his ass, hard, with the missing spatula. It made a loud smack and Izuku jumped away from the spatula with a squeak. “What was … Read More Start my Snarl – SFW – bakudeku

Not a Villain Not Hero – SFW – bakudeku

“D…Deku?” Leaning against the wall was his long lost friend, the one that went missing as a child, the one everyone presumed to be dead. He wore a black villain suit with a hood that had slid down, revealing his identity. Despite the fact his hair was black, his piercing green eyes showed his true self, scared and alone. He clutched his side, blood … Read More Not a Villain Not Hero – SFW – bakudeku

Reverse Quirk – SFW – bakudeku

Izuku leaped away from a laser blast, barely avoiding it. “Woah!” He bunny-hopped all the way up the building until he was a safe distance from the villain so he could analyze it properly. The villain was nondescript, wasn’t trying to make a scene, or get noticed. They wanted to rob the place and get out of there not to get caught by two … Read More Reverse Quirk – SFW – bakudeku

Hold it in – NSFW – bakudeku

It had been a long day of training. Izuku sighed as the warm water cascaded down his sore muscles. He really had to pee, but the warm water was so nice, he could stay a little longer. He sighed again as he rubbed his hands down his neck, massaging his tight muscles.  Kacchan was a little extra aggressive today. He should probably check on … Read More Hold it in – NSFW – bakudeku

Hurt Me Good -NSFW – bakudeku

Izuku giggled as they walked through the door. He was a little tipsy, as was his boyfriend, and he was also horny, as was his boyfriend. Katsuki tugged him to their room, kissing on his neck and giving loving bites.  He tossed Izuku onto the bed easily kissing at his neck and tugging off his shorts. “You’re so fucking hot Deku.” He said tracing … Read More Hurt Me Good -NSFW – bakudeku

Something’s Fishy – NSFW – bakudeku

Izuku was a surfer, an award winning surfer. He was swimming as a baby and never stopped. He went to the beach every day. Actually he went to the beach every morning, and sometimes later in the afternoon too. He absolutely loved the beach, and swimming, and surfing, and everything involved.  That morning began like every other morning, but it ended like anything but. … Read More Something’s Fishy – NSFW – bakudeku