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To Win the Heart of a Fey – SFW – Ch.3

“So what do you feel like eating Deku?” “You don’t have to feed me and my name isn’t Deku.” Izuku replied weakly. He coughed a few times, a dry hacking cough, and pulled up the blanket.  “You saved me I save you end of story. Now what the fuck do you want to eat DEKU.”  “What are my options? I don’t know what Fey … Read More To Win the Heart of a Fey – SFW – Ch.3

College Parties Suck – SFW – Bakudeku

That scent, where…  Where was that delicious scent coming from? It smelled like green tea, wafting into the air. With honey stirred in the drink, but also something a little earthy, a touch of cinnamon. He needed to find him, the Omega.  Love at first scent.  His friends called out to them but he ignored them. The alcohol was fogging his mind, he really … Read More College Parties Suck – SFW – Bakudeku

Good Boy – SFW – Chapter 2

Bakugou woke up feeling warm and significantly less hungry than yesterday.  He sniffed the air. What was this scent? It was like someone just put his favorite cookies in the oven; it was warm and inviting, like the home he always wanted but never had.  He sat up and looked around the room. It was completely foreign but somehow he felt at home. The … Read More Good Boy – SFW – Chapter 2

Cigarettes and Sunflowers – SFW – dekubaku

Katsuki Bakugou was a straight A student. He studied for 4 hours a day after school and was diligent during school as well. He didn’t have time for relationships with friends, he needed to focus if he was going to succeed in his medical school.  One day he walked outside to get a breath of fresh air and was disgusted to see it was … Read More Cigarettes and Sunflowers – SFW – dekubaku

Start my Snarl – SFW – bakudeku

“Hey Kacchan? Where is my baking spatula?” Izuku searched through his cooking stuff desperately. It was his favorite spatula, a gift from his mom. He was going to be really sad if he lost it.  Suddenly Katsuki smacked him on his ass, hard, with the missing spatula. It made a loud smack and Izuku jumped away from the spatula with a squeak. “What was … Read More Start my Snarl – SFW – bakudeku

Not a Villain Not Hero – SFW – bakudeku

“D…Deku?” Leaning against the wall was his long lost friend, the one that went missing as a child, the one everyone presumed to be dead. He wore a black villain suit with a hood that had slid down, revealing his identity. Despite the fact his hair was black, his piercing green eyes showed his true self, scared and alone. He clutched his side, blood … Read More Not a Villain Not Hero – SFW – bakudeku

Cranky Barista – SFW – kiribakudeku

It was a cold day the day the three of them met. They had never been to this coffee shop before and he wasn’t working his regular shift. Really the chances they were going to meet were slim to none.  But they did and if they had to repeat that day a thousand times they would do every second the same way. The snow … Read More Cranky Barista – SFW – kiribakudeku

Change in the Routine – SFW – mirideku

The day starts like this. 4:00 amFirst, unlock the door, hear the jingle, the day begins. Wipe the counters, sweep the floor, turn on all of the machines. 4:30Check the milk, syrups, chocolate, cups, coffee sticks, etc. to see if anything needs to be restocked even though Izuku knows that he stocked everything from the napkins to the sample cups. 4:45The shop opens in … Read More Change in the Routine – SFW – mirideku

Reverse Quirk – SFW – bakudeku

Izuku leaped away from a laser blast, barely avoiding it. “Woah!” He bunny-hopped all the way up the building until he was a safe distance from the villain so he could analyze it properly. The villain was nondescript, wasn’t trying to make a scene, or get noticed. They wanted to rob the place and get out of there not to get caught by two … Read More Reverse Quirk – SFW – bakudeku

Slow Dance – SFW – Kirideku

“Get him out of the kitchen,” Katsuki said, pushing Izuku out of the kitchen.  “Woah what’s wrong?” Denki said walking over Kyoka not far behind.  “This fucker is going to burn everything.”  Izuku had a frown and splattered juices all over his apron. “I’ve gotten a lot better at cooking Kacchan!”  “Tell that to the turkey you almost dropped on the floor!” “But I … Read More Slow Dance – SFW – Kirideku

A Proposal with Rice Pudding – SFW – bakudeku

Katsuki was in a jewelry store. Did he want to be? No. Did he have to be? No. But was he doing something very very important? Yes.   “Hey bro try this one.” The shark-toothed, self-proclaimed best friend said. “I think it’s cool.”  Katuski came over and looked to see a gold ring with a diamond in the middle. It was pretty, but… “This is … Read More A Proposal with Rice Pudding – SFW – bakudeku

Flower Petals – SFW – bkdk

Izuku sat on the hospital table swinging his legs back and forth on the table. His heats had been very irregular recently. This was the beginning of the third year and he already had to miss six days due to his irregular heats. He needed to get on some heat suppressants but the doctor was acting strange. He took a swap from his inner … Read More Flower Petals – SFW – bkdk